South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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September 2009

Today at Jimmy’s 9-30-09

We have received some new Simms gear this week. We have a new hooded Softshell jacket and some new waderwick tops with our logo on the chest. We have also put most of our Cloudveil items on closeout. Come into the shop and check out our fall sale.

RIO has introduced a new line this year. The Trout LT line is taking the place of the Selective Trout II Line. The Trout LT is designed for Medium to Slow action rods, when soft presentation of small flies to picky trout is essential. The Trout LT line is available in the Olive/Cream color. Some suggested fly rods that work great with the new RIO Trout LT line is the Sage ZXL, Winston BIIt, and the Scott G2.

The RIO Gold Trout line has a new color this year. The Gold line is available in the Olive/Gold, and the new Orange/White color. RIO has introduced the two-tone fly line in the Gold and Trout LT.


Yellowstone Park 9-29-09

Fires are limiting access and travel throughout, so check with Park managers before planning trips to any Yellowstone River drainage waters. Tricos reign supreme on all Fall River basin streams.


Small Streams 9-29-09

If you have not tried the Fox Ranch reach of river recently purchased by Monsanto and opened to the public, let us recommend it.   It can be reached off the Blackfoot River Road going east from Henry.  Look for cutts aplenty and some rainbows.  Terrestrialand attactor patterns and small beadhead peacock leeches should work well.


mainstream Snake River 9-29-09

Streamer fishing is going to pick up  big time with the cooler weather coming in. There are plenty of excellent walk-in locations along the river, even place where pontoon boats are useful.  Visit us to find the most convenient of these and for recommendations on best streamer patterns.


Henry’s Lake 9-29-09

Depends on who you talk to, but most folks say action is spotty. With stormy weather moving in look for action to improve, especially along shorelines.  Then be sure to present flies: fall color leech patterns, mity mites, scud patterns, on intermediate lines


Henry’s Fork 9-29-09

Stormy weather should bring on more BWO activity and resulting feeding up & doen the river. The same is true for streamers on the lower river, so be sure to have both types in your fly box.  Trico action continues on parts of the river, but to enjoy the best of it you must be an early riser.   Terrestrial insects are still active and trout are interested in them, but killing frosts are coming.   So enjoy the remaining days when hoppers, beetles and ants bring action, especially on the upper river.


South Fork 9-29-09

Flows out of Palisades Dam have made recent drop today down to 6600 cfs. Expect flows to continue to drop as the demand for irrigation water declines.  With stormy weather moving in Blue Wing Olives will start to hatch int he riffles and the slow moving water.  Also make sure you have streamers in your fly box the rest of the season on the South Fork. Fish the streamers tight into the bank and strip them down stream. Cloouser minnows, Circus Peanuts, and Bottoms up Streamers will get those big browns to eat! On warm sunny days Rubberlegs and zebra midges work now as Tim relates, but do not overlook a #14 renegade. This mainstay has been superbly effective in riffles for decades.


Henry’s Fork 9-26

Baetis should be in full swing on the lower river around Chester and Ashton. Overcast days will help these hatches. The brown trout are starting to get active as we get closer to the time when they spawn. We have had reports of brown trout starting to be more aggressive on streamers in the last week. Hoppers are still working well in the morning and in the evenings on warm days.