Henry’s Fork 12/19

Fishing during the winter months can be very productive, or can be a nice visit to the river. Much of your success is great determined by the day you choose to go fishing. With the cold weather, snow, and wind you will want to choose a day to fish with tempatures over 32 degrees. On these warm days you will find midges working on top for dry flies, and nymphing will work underwater. Focus your fishing to the warmest part of the day. This is when the fish are the most active. Winter fishing is a great time to experience the river and be the only one out there. Remeber if you intend to float check the boats ramps first. They do not receive snow maintence during the winter.

Henry’s Fork 12/5

The Majority of the Henry’s Fork has closed, but sections on the lower river are open year around. From Riverside campground to Ashton backwaters is open and from Vernon Bridge down is open. This time of year look for the fish to be concentrated in groups feeding on dry fly midge patterns.  A rubberleg with a glow bug as the dropper will produce fishas well. Concentrate your fishing during the warmest time of the day. This is when the fish are most active.