Monthly Archives: July 2008

Henry’s Fork 7/31

Stick to early AMs for action from rusty spinner falls and nymphs. do those “honey-dos” during mid day. Come back in the evenings to enjoy action from caddis and nymphs again. An exception would be to present hopper tight towards the banks and cover during daytime.

Henry’s Fork 7/28

Action is slowing down just about everywhere along the river as we enter the summer dog days. But don’t let this stop you from trying a hopper or other terrestrial pattern. The evening caddis emergence makes for evening action, and rusty spinners provide the same early in the day Also look for speckled duns to become important on the Last Chance-Harriman stretch.

Henry’s Lake 7/27

The lake is warming up and fish will soon seek cooler waters. So the best fishing will tend toward creek mouths and spring holes. Be at these locations early, or come to them late in the day for best action and to see less crowded conditions.

Henry’s Lake 7/17

Seems like Henry’s Lake is trying to make up for the slow fishing it offered last summer. This season fishing is still great. Trolling is still effective, the damselflies are bringing action, Some very large fish have been caught around Staley Springs (see above), and now fishing in front of creek mouths (try mity mouse and Henry’s Lake renegade patterns as well as your favorite small leech pattern) is kicking in.