South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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May 2011

Big Lost 5/31

Flows have been increased 348 cfs. Wading is pretty difficult at these levels. If you do fish look for Caddis, Blue Wing Olives and Midges.


Henry’s Fork 5/31

The water below Chester Dam still remains pretty dirty, temps will warm up this week and the Fall River will begin to run high again making that section difficult for fishing. Flows out of the Box canyon are staying steady at 2,000 cfs and the water is fairly clear. The water from Warm River down is Tea colored but very fishable. The stoneflies are almost ready to hatch and there are a few hatching. The main bulk of the hatch has not started yet. You can find nymphs staging along the banks fro Warm River down to the Chester Backwaters. With the warm temperatures expected this week I expect the hatch to be in full force about mid week. As always we will keep you posted as things progress.


Still Waters 5-28-11

The big factor on all of these is the weather. During days with sunshine and (if this is possible) no wind water warms enough to get aquatic insects active and fish responding to them.   This goes for all still waters. Next week looks like the beginning of a good weather spell, so we will keep you informed of how things progress.


Big Lost River 5-28-11

Flows out of Mackay Dam are about 270 cfs.  That makes wading possible. Midge and BWO life cycle patterns make for good PM fishing.  Again, don’t overlook small beadhead, small leech and peacock woolly worm patterns.


Yellowstone Park 5-28-11

General fishing season opens today. We expect to have licenses and information folders early next week.  Firehole River is your best bet for stream fishing.   BWO, PMD, and caddis life cycle patterns are standard fare for this time of year.  Don’t overlook small bead head nymphs.   Lewis Lake will offer some streamer fishing from both shore and from boats. Dress for not the best weather!


Small Streams 5-28-11

Birch Creek is by far the best, but wait for the holiday crowds to leave by Monday.   It’ll be a while before waters drop on most others—we’ll let you know when these shape up.


Southwestern Montana 5-28-11

Best stream fishing here is the Beaverhead. Sallies, BWO, caddis have made for great recent action for top water enthusiasts.   Nymphing produces, too.  The Madison remains muddy below Quake Lake.  Beaver and Cabin creeks are the reasons why. They have muddied Quake Lake and a part of the Madison above.


Henry’s Fork 5/26

Flows have gotten pretty large on the Henry’s Fork. The lower river starting from Warm River confluence is pretty dirty and muddy. The river at St. Anthony is at Flood Stage. Water from the Box Canyon down to the Warm River is in pretty good condition. Fish nymphs under an indicator. Stonefly nymphs and caddis pupa are working well. There should be some dry fly caddis buzzing around but no report of fish actively feeding on the surface.

With the Holiday weekend coming up there will be a lot of people who migrate to The Box Canyon mostly cause its the only game in town. Just remember to be courteous and use some common sense.