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Main Stem Snake River 3-30-10

Flows are a bit below normal throughout the river, and access is excellent.   Strongly consider fishing this very near-by easily reached fishery.  Some very large browns  and post spawning rainbows are being caught through use of streamers on a sink tip line.   If you enjoy fishing light equipment, midge hatches are  ongoing.   Look for good fishing on the river until irrigation demands put big flows into the river.   Come into the shop for access information and to see a selection of flies that work well on the river.

Still Waters 3-30-10

Springfield Reservoir remains the only one in the region free of hard water.  Look for others to start coming ice-free by mid April.  At Springfield slowly trolling small leech patterns on an intermediate line produces.   So does fishing midge pupa under a strike indicator.   The trick is finding the taking depth.

Today at Jimmy’s 3/29

Shop Talk

Jimmy went fishing this weekend. He had two really good days on the water. Come into the shop and ask him about it. Rollin is waiting for UPS to show up, and I am updating the website and writing material orders for the upcoming Fly tying Expo. Just another Monday here at the shop sorry for the boring blog post this morning. However here are few reminders that are coming up in the near future.

Tying Classes

Spots are still available for my Killer Bead Head Nymphs and Super Streamers Class. The Killer Bead Class is this Thursday and the Streamer class is on the 22nd of April.

Fly Fishing Film Tour

We have tickets for the Fly Fishing Film Tour on sale. The film will be shown at Eagle Rock Auditorium on April 16th. Tickets are $12.

Henry’s Fork 3/29

Fishing on the Henry’s Fork is really good. Blue Wing Olives, and Midges are hatching in good numbers. Nymphing has been really good throughout the day and fish are rising to dry flies in the afternoon. I would also try fishing a skwalla pattern in the afternoon. Zebra midges, rubberlegs, Pulsating Emergers, Harrop’s BWO Emerger are good flies to fish. If you feel like crossing over to what some call the dark side of fly fishing San Juan worms and glo bugs have been really successful.

South Fork 3/29

Fishing on the South Fork has really picked up. Many people are having really good success on nymphs and dry flies. With the majority of our days reaching into the 40’s the fish are getting fairly active for a few hours during the day. The streamer activity is starting to pick up as well. Swinging streamers through big deep holes is your best option for hooking into trout. Flows are still really low and we only recommend floating 3-4 miles, that will take you a full day if you stop and fish. Wolf to Byington, Palisades Dam to Huskies, and Irwin to Conant are your best options for floating. With the river this low it is really easy to get out and wade fish the whole river is open. Call the shop for any questions.

South Fork 3-22

The South Fork is fishing well. Flows are really low and floating long floats is not recommended. Floats that you would want to do is Dam to Huskies, Wolf to Byington, and Lorenzo to Menan. These stretches are very floatable for a day trip. Floats much over 5 miles is not recommended because it takes so long to with the low flows.

Fishing is basically nymphing with rubberlegs, bead head nymphs, Zebra Midges, Glo bugs, San Juan worms, and Trout Beads. If you get into a whitefish hole just move and find another deep slow moving hole with trout holding deep. Also later in the day you will find whitefish and Trout sipping midges on the surface. No Blue Wing Olives yet, I would expect them later in April. Call the shop if you have any more questions.

Today at Jimmy’s 3-22

Shop Talk

I had big plans to fish the Henry’s Fork on Sat. and was really excited to go beat up on some fish below the Chester Dam. A phone call from Todd Lanning(my boss at South Fork Outfitters) that morning put me in the rowers bench on the South Fork guiding my first trip of the season. The good news is I got to wet a fly line and catch a few white fish. I also had the opportunity to put the Trout Beads to the test. All I am going to say is they work, they work really well!

New Merchandise

We have received a few new items in the shop. Lamson/Waterworks has a new ball cap that has LED lights built right into the bill of the hat. Its a really cool fishing hat, when the light gets low towards the evening flip on your built in flash light to change those flies.

We just got in some Super Hair in 22 different colors. We decided to bring in Super Hair at the request of Doyle Clark for tying Choromids, and Juju Midges. Super hair is also great for streamer material or an underwing for dry flies. Stop by the shop and check out this cool material.


We have some great classes that are still accepting students. Click here for more details.

Fly Tying Demos

This up coming Saturday is our last Fly Tying Demo. Doug Gibson will be tying for us. Doug has over 30 years experience guiding and has tying flies forever. Click here for more information on the Tying Demo.

Still Waters 3-20-10

Springfield Reservoir has been free of ice for some time. It is open to year round fishing.  Recently small leech patterns presented on intermediate lines have been producing when trolled or retrieved slowly.  The water is about a foot low and still somewhat cold. But as we warm up with longer days midge activity will increase and the use of pupa patterns below an indicator will become more productive.  Week days will be less crowded than weekends.

Henry’s Fork 3-19

We received a email from the Henry’s Fork Foundation in regards to the flows below Ashton Dam. Here is the email.

Subject: Ashton Reservoir Drawdown

Good Morning,

PacifiCorp has started lowering Ashton Reservoir this morning.  If you’re watching the gage below the dam you’ll likely see two increases in river flow of approximately 100 cfs each this morning.  The reservoir will lowered to a target of approximately 5147, about 5 feet below the current elevation.

This drawdown is being made in preparation for construction of a new low level diversion tunnel later this year.  It is being schedule at this time for the purposes of complying with USFWS consultations relative to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and in cooperation with the adjacent irrigators on the reservoir who would prefer to not see elevation changes during the growing season.

The drawdown rate will conform to consultation language discussed with IDFG, not more than 100 cfs change in one hour, not to exceed more than 200 cfs change in 24 hours.

Mark Stenberg
PacifiCorp Energy
208 547-7305

So what does this mean for the fishing? I would not be to concerned with these flows upsetting the fishing for very long. Expect it to slow down for a day or two. The fishing will resume as usual after that time. Lots of people have found success using Midges, Rubberlegs, and worms. I would expect the San Jaun Worm fishing to be really good with these increased flows.

Today at Jimmy’s 3-17

Shop Talk

We are really having some great weather this week. Some of you are taking advantage of this warm weather and getting out there and catching some fish. A few of us in the shop have also taken advantage of the warm weather. Its tough to not try and wet a line in weather like this after being cooped up all winter. Jimmy and Rollin got out earlier this week and I will be getting out on Sat. Here is a photo from Jimmy’s trip yesterday on the Big Lost.

03-07-09 big lost river (4)

New Inventory

We finally got our shipment of Trout Beads. Many people have found success fishing these beads in Alaska, and on the Salmon river for Steelhead. Trout beads imitate fish roe. Fish them below a indicator with some splitshot. Most people peg the bead about 3 inches above a hook. We have examples at the shop of different methods for fishing these beads. Also they make great beads for tying Egg Sucking Leeches. We have a large assortment of colors and sizes.


Still have openings in the Killer Bead Head special topics tying class. These classes cover so much more than just tying some bead head flies. They cover information about using different types of beads for different applications. Utilizing different material for different types of looks on your flies and tricks and simple techniques to help improve your fly tying overall. The streamer class still has openings as well. This class is going to cover articulated, two hook streamers, and single hook streamers. We will talk about fishing techniques, setups, and different species of bait fish that trout eat and the corresponding fly. Call the shop to get signed up or click here for more details.