South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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April 2011

Small Streams 4/30/2011

Birch Creek Family Area above Lone Pine and the diversion are fishable. Water is clearing and dropping.  Small bead head nymphs and small peacock woolly worms will produce. As we warm up as promised next week, look for an increase in top water activity.


Still Waters 4/30/2011

They are beginning to shape up.  Try the upper end of Daniels Reservoir with your midge pupa rigs, damselfly nymph, and small leech patterns.  Try trolling those midge pupa AS SLOWLY AS YOU CAN BEAR!  Road over Dairy Creek is muddy but passable for 4-WDs. Chesterfield is still a bit slow.  Best places are in front of dam and around Toponce Creek inlet. Try small leech patterns. Shallows at Springfield Res. remain best fishing there; same deal as Daniels Reservoir : troll midge pupa or BLMs SLOW, SLOW, SLOW.  If you remain awake, give a little twitch once in a while.  No reports on Treasureton or 24-Mile reservoirs yet.  Shallows in American Falls Reservoir are producing for those using big leech patterns.


Big Lost River 4/30/11

Flow out of Mackay Dam has been steady at 280 cfs for at least ten days.  That means a stable river. Wading is a bit tough in places, but the midge and afternoon BWO activity is worth trying.


Henry’s Fork 4/30/2011

Boat ramps at Chester Dam ARE open.  See Tim’s report from yesterday for “how to” fishing info.  Events and strategies for the lower river unlikely to change for the next several days.


South Fork 4/29

Not much has changed in relation to flows on the South Fork. They have remained steady at 18,000 cfs. The upper section of the the river should be in great condition for nymph fishing with good water clarity. Fish deep, at lease 10′ feet from your indicator and use heavy flies to get tot he bottom. We are still urging people not float below Byington because of the high flows. There is no water being taken from the river at the great feeder canal so all this water is being pushed down to American Falls.

Doesn’t look like conditions are going to get better on the South Fork for awhile. We will keep you updated if anything changes.


Henry’s Fork 4/29

The Chester Boat ramp should be open now. Blue Wing Olives and nymphs are the ticket for catching fish. Streamers have also been working well. As soon as the weather decides to warm up we should start seeing some Caddis, and March Browns hatching. Until than keep starring at indicators and looking for Dry Flies.


Still Waters 4/23/2011

Ice is off Chesterfield Reservoir and fishing is slow.  No word yet on ice  off/on Twenty-Four Mile.  Fishing at Daniels  Reservoir is fair with water still quite cold.  Springfield Reservoir has turned over: best fishing is in shallows. Use  midge pupa under strike indicator, or troll BLMs VERY slowly.   Hawkins may be best fishing of these reservoirs.  Big fish being caught in front of dam  for those fishing damselfly nymph and small leech patterns.

As soon as we warm up, look for fishing to pick up on all these. When improvements come and best patterns to use come to light, we will announce such here.


Henry’s Fork 4/23/2011

River below Warm River confluence is a little discolored but fishing OK.   Access is good.  BWO and midge life cycle plus a few march brown patterns are what you need to bring as well as streamers.

We just received word from Kim at the Henry’s Fork Foundation office that the boat ramps at the Chester Dam will be rebuilt  next week.  The boat put-in below the dam will be closed Monday and Tuesday, April 25th & 26th. The boat take-out above the dam will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, April 27th and 28th.  If all goes as planned, both ramps should be opened Friday or Saturday.   Check with us ([email protected], 208-524-7160) if you wish to use these facilities during these times.


Big Lost River 4/23/2011

With flows out of Mackay Dam increased a while back to just under 300 cfs, wading is a bit tougher. We still get reports of  good results with midge life cycle patterns. During afternoons  BWOs are emerging. Small beadhead nymphs of your choice and small leech patterns will work any time.  Water is quite cold and weather the same, so dress accordingly.


South Fork 4/21

Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the flows. They were increased to 17,000 cfs today. Check the last report for fishing conditions and where to float. You are always welcome to call the shop as well.