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Today at Jimmy’s 4-28

Shop Talk

We had a great class on Monday evening with Charles Jardine. He taught a class on Czech Nymphs and Soft Hackles. We stayed up late into the evening learning as much as we could from Charles. He showed us the “proper” way to tie a soft, and how to correctly put dubbing on a hook. Minus my strong thick coffee we had a great time.


We have a great sale going on with our Simms Fishing shirts right now. Buy one selected Simms Fishing shirt and receive a free Reddington shirt. We have also received all of our new Cloudveil and Columbia softgoods. Come check out all the new gear for the upcoming season.


I am teaching a streamer class tomorrow night that still has a few spots open in it. Also we are taking names and phone numbers for a beginning tying class. We would like to do one more session before the summer. Call the shop to get registered.

Henry’s Fork 4-28

I have been fishing the Henry’s Fork a few times this last week and it has been really good. Great insect hatches on the lower river between the Warm River confluence and St. Anthony. The Mother’s Day Caddis are hatching, March Brown Mayflies, and Blue Wing Olives. I tried to find some stonefly nymphs towards the banks and nothing is developing as of right now. I would not expect to see anything like that develop for  at least the next 3 weeks. This cold weather we have been having is keeping runoff to a minimum and just slowing everything down for the spring. The good thing about having this weather is we are continuing to put snow in the mountains, and with a bad snow year this will help the fishing in August.

south fork 4-27-10

We screwed up and the road to Cottonwood is not open. It will not open until the Palisades Ranger District, which actually manages the road to Cottonwood, officially opens it for summer travel. This date varies from year to year depending on snow, weather and road condition. When the road does open the Palisades District will announce it through the media and their web site. If you have any questions you can contact them at 523-1412.

We apologize for publishing incorrect information and now have a thorough understanding of how the road is managed and by whom. When the road does open we will post it on the fishing report.

Mainstem Snake River 4-24-10

Because of increased flows out of Palisades Reservoir and the beginning of run-off the river flow is up from Menan to Blackfoot.  Wading is still possible, but fishing has slowed a bit.    Streamers are still the best bet.   Look for flows to increase (because of downstream irrigation demands) making walk-in wade fishing tougher as we advance through the spring season.

Still Waters 4-24-10

As  streams succumb to run-off and irrigation water, our reservoirs will become more important as fishing destinations.  Some including Chesterfield and 24-Mile recently became ice free and best fishing is yet to come. The upper end of Daniels Res. is beginning to produce for those using small leech and damselfly patterns.  Don’t overlook using dragonfly nymph patterns in the shallow waters there.   Big woolly bugger types an even big stonefly nymph patterns fished slowly along the bottom in a direction toward the shoreline can effectively imitate dragonfly nymphs this time of year.  Springfield has recently filled with irrigation sub water.   Fishing is a bit slow there but will improve as fish get use to the water change.  Midges are active there.  Damselfly nymphs will become active soon.   Best reservoir fishing in the region currently is at Hawkins Res.  Fish are moving toward the dam to look for spawning areas.  Damselfly nymph, small leech and BLM patterns are effective when fished on intermediate or faster sinking lines.

South Fork 4/23

Flows are at 2100 cfs. This is not really effecting the fishing on the river right now. The water temp is still around 38 degrees which is keeping the trout from getting very active. There is runoff water coming into the system from Rainy Creek and Fall Creek and the other tributaries. The water clarity is off color but the fish are still eating. Blue Wing Olives are hatching on the lower river and fish are up on them. Nymphing is still the best option for hooking fish on the upper South Fork. For up to the minute reports call us at the shop.

Today at Jimmy’s 4-21

We have a very special announcement!!!!!

Charles Jardine is going to teach a special topics class Monday evening at the shop. All materials will be provided by the shop, and the course will be free. Here is the catch, this class is limited to only 8 people. Its a first come first serve deal. Call or come into the shop and get your name on the list you do not want to miss this class!


Charles is stuck in Idaho until April 29th due to the Volcano in Iceland. He has graciously offered to teach this class here at the shop. He will be teaching soft hackles and fishing techniques. This class is for intermediate fly tiers. Students will need basic tying tools and some 6/0 or 8/0 thread.

I went fishing on Monday with Charles and he wrecked shop with his soft hackle fishing technique. Charles easily caught 3 fish to my 1. He is an excellent angler and knows how trout act and feed. I can’t express the amount from knowledge you will learn from this class. Since its free what do you have to loose?

Hope to see you all there!


Main Stem Snake River 4-20-10

Flows are up a bit, but not enough to influence trout activity.  Likewise, some canals along the lower reaches are open meaning lower river flows for the time being.  Streamers are your best choice to encounter big browns and ‘bows.   Anywhere you can find access on the river from Menan to Tilden Bridge you will find action through using them.  There is a lot of river here, so get in touch with us or come into the shop.  We will recommend places to fish based on the information that is coming in.

Henry’s Fork 4-20-10

Warmer weather has made fishing the river from Warm River to below St. Anthony a great choice.  Remember the closure in effect between the Vernon Bridge and Ashton Dam until general season.   There is plenty of access to enjoy the BWOs especially because  Fall River runoff has not begun.  Weather coming up the next few days should be ideal for BWO emerging in the late PM after winds die.  Streamers will be effective up & down the river, and above the Chester backwaters be sure to have big stonefly nymph patterns. Hard to believe, but these big nymphs will begin to move in numbers in about a month.

Still Water 4-20-10

Many of these are ice-free now, so get your tubes and boats in shape to launch. Daniels Reservoir has been ice-free for several days now. Midge pupa below strike indicators and small leech or other patterns to simulate damselfly nymphs are the flies to use. If you fish the shallower waters, don’t overlook dragonfly nymph patterns. Trout love these big nymphs in the early season.  It’s  a reason why big woolly bugger types fished close or on bottom are effective.  Ice is off Chesterfield Res., but so far fishing is slow.  For 24-Mile Reservoir getting there is the question.  Recently doing so required a long walk meaning the road is not in the best shape yet. That’s great for keeping down the crowds, and means either walking the shore line or carrying a float tube for getting out on the water.  Evenings and early AMs are the best time to be on Springfield Res.  Big midges are emerging, and small leech patterns are effective to simulate damselfly nymphs.  Don’t forget the words given above about dragonfly nymphs. Their patterns work at Springfield Res. this time of year.