Monthly Archives: September 2008

South Fork 9/30

The flow last night dropped to 7600 with another drop scheduled for 1 am tonight which will bring the river down to 7100 cfs. Look for fish feeding in the foam in the deep holes. A zebra midge under an indicator is a good choice. The best hatches are late in the afternoon and into the evening. We are suppose to get another cool down with some rain and cloud cover this weekend. Then best hatches this Fall have been on overcast days and that should hold true for this weekend too.

Yellowstone Park 9/29

Keep on thinking streamers and BWO life cycle patterns! Streamers are the way to go for such as the run-up browns and ‘bows from Hebgen Lake, the browns beginning to run up the Gardner River from the Yellowstone River, and the browns running into the Lewis River Channel. You can see BWOs emerging on almost all Park streams this time of year. It’s a great time of year to fish Park waters. Crowds are down, insect pests are gone, and the weather can be perfect. But if the weather turns a bit bad, do not lament. That’s when the fishing is best!

South Fork 9/29

Flow out of Palisades Dam is just over 8000 cfs. This makes for more walk-in fishing as well as good float fishing conditions. Crowds are down, fall colors are spectacular, and fish are willing to take chernobyl, hopper and golden stone patterns on the surface. Golden stone rubber legs with copper john, prince or zebra nymph droppers work when they choose to take below the surface. During nice weather days BWO and mahogany dun emergences will be concentrated during late afternoon and evening hours. This also will be the time of day to enjoy caddis emergences. If you choose to fish this time of day, be sure to have streamer patterns along with a sink-tip line. As we advance into fall months streamer patterns will be increasingly effective all along the river. Get in touch with us to help you select the taking streamer patterns.

Henry’s Fork 9/29

BWOs continue to provide action throughout the river. During bright days, late afternoons and evenings are best times to experience them, but when cloudy weather prevails BWOs will be out all day, so be sure to have BWO life cycle patterns in your fly box. Box Canyon provides the best nymphing on the river. Use big stonefly nymphs with a bead head copper john or other such pattern. Streamer patterns are now very important for fishing success, particularly on the lower river. Specific pattern is not as important, except that one should have some in light colors and some in dark colors. Concentrate fishing streamers on low light areas where ever you are on the river.

Henry’s Lake 9/29

Fishing is really picking up here. This includes along shorelines. Intermediate lines are the ticket, whether you are on the shoreline or in a boat. Taking patterns include your favorite leech pattern, halloweens, mity mouse, Henry’s Lake renegade, Henry’s Lake nymph, Carey specials, etc. Look for fishing to be best during periods of the famed Henry’s Lake weather!

South Fork 9/25

Flows out of the South Fork have dropped to 8500 CFS. Don’t let this drop in water scare you from fishing the South Fork. With the drop in flows look to see the Mutant Stone flies to begin hatching again. Fish chernobyl ants into the bank and riffles, and give them a little twitch. Also look for fish eating mayflies. Mahogany Duns and Blue Wing Olives will be hatching as well. Overcast days will help bring those hatches along. As we get into the fall season it is time to start beefing up your streamer selection, the fish have started to key in on them. We have a great variety of streamers here at the shop. Come on in and we will be happy to help you stock up on your fly selection. This is a good time to fish, and go camping on the river. Small crowds and great fishing!