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December 2009

Today at Jimmys

Just a few new tying materials to share with you. We just finished putting out every Killer Caddis Glass bead that is available to tie with we have a new huge selection of Glass Beads available in all sizes. We also got some new Palmering Hackle. This material is a synthetic material much like Polar Chenille expect the hackle is only on one side of the material. This is a popular material that has been showcased in a few of our tying demos on Saturday.


South Fork 12-21-09

We have had good reports of fish eating midges on the surface on the warmer days. Today and tomorrow will be nice enough to go fishing but the weather is reporting some cooler temperatures by the end of the week. During this time of year the weather is a huge indicator on how the fishing will be. Don’t wait for a good fishing report on our website to go fishing, instead listen for a good weather report. If you wait for us to report good fishing in the winter you chance might be gone. Reports of Rubberlegs and small beadhead nymphs have been successful this last week with the warm weather. Come talk to us and we will direct you to some good holes if you plan on going out.


Today at Jimmy’s 12-11-09

We have been busy during this winter gearing up for the Christmas season we have a few new items in the shop that we wanted to share with you. We have got some great new Simms gear for the winter season just in time for the Holidays. The Simms DL Winstopper Fleece has been redesigned and is now called the SImms Guide Winstopper Jacket. The biggest improvements to this jacket is a hood, and some new styling. Simms has incorporated softshell fabric and fleece to design this jacket. The Windstopper membrane in the jacket allow you to stay warm in all weather conditions.

We have also received some new tying materials. We have some new colors of foam for all those creative foam flies. We got in some Lady Amherst Center Tails used for tying Steelhead flies, and some new Whiting Hackle. Swing by the shop today, or send in your significant others and we will be more than happy to point them in the right direction for some Holiday gift ideas.