South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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June 2009

Today at Jimmy’s 6-30-09

Good News lake Fisherman!!!!!!!!! We know have our Deep Releasing Lake Strike Indicators for sale on our website. So all you guys that are living up in Island Park you don’t need to drive down to the shop to buy some we can ship them to you! Also we have some new colors as well. Bright Pink and Orange in the larger Indicators to help you see strikes while fishing during all conditions. We have a lot of RIO Products on our online store as well. If you have any questions or need help deciding on a new fly line feel free to call us or send us an email.

For our customers on Facebook. We are starting a photo contest in July. Submit your photos to our fan page and at the end of the month we will choose the best one. We will feature this photo on the website and you will recieve a Jimmy’s logo fly box with a dozen flies, picked by Jimmy himself. Tell you friends to become a fan and join in on the fun!


Yellowstone Park 6-30-09

Waters are really shaping up here. The Madison River drainage is in great shape with PMDs, white millers, caddis, and some golden stones providing action.  Now look for brown drake emergences on Gibbon River and Duck Creek to begin.   Shoshone and Lewis lakes are proviving great action for those presenting streamers and wooly bugger types on full-sink lines. The Lewis River green drake hatch is on its way.  Fall River Basin streams are dropping to near fishable levels. The Ashton-Flagg Road is open, so the southwest corner of the Park will soon offer some of the best fishing in the region.  Right now Beula Lake is accessible and fishing quite well.


South Fork 6-30-09

Things are looking up.   Inflow to Palisades Reservoir is receding and is less than outflow.  Next week look for a significant drop in flows out of Palisades Dam.  A watch is on for big stone flies on the lower river.  We have reports of sallys and a few golden stones from Twin Bridges downstream.  Some hardy souls report that rubberlegs patterns sunk deep are producing in that part of the river. This is a clue that big stonefly nymphs are moving.  So with that and dropping flows, the stonefly event is not far from getting going!  We’ll update progress here.


Henry’s Fork 6-30-09

Say good-bye to June, 2009 with a great gray drake emergence on the lower river. This includes the river from Chester to St. Anthony.  Strictly an evening affair, but the river offers many places to enjoy this event. Two of the best are the Chester Dam backwaters and the slow water at the Fun Farm Bridge.  If this is not enough, early and middle PMs will have action  thanks to PMDs, and so will the upper river.    Expect crowds this weekend, even though the South Fork is beginning to shhape up


Still Waters 6-30-09

Plan on all of those with easy access to be crowded this upcoming weekend.  That includes Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins, Island Park, Springfield, Twin Lakes, and Twenty-Four Mile,  But all will be good fishing.  Again try transitions, coves, weed beds, and shallows with midge pupa, damselfly nymphs, small leeches and callibaetis life cycle patterns.  These areas are also less attractive to boating recreationists, too


Henry’s Lake 6-30-09

Anticipation is up for the damselfly emergence, the next big event here.  It may be underway already with the question as to when will fish begin keying on them.  Get those damselfly nymph patterns ready!


Small Streams 6-30-09

Just about all are fishable.  South Fork drainage streams will open July 1st,  but those draining really high country might not be the best choices. That also applies to streams draining the Teton Range.  For sure the Portneuf River, Warm River, Blackfoot River (opens July 1st above the reservoir) and the Buffalo River will be in good shape.  Sallys, PMDs and caddis patterns are good choices. So are attractor patterns.  The same can be said for Robinson, Birch, Beaver, Sawmill and Medicine Lodge creeks and those going into the Salt River from Idaho ( Jackknife, Tincup, Stump, Crow). And these certainly will not have crowds like those seen on the more popular waters.


South Western Montana 6-26-09

The Madison river below Slide Inn is the star of the show here.   Lots’a things going on with emergences. Mayflies, caddisflies and even a few stoneflies are beginning to show up.   Even the lowly San Juan worm remains effective.  So are big nymphs drifted along bottom.   Big Hebgen Lake midges provide action along the north shore.  Run-off is subsiding on the Gallatin and the creeks coming into the Madison between Hebgen and Quake lakes.


Small Streams 6-26-29

Water flows are dropping everywhere, so are great variety of small streams will soon be available for great fishing. By 4th of July the choice will be overwhelming.  Right now Birch, Robinson, Beaver, Medicine Lodge, Jackknife, Stump, and Tincup are producing. So are Warm, Portneuf, and Buffalo rivers. Want strategy info for these?  Get in touch with us.


Yellowstone Park 6-26-09

Things are looking up as run-off slows on many drainages. The Madison River drainage remains the best, but look for Fall River and Lewis River drainages to begin kicking in soon. The Firehole River PMD, BWO, white miller, and caddis activities bring action.  Some of these are giving action on the Gibbon River.  Around the 4th of July,  brown drakes will begin on Duck Creek and Gibbon River.  Right now weed beds in Shoshone and Lewis lakes are producing for those presenting scud, streamer, and small leech patterns on full-sink lines.  Want to try attractor patterns? Try Grayling Creek and Cougar Creek.  Even the Gallatin is shaping up for presenting these.  Want a chance at the biggest ‘bows in the Park?  Try damselfly nymphs on Trout Lake.  Want more info on strategy and flies for these great places? Get in touch with us.