Monthly Archives: November 2008

Today at Jimmys


Today’s tying demo with Harley Reno is over and there was alot of interest in his South Fork of the Snake patterns. He also tied a couple of his Orkey crayfish flies that I have used with great success for smallmouth bass on Ririe reservoir and below American Falls dam on the main Snake River. 

There was also alot of interest in the vise Harley used called the Nor-Vise.  To that end he has offered to teach a class in January on how to use a Nor-vise. He will provide all of the vises and materials so you won’t need to by a vise to try the techniques specific to the vise. The cost of the class $25.00 and will be Saturday January 17th from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm. Class size is limited to 6 tiers. We’ll post the date again on the web page along with several other special topic tying classes we are working on for the winter and spring.

Still Waters 11/29

Fishing is going great guns on Daniels, Chesterfield, and Springfield reservoirs.  When mud remains frozen, Twenty-Four Mile can be fished. Leech patterns in fall colors, small soft hackled streamers and midge pupa patterns under indicators are all taking fish. None of these have iced over to date, but when we hear that this has happened, we will post that info here.

South Fork 11/29

Flow out of Palisades Dam is around 900 cfs, and about 1200 cfs at Heise. These could be winter maintenance flows.  They will make float fishing slower and give a bigger risk of meeting rocks and other submerged features. The flip side is that there are “tons” of great walk-in loctions along the river. Get in touch with us to determine the best at any time.  Streamer and woolly bugger fishing remains good all along the river. Midge life cycle patterns and bead head nymphs will also remain effective through the winter season.  The South Fork remains open year-round to angling, but expect  access limits because of closures to protect game herds and from road and boat launch site conditions.  We will post closures here as we learn of them.

Today at Jimmy’s


One of the duties we have in the shop each Fall is placing orders for the next year. Much of the inventory we recieve each year is placed 6 ot 8 months before its arrives into the shop. It is slow and tedious work and reminds me of writing a big term paper in college. We do this each Fall for 25 to 30 major companies that supply us. So 30 term papers later I’m happy to report that we are done for the Fall of 08.

We’ll keep you informed as some of the new items arrrive. Between now and Spring most of the new items will be tying materials.

This week we did get two new materials. We now have a bigger size of tungsten bead. They are 7/32″ (5.5mm) in 4 colors: gold, silver, black and copper. Tiers who needed a larger tungsten bead for streamers requested this bigger size.

We also brought in oval uni-tinsel in 4 sizes in both gold and silver. The Largartun varnished tinsel has jumped in price significantly so we decided to bring in another more econimcal oval tinsel for ribbing flies. We will still continue to carry larguatun tinsels and wires too

Today at Jimmy’s 11-24-08

The fishing has been really good on the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork. We have had many people coming into the shop sharing thier fishing stories from this past weekend. Idaho is such a great place in the fall. We have many oppertunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Many Idaho residents enjoy Steelhead fishing, chasing trout, and hunting. The hard working employees at Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler enjoy all types of outdoor activities. One of the favorite hunting activities we enjoy is bird hunting. Rollin is always shooting ducks and geese, and I started after the elusive pheasant this fall. Pheasants have completely consumed my free time this fall. This past weekend my new puppy Moose who is just over a year old got his first “wild” pheasant. It was a great weekend, I posted a photo because I am so proud of Moose.


We got some new items in the shop to help with your tying orginization. We received the “Spool Safe”. This item allows you to hold all your thread, copper wire, tinsel, and anything else thats is spooled on a big rotating wheel that will allow you to see and pull what you ned to tie with. We also received a “Tool Stadium.” This handy piece of equipment allows you to store all you tying tools in one easy location.

Henry’s Lake 11/22

Bill Schiess was in the shop today. We had to ask when he thought the lake would ice up. His answer:” any night now!”  Last year the lake iced up during the night of 11/21-22.  Until it ices up this year, use intermediate lines to present leech patterns in fall colors.  Shorelines and around weed beds are best locations, but hurry: the fishing season here ends November 30th.