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Today at Jimmy’s 4-29-09

We have been busy getting ready for summer time here at Jimmy’s. We have started into our runoff season, but don’t worry there is a lot of fishing oppertunities that still exsist in southeast idaho. Check our fishing reports for the local resevoirs and streams. I personally love the spring time because the high water on the South Fork and the Henry’s Fork forces me to explore other water to fish. I rekindle my love for warm water species like bluegill, crappie, and bass during this time of year. I grew up fishing for warm water fish on a spinning rod and it has been a blast learning to catch these fish on the fly. As spring continues and the rivers get high look for oppertunities to catch some nice fish. Come ask us at the shop and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

South Fork 4-27-09

Flow out of Palisades Dam is around 16000 cfs and has been stable at 16000-17000 cfs for about a week.  Water below the dam through Swan Valley is clear, high, and somewhat fishable.  Concentrate on the side channels and use streamers and nymphs on sink tip lines.  We cannot recommend fishing the river below Swan Valley as it is discolored with floating debris as well as dangerous. There will be better days on the South Fork, and as soon as they come around we will give you our best and up to date info on how to have fishing success there.

Henry’s Fork 4-27-09

Flow in the lower river has been stable the last few days, and is likely to remain so with the upcoming cool weather. Fishing success has been a bit spotty, especially below Chester Dam and the Fall River confluence. Recently  BWOs and caddis are the main emerging insects.  Streamers are always a good bet in the early eason, especially if one concentrates on presenting them near stream edges out of direct light. This means evenings, early mornings, and other low light conditions are the best times for action.

Still waters 4-27-09

Ice is off Palisades Reservoir and water levels are low. There are plenty of locations where one can walk the shoreline to present streamers and wooly buggers. Sink-tip and full sink lines will work for getting these to cruising fish.

Springfield Reservoir has been good fishing, Except when fish have been feeding during a blanket midge emergence. Mornings and evenings are best, and red zebra midges are a taking pattern.

Chesterfield, Daniels, Devil Creek, and Hawkins are now all ice free, but we have little info on how well they are fishing. You can help by giving them a try and letting us know of your experience!

Small Streams 4-27-09

Want to find some fly-fishing action without concerns on how big the fish are?   Birch Creek is the answer for you.   The Birch Creek family area open year round above Lone Pine is in great shape with clear water  just slightly high with snow gone from the surroundings.  On ovecast days with  breezy  or less conditions, the BWOs emerge in the afternoon making for action galore. Rainbows & brookies are the fare, and a fourteen incher is a bragging fish.  But there is a great degree of solitude, wild fish, and safe wading conditions requiring only hip boots.   If the BWO’s are not active, small bead head nymphs presented with a “Leisenring Lift” at the end of the drift is sure to bring a respose.  Bring that light weight rod with a floating line.

Henry’s Fork 4-24-09

The Henry’s Fork remains to be one of the few options of moving water for trout fishing. Fall River has blown out due to runoff. Fishing above Chester Dam is your best option for clean water. You can float Vernon to Chester, or Warm River to Ashton. Remember that fishing above Vernon bridge is closed until Memorial Day Weekend.

We have had good reprots of Caddis and Blue Wing Olives hatching on the river. Nymphing a rubberleg in a size 4-8 has been extrmely effective these last few weeks.  Drop a caddis pupa or a bead head nymph below that rubberleg. Feel free to call the shop for any questions or up to the minute reports.

South Fork 4-24-09

The biggest news on the South Fork is that the Lorenzo Boat ramp has been closed. Due to the high water, the overflow channel has 4 feet of water running through it.  You would not be able to get a truck through this overflow channel. The flows out of the Pallisades dam have steadied at 17,000 cfs. The side channels off of Fall Creek road in Swan Valley have fish in them and the water is clean. Use large nymphs and streamers to intice these fish to eat. Floating below Conant Boat ramp is not recomended due to the high flows. There is a lot of debris still floating down the river, and the water is off color. Focus your efforts on the upper section in Swan valley.

Today at Jimmy’s 4-21-09

Spring is officially here! The temperature was up to 70 degrees yesterday. Don’t be quick to pack away your snowblower yet we’re sure to have at least one more snow storm before summer is here. We have been really busy at the shop we are starting to receive shipments for the upcoming season. We have received our Cloudveil order. We now have a great selection of new shirts and pants for men and women from Cloudveil.

With this warm weather and the snow beginning to melt in the mountains, our streams and rivers will become high and dirty. There is still really good fishing in our local resevoiurs. These resevoirs host large fish that fun to catch. Also the warm water fishing will be picking up soon. Bluegill, and bass are a lot of fun to catch in the spring. If you haven’t had a chance to get out and fish stillwater come into the shop and we will be happy to get you headed in the right direction. If your favorite fishing hole is too high and mighty, try something new, or come back to an old favorite pastime.

Henry’s Fork 4-21-09

We have had really good reports on the Henry’s Fork. There have been really good Blue WIng Olive hatches, along with March Browns. The water is starting to get a little “tea” colored with this warm weather. The fall river has remained fairly clear, so fishing below Chester Dam is still an option. You can also fish around the warm river area and ashton. Rubberlegs have been extremely effective this last week. I would drop a small pheasant tail or a prince nymph below that rubber leg. As the weather continues to warm up we will continue to keep you posted as we find out more information. Feel free to call the shop to get an up to the minute report.

South Fork 4/21/09

Flows on the South Fork have increased to 16,200 cfs.  Fish the big back eddys and side channels. Streamers and nymphing will produce fish. Don’t let the dirty water scare you from fishing. Head up to Swan Valley and the water will be cleaner. When the flows stay steady the river bounces back very quickly. It only takes a day or two to settle and the fishing is really good when this happens. You might only have a 3 day window with steady flows but day two and three should be good fishing. Call us at the shop if you need an up to date report, also feel free to check the current flows by clicking here.