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Small Streams 4-22-14

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Small Streams 4-22-14

We just learned that the way to Blackfoot River Reservoir via the Bone road is now open. This opens up a quicker way from the upper valley to enjoy carp and trout fishing in the reservoir and trout in the river immediately below. Right now the river below the reservoir is at its early season best (around 100 cfs). It will remain this way until irrigation demands significantly increase flow out of the reservoir. We will watch flows and report here when they increase to the point of impacting fly fishing in a negative manner.

We fished the river several miles below the dam yesterday afternoon going by way of the Wolverine Road and on a few miles up the Blackfoot River Road to a stretch of public land.  Water was clear and around 54 deg. F. at late afternoon. A blanket caddis emergence was on-going, with fish, mostly whitefish and juvenile cutthroat, rising to pupa in the upper water column and egg-laying adults.  A few larger cutthroat responded to bead head peacock leeches (#10). All fish landed appeared to have been feeding and with full stomachs most likely because of the abundant available caddisflies.