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Henry’s Fork 3-31-09

We have been hearing good things about the Henry’s Fork. The fishing is really starting to pick up. The Henry’s Fork will offer you the best opportunity for dry fly fishing this time of the year. Blue Wing Olives, and midges are hatching. There has also been some talk of fish eating Skwala’s on top as well. If you don’t see any dry fly action use a rubberleg and a mayfly nymph.  March Brown mayflies will be hatching anytime now. As the weather continues to warm up we should being seeing these bugs anytime. We will keep you updated on the fishing report as we hear more about this hatch. Stop by the shop, email or call us for an up to the minute report.

April 13th

BWOs are emerging from Warm River Confluence on downstream. Best action is during PMs of overcast days and during gentle rains. Midge and skwala emergences are also going on, and a few March browns are showing up.  Streamers are always a good bet for larger fish, especially during low light conditions and along streamsides not in direct light.  No Fall River run-off yet, so fishing below Chester Dam is a great option as is from the Vernon Bridge to Chester and from Warm River to Ashton. Get in touch for current info as we are picking up experiences from several fly-fishers that are visiting the river in these reaches.

Today at Jimmy’s 3-31-09

We are starting to really get ready for the Fly Tying Expo. If you want to tie a box of flies to donate to the Expo to be raffled off we have them here at the shop. Also we are signing up people for workshops, and selling Banquet tickets.The expo is an exciting time and seems to get everyone pumped up for the upcoming fishing season.

We got some new colors of fly foam in today. These new colors will be great for chernobyl ants, stoneflies, hoppers and other dry flies.

South Fork 03-27-09

Fishing on the South Fork had been picking up. You best approach is to nymph until you see midges hatching. No reports of Blue Wing Olives yet.  Rubberlegs, and small bead head nymphs will produce fish. Put you strike indicator 6-8 feet above your first nymph.  Streamers have been working but remember to slow down that presentation. The Spring Creek boat ramp is NOT OPEN!!! There is still 3-4 feet of snow blocking the boat ramp and parking lot. Drift boats will need to float to Conant boat ramp. There is still 30 feet of the ramp at Pallisades Dam covered with snow. You can get a boat in at Huskies, Irwin, Conant, Wolf, and Byington. Cottonwood is still closed for wintering wildlife.

The Bureau of Reclemation has informed us that they will be raising the flows on the river to make room for spring runoff. Starting Sunday of Monday flows will be increased every few days until they reach 7,000 cfs. The plan is to reach 7,000cfs by mid April. This doesn’t mean that fishing on the South Fork out of the question. Usually a day or two after the increase the fishing will turn back on and start eating again.

Today at Jimmy’s 03-24-09

Jimmy’s is proud to introduce our own line of fly floatant. “Home Brew,” is a silicone based floatant that is temperature stable liquid. It is easy to apply and does not leave an oil slick. We also have a dry shake, and a classic floatant that resembles gink. Home Brew is produced in the basement of our very own fly shop. One would find these operations right next to the bobbers, dumbbell weights, swivels, and some old rusty Eagle Claw bait hooks. Unfortunately we are unable to give public tours due to industry, and trade secrets. Just trust us when we tell you that it is beautiful sight to behold.

We are continuing to get closer and closer to the 16th Annual East Idaho Fly Tying/Fly Fishing Expo and Banquet. This event will be held on April 17-18, 2009 at the Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls. This event is a really fun weekend. The expo features fly tiers from all over the United States and some from different countries. There are workshops, and classes that focus on tying flies, and fly fishing. They also offer a complete womens program on both days. Click here to go to the website and check out all the activities for the Expo. As always Jimmy’s will have a booth set up with our latest in fly tying merchandise. Be sure to come by and say hello.

South Fork 03-20-09

There is no new information to share except for reports that there are some  Blue Wing Olives hatching on the lower river from Twin Bridges down to Menan. The water gets a chance to warm up by the time it gets down there which explains why we see them on the lower river and not as much closer to Palisades Dam.

One other feature of the lower river are some of the sloughs that are connected to the river. Some of them are worth rowing into and looking for trout feeding on midges. We use a number 12 or 14 beadhead midge Pupa suspended under an indicator.

Today at Jimmy’s 03-20-09

Its been a busy day at the shop as we have had many folks in to buy licenses and other items for some early Spring fishing. The conditions on most streams that are open will be perfect for another couple of weeks. We are also keeping an eye on the reservoirs to the south of Idaho Falls and Pocatello and will let you know when the ice is gone.

Two new items have arrived from Rio. We have the new Suppleflex Tippet in 4X – 7X. Its a softer material for slow moving water and spooky fish.  We also have the the Indicator Leaders that feature a medium stiff butt and a long level tippet for better drifts. The butt section is orange colored for visibility while the tippet is clear. They are 10 feet in length and come 1X through 6X.

Today at Jimmy’s 03-18-09

Spring time is just around the corner. We have been experincing some nice warm days here in Idaho Falls. Most of all the snow is now completely melted and people are starting to get excited about fishing again.

With spring not to far away this is the time of year when we receive all of our new merchandise. We received our first shipment of spring orders from Simms! Simms has a lot of new products for the 09′ year. Probably the biggest change with Simms is that all wading boots will be changing over to a vibram sole by 2010. Simms has joined forces with Trout Unlimited to help prevent the spreading of aqautic parasites. We have the new Vibram sole wading boots in stock now. We also still have a great selection of felt soled wading boots in stock.

Simms has some new waders in there product line.  Probably the most exciting new wader is the new and improved Freestone wader. It features the Simms zipper technology. Much like the high end G4 wader, the new and improved freestone offers all the convience of a waterproof zipper. This wader comes in at a great price of $299! Every Month from now until June we will receive a shipment from Simms with new merchandise with all of the great new gear. Of course we will keep you updated on all the new products. Feel free to come on in and grab a catalog and start making a wish list!

South Fork 03-16-2009

March CutthroatFishing Spectators

Today undoubtably has been the warmest day of the year for Eastern Idaho for 2009. For the next 3 weeks we should see midge hatches everyday and only brief periods during the day where your rod guides freeze!

The ramps at Palisades Dam and Huskey’s are now usable. The take at Spring Creek is still pretty messy so take out 2 miles below Spring Creek at Conant. I’m still having my best success wading so do keep in mind that with these low seasonal flows you really don’t need a boat. A boat will just get you away from the ramps and bridges.

I’ve mentioned before that March is becoming my favorite month of the year on the South Fork. Pack a thermous of soup and get out there at least once this month before the irrigation season brings us higher flows.

Today at Jimmy’s 03-13-09

The weather looks great outside but the temperature still reminds us that it is winter here in Idaho Falls. Most of the snow has melted in town but there is still a lot of snow on the ground in the surrounding areas. Each day we get closer and closer to spring. I have noticed that the spring winds have started to blow on a more regular basis. If you are not familiar with the Idaho’s windy springs let me just say when the Idaho wind blows…man it sucks! No pun intended. Despite the high winds in the spring we have some awesome pre-runoff fishing. Call the shop for some up to date reports, or check out the latest fishing report our fishing report page.

We recieved two new tying books. Dave Hughs has published a great book titled, Nymphs for Streams & Stillwaters. This book has a very detailed description of nymphs and tying patterns. We also received a new book from Randall Kaufman, titled Fly Patterns. The Kaufmanns have put together a collection of patterns into a dictionary style book. This book has recipes and a color photos of almost every fly pattern invented. Kaufmann has published many fly tying books that are very informative. Come check out his latest!