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Henry’s Fork 2-27-10

Warming days will help with access and bring BWOs into big emerging numbers.  Big stonefly nymphs are a good bet above Chester backwaters to Vernon Bridge ( Vernon Bridge to Ashton Dam opens general season) and above Ashton Reservoir to Warm River.   Streamers will work throughout for post spawning bows and hungry browns. The further upstream you go the more likely access will be a problem because of snow and shore ice.

Small Streams 2-27-10

Winter season closes on these March 31st, in fact this season closes tomorrow (Feb. 28th) on Silver Creek.  Others that close March 31st and have been fishing well include Warm River and Fall River. Small nymphs work well in both with large stonefly nymphs producing in Fall River between Chester and the canyon mouth. The Little Wood River remains open year round, and should be on your “to try” list for March.  Not much run-off is expected here this year. If the river is a bit discolored when you visit,  rely on woolly bugger types around overhead cover and at transitions.   When it clears try caddis and BWO life cycle patterns.

Big Lost River 2-27-10

Reports tell us that the river below Mackay Dam and around the campground is good fishing.  Flows out of the dam have remained constant at just over 100 cfs.  Small beadhead nymphs, such as prince’s, bead head or regular are working.  So are midge patterns and golden stone nymph patterns. BWOs should become important any day now.  Remember the winter season closes on March 31st.

South Fork 2-27

South Fork is starting to pick up. This warmer weather is providing some good days on the river.  March is one of Jimmy’s favorite time of the year to fish the South Fork. Nymphing is really the ticket for catching fish right now. Streamers are working but you need to slow down your presentation to almost a dead drift. The Midges are hatching but it’s not consistent and fish are not always up feeding on them. A brown rubberleg, with a black zebra midge, or a size 16-18 pheasant tail is working really well.

Picking you day is still the key for catching fish. Take advantage of this warm weather and have some fun out there.

Today at Jimmy’s 2-27

I got the oppertunity to go fishing yesterday on the lower South Fork. We had a really good time and the fishing was pretty good. We found most of our success in the afternoon. Mostly nymphing and a small amount of streamer fishing. We didn’t see a soul until we decided to head back to the truck and passed some gear fisherman. Winter fishing is a lot of fun and the water is so crystal clear. It was fun to see fish suspended in the deep water.

Eric Beck Fishing in Feb.

Eric was kind enough to pose for me while I snapped this shot. We found most of our success in the tailout’s of the riffles. We also found good success in the deep eddy pools.

Winter time Cutthroat Trout

This Yellowstone Cutthroat fell victim to a squirrel streamer. Stripping streamers can produce some fish just remember to strip them really slow and let them sink to the bottom.

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I tried to cross the river three different times. Each time I tried to cross I put myself in a situation were almost went swimming. That would have ended my day of fishing really quick. The river looks low and slow but it is still very powerful. So be careful while fishing.

Today at Jimmy’s 2-25

Guess who’s back?

Jimmy G.

I am happy to to inform you that Jimmy has returned from his extended fishing trip to Mexico safe and sound. I will try and get him to post some photos of his trip and the big bonefish he caught down in Belize.

I am glad he is back cause when Jimmy leaves I get to watch the shop and I will let you in on a little secret…its a lot of work! We will continue our fly tying demos on Sat. mornings until the end of March. We have some really good tiers coming to show off their skills. Click here for the schedule.

Today at Jimmy’s 2-20

Just a couple things to update everyone. We have two special topics classes coming up the are going to be really good.

Lawrence Stuemke is teaching a tying class about tube flies, and articulated streamers. Tim Woodard is also teaching a class called Super Stoneflies. This class will cover the adult stage of stonflies, from the big Salmon fly down to the Yellow Sallie and the Skwala. Both of these classes are going to be really good and there will be many techniques and secrets shared. To find out more information call the shop or click here. To sign up call us and we will get your name on the list.

Small Streams 2-18-10

Some of our small streams are practical to fish during the winter season which ends on March 31st.  These include Warm River around the campground and Fall River above Chester to the mouth of the canyon.  Small bead head nymphs, golden stonefly nymphs, midge and caddis pupa patterns can be effective, and on milder days midges and a few BWOs will bring surface action.  Expect to go through snow and shore ice to get to water in most locations.

Henry’s Fork 2-18-10

The lower river will become more important to consider as we move into March.   Access will become easier, early season mayflies will begin to appear, streamer patterns will be attractive to post-spawning rainbows,  big stonefly nymphs will always be candidates for excellent fishing, and midge life cycle patterns will work.   Realize the further east (upstream) you venture on the river, the more likely access will be difficult because of shore ice and snow pack. Candidate locations to give the lower ‘Fork a try, you ask?  Consider off Cottonwood Drive  below St. Anthony,   around the Fun Farm Bridge and upstream on the west side road to the Hooray Ranch, below the Vernon Bridge, around Seeley’s.  At Seely’s, Nedrow’s,  and other locations, please respect private property.  Access to the river through properties such as these are privileges granted by generous land owners.  If you see them, consider thanking them and do everything possible to show them you appreciate their generosity.