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January 2012

Today at Jimmy’s 1/27

There are a few new items in the shop that we wanted to tell you about. First of all I aim very excited about Will Godfrey’s book, Season of the Steelhead. It has great photographs and is very informative. If you like chasing steelhead this book is a must for you.

While talking about Steelhead fishing we have some new Alec Jackson steelhead hook as well. They are called the Steelhead Irons, they differ from the regular Alec Jackson hooks we have all come to love. The steelhead irons have a shorter shank  and have a heavier wire. They come in #3 and #5.We also have some new Dave McNeese Spey hooks in called the Blue Heron hook. They come in a size #1 and #2. This is a long shank hook designed for tying spey flies.

We have have some new product form Enrico Puglisi the man behind the EP Fibers. We now have the Ep Trantula hairy Legs brush. These are a dubbing brush that come in a 1/2″ and 1′ size. They have EP fibers mixed with floss legs. These are great for heads on streamers and body material. We also have 5 new colors of sili legs. These legs are titled as “Perfect Barred” Sili legs, and let me tell you these barred legs are perfect.

One more book to mention by Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson “Flies for Western Super Hatches.” This is a fly tiers book for tying western river hatches. Its got great photos of every step for tying the patterns included in the book.


Today at Jimmy’s 1/11

Hey guys hope everything is going well for you this week. We are busy getting things ready for the upcoming season. If you haven’t heard already we are putting together special topics classes so if you have any desires for a class let us know. Also we have started signups for our beginner fly tying class. This is a great class for beginner fly fisherman as well cause it teaches them the basic of entomology and fly selection. It’s also a lot of fun as well.

We have gotten some new tying materials in the shop. We are now carrying Select Craft Fur. We have 30 different colors to choose from. Craft fur is used for tying saltwater patterns and streamers. The select craft fur we brought into the shop is a higher grade fur than the standard many have tied with for years.


Today at Jimmy’s 1/9

Happy New Year! Just a few things to get you updated on whats going on around the shop. We have gotten a respectable stock of whiting feathers back into the shop. It seems the hair craze has really slowed down to the point we are getting restocked on Saddle hackles. We still do not have dyed saddles but we have a great selection of saddles in natural colors. If you looking for feathers dyed we have gotten the Buger Packs in many different colors. If you haven’t had a chance to see this item it is really useful. I use them for everything from wolley buggers to leeches to Steelhead flies.Bugger Packs are a good alternative to purchasing a full saddle for tying wet flies and you would be surprised the amount of feathers you get for $18.