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Still Waters 5-29-10

You can bet all with camping & boating facilities will be crowded.  Across the board ( Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins, 24-Mile, Springfield, Treasureton) the way to go is damselfly nymph imitations.  Stick to shallow water. No damselfly adults flying yet—they need warm weather.

Small Streams 5-29-10

Many of these are discolored and some are running  a bit high because of our current storms.  This includes most in the Henry’s Fork drainage and the Portneuf drainage below Pebble  Creek.  When the stormy weather moves out many of these will shape up and be an alternative to crowded conditions on parts of the Henry’s Fork.   We’ll keep up to date & pass on progress here.

Henry’s Fork 5-29-10

As of today giant stoneflies are out as far upstream as Mesa Falls.  But the cold, wet weather keeps them clinging to land.   Warm-up begins tomorrow, so look for them to be flying then.   Give the fish a day or so to catch on to the big bugs flopping on the water.   Then head to the Henry’s Fork from Warm River to Riverside and on to Box Canyon for some great dry fly fishing.   The trick will be to find where the fish are taking drifting adults big time.

Recommended Giant stonefly patterns  (size 4, 6) for Henry’s Fork

Berry’s Hedge Hog  Stone

Sofa Pillow (traditional and improved)

CFO Hummer


Joe’s Foam Stone

Dry Muddler

Rollin Adult Stone

Gould’s Half Salmonfly

Karnupp’s  Freestone Salmonfly

South Fork 5/27

Just wanted to give you guys a quick short update. Twin Bridges is not accessible to drifters taking out at that Boat ramp. You can launch but not take out. There is no water in the channel above the Boat ramp.

South Fork 5/26

The flows on the South Fork have dropped to 10,500 cfs. I talked to the Bureau of Reclamation and they informed me that the river will be dropping down to about 9,ooo cfs during this next week to meet the demands for irrigation. They also informed me that that there is enough room in Palisades and Jackson to accommodate the runoff. However flows will increase on the South Fork as the demand for irrigation increases as we move into summer. As the weather changes to warmer temperatures that’s when you should expect the irrigation demand will increase and flows will rise.

Don’t pay to much attention to the flows when they rise or drop when these changes are around 500 cfs. I fished yesterday and the river dropped 500 cfs and the fishing was great. Small changes will not effect the fish that much. When we have large changes above 1,000 cfs that’s when you will want to wait a day or two for things to settle down.

Fish are being caught on nymphs, rubberlegs and beadhead nymphs. Streamers have also been working well. Blue Wing Olives have been hatching in small numbers.

Still Waters 5-24-10

If you are heading southeast, we need warm weather for these to reach their peak.  This includes Chesterfield, Daniels, Treasureton, 24-Mile and Hawkins, and even Springfield. Yes, they will be well attended for the upcoming three-day weekend, but if you present  midge pupa patterns under indicators or damselfly nymph patterns  on intermediate lines you will have success.  Concentrate on shallow waters such as the upper end of Daniels, around the bays and willows near the dam at Chesterfield.  See our Still Waters fishing report of 5/20 for suggested patterns.   Because of our cold weather warm water fishing remains slow.   With warm weather action will come around.

Henry’s Fork

Salmon Flies are out in really good numbers at Vernon bridge and Warm River to Ashton. With this cold weather I would not expect Salmon Flies in the Box Canyon for the opening day or weekend. However I would expect them about mid week if I had to guess. Lots of success on Stonefly nymphs in the morning and big dries in the afternoon. Put those Pale Morning Duns and Caddis in your fly box. If we get a nice afternoon those will hatch. If your having a hard time finding  fish to rise on the big Stone fly throw a golden stone to change up the look.

South Fork 5/24

Flows have dropped to 11,200 cfs. We expect these flows to level out anytime. The water is a green color but still has a lot of clarity to it. Nymphing and streamer fishing is you best bet for catching fish. I would fish a stonefly nymph with a bright beadhead dropper. San Juan worms would be another option for indicator fishing on the South Fork. The water temp is still pretty cold so slow down the strip on your presentation for streamers.

We have called the Forest Service and I have been informed that the road to Cottonwood has been opened. With that said I only got to talk to the secretary at the Forest Service office. If you are traveling up to Cottonwood and you find a sign stating the road is closed do not go to cottonwood.

Remember Conant and Byington boat ramps will be closed this week and will reopen Sat. the 29th.