Monthly Archives: February 2009

Henry’s Fork 02/24

Access is still limited on the Henry’s Fork due to the snow. We have had reports of sucessful fishing at the Vernon bridge area, and at the Stone Bridge at the Warm River confluence. Nymphing has been working very well, we suggest a rubber leg and a San Juan worm. Midges are hatching on the river and the fish are up on them. Helpful tip to fishing midges: The smaller the better, your best size is a #20, if you have a hard time seeing the fly on the water tie a size #16 Parachute Adams above it. With the correct presentation when you see a rise around your Adams set the hook. Floating is out of the question on the Henry’s Fork all the boat ramps are snowed in. For and up to date report feel free to give us a call.

South Fork 02/24

Fishing on the South Fork is really starting to pick up. Midges have started hatching on the river in the afternoon. Size 18 and smaller will get those fish to take on top. Nymphing still is the best technique to catch fish, the rubberleg has been the hot fly  If you want to strip streamers we suggest smaller streamers like a clouser minnow or a CFO lite bright clouser. You will want to slow down the presentation of your streamers. The water is still cold and the fish are very larthagic so slow things down. Floating is still not a good option right now. We suggest that you leave the boat at home and wade fish. If you need an up to date report please feel free to call us here at the shop.

Today at Jimmy’s 02-20-2009

We got our Scientific Angler spring order in today. We have the new Sharkskin Saltwater taper line, and a new assortment of sinking lines. We have a carry a large selection of Fly lines in the shop.

Tomorrow Dan Hurzler is doing our tying demo. Dan is an accomplished fly tier and fly fisherman. In the summer Dan guides on the South Fork and he also puts together the Carp Classic that is held every Spring on Blackfoot resevior. Dan will be tying some of his favorite carp flies, and some trout patterns. You won’t want to miss Dans presentation tomorrow it will be a packed house for sure. See you tomorrow.

Today at Jimmy’s 02-19-09

This week has been busy with work on the online store for our website. I have been working on it all week to try and get things lined up to go live on March 1st.  I am not promising we will be live with the online store at this time, but we are trying to make this our launch date.  The online store will consist of prefilled fly boxes, Jimmy’s apparel, and closeout deals. As we grow the site over time we will be adding new merchandise.

With the weather getting warmer make sure you have a fishing license before you go fishing. We offer Idaho, Montana and Yellowstone licenses for sale here at the shop. Yellowstone permits will not be available until the first of May. Also the tying expo is coming up in April. We have the blue fish here at the shop if you want to donate flies to the fish you are welcome to. The blue fish will than be auctioned off at the banquet. If you would like to tie a box of flies for the Expo we also have the fly boxes ready for you to pick up.

South Fork 02/18

Lots of people have been getting out in the warmer weather and fishing the South Fork. Rubberlegs, midges, and small nymphs have been the most effective. Still no word about any significant midge hatches yet. The trout are eating underwater insects and nymphing is the most effective way to catch fish right now.

You can get a boat in at Wolf and take out at Byington. If you decide to take out at Byington you will need a lot of rope, or chains on your tires to pull out of the ramp. The ramp is very icy and slick. Remember there is no snow maintance on the boat ramps during the winter. If you want to float remember that short floats will take the majority the day. Float during the warmest time of the day. Always be prepared for something to happen you don’t plan on. Bring extra clothes, and I would bring extra food and other essential gear. Common sense will go a long way on the river. This rule applies year round, but in the winter when accidents happen they can esscilate into an emergency very quickly. Have fun and be safe.

Today at Jimmy’s 02-13-09

John Stenerson is tying at the shop tomorrow starting at 10am. You will want to get here early to get a seat. John is an extremely talented fly tier. He will show us some great steelhead patterns, trout flies, and hopefully some of his well known CFO flies. John has lots of tricks and techniques that he is willing to share with you.

We also have many speacail topics tying classes available for sign up. Tim Woodard is doing a 6 Dry Fly patterns for the South Fork, Ken Betten is teaching a Steelhead tying class, Bruce Staples is teaching a Yellowstone Flies course, and John Stenersen is teaching a tube fly class. These classes are good way to help take your tying to the next level. Call the shop to sign up today.

Today at Jimmy’s 02-11-09

We have listed some new clothing items on Clearance this week. We have selected Simms, and Columbia fishing shirts on sale. We also have zip off fishing pants on sale as well. These items will not last long, take adavantage of our good deals this winter. We also got some new Whiting feathers in this week. We now carry Whiting Coq De Leon saddles,capes, and necks. The Coq De Leon Hen feathers are a soft feather and can be used for streamers, dry flies, and nymphs. They are very versitile and a must for every fly tier. We have various colors, come down and check them out.

South Fork 02/10

The South Fork has been fishing really good this past week. Many anglers have had success nymphing. No reports of midges hatching on a regular basis. The general concenses is that even on the warm days the water tempurature is still not warm enough to get the midges to start popping.  As we move into March during the next few weeks’ the longer and warmer days will allow the midges to get busy and do there thing. Nymphing has been really good with Zebra Midges and other midge pupas. The good ol’ Pat’s rubberleg has been working the best. Look for fish to be in slower water than what you would expect in the summer time. If you need and up to date report feel free to call us here at the shop.

Today at Jimmy’s 02-10-09

Winter returned to Idaho Falls last night. After some really nice weather with highs reaching into the upper 30’s we had some nice days to go fishing this last week. Jimmy went on Thursday, and I headed out on Saturday. Jimmy found success with a midge pupa, and I had the most success on a brown Pat’s rubberleg. I took my dog Moose with me, as usual. We walked the lower banks of the South Fork River. It was a lot warmer than I had expected. Between trying to keep Moose from pulling every stick out of the water to chew on, and navigating sketchy ice that has formed on the back eddy’s, we had some really good fishing. I was on the river for the majority of the afternoon, and to my surprise I didn’t see a midge hatch. I think that it is still a little early for the midges to be hatching in great numbers. Posted below are a couple photos from the afternoon on the river.
South Fork Brown TroutMoose and Tim Lower South Fork in Feb. 09Fish Kisses

Today at Jimmy’s 02-06-09

As we wind down another week of winter here at the fly shop. I can’t help but look forward to warmer days. My summers seem to fly by so fast that this winter really feels like it is dragging on. Mother Nature seemed to tease us this week with highs reaching close to 40 degrees and than plummeting down to single digits in the evenings. The positive side of things is that the mountains are receiving lots of snow. We should have a great water year this summer. Today we got a couple packages of Whitetail Deer Hair from Natures Spirit. This is a high quality deer hair that is typically used for spinning hair. They also have a select patch that is labeled as an all purpose hair. Natures Spirit is an extremely high quality material. If you have been looking for some really good deer hair, come down and check it out. You will be impressed.

Tomorrow Dave Brackett from Jackson, WY is tying in the shop. Dave is an accomplished fly tier. Dave spends a lot of time fishing the local waters around Jackson, including the Snake River, and Flat Creek on the elk refuge. You will not want to miss Dave’s demo.