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South Fork 2/27

Fishing conditions on the South Fork has not changed much since our last post. On the warm days the fish have been active. Nymphing egg patterns, rubberlegs and beadhead nymphs are your best options for catching fish. Day to day fishing seems to be hit and miss. Some days its really good and others it can be really slow. I would just shoot for those overcast days above 32 degrees. We have not seen or been informed of huge midge hatches yet. However there is defiantly some midge action going on. Look for small rises in the slow moving water when midges are hatching.

Today at Jimmy’s 2/20

Have you ever used split shot while fishing and wanted it to be a little more discrete. Well we have great news, Anchor has come out with Camo Shot! This is a tin based split shot, so its safe to use in Yellowstone Park. The split shot comes in 4 different colors, Gravel/Sand, Weedy Green, Muddy Brown and Dark Green. We have a large selection of sizes for all fishing situations.

Still have a bunch of special topics tying classes coming up. Check the schedule by clicking this. Tube Flies is coming up on Feb 28th. and we have many other very useful and very educational. Check it out, pick a class or two and come learn some tying skills.

Still Waters 2-13-12

Springfield Reservoir remains ice-free, and fishing has been pretty good. Try midge pupa below a strike indicator.  Experiment to find the taking depth, but shallow waters such as behind the resort, along the island’s north shore, and around the east end are good locations.  Try small leech (#10) and Prince nymph (#14) patterns anywhere. Small fly rod jigs can save the day if fish are not bulging to emerging midges.

South Fork 2/13

This has been a strange winter. Not much snow in the valley which has been good for access to the River. Nymph fishing has been the most effective technique for catching fish right now. The water is hovering around 37/38 degrees which means its really cold! Streamers dead drifted with very little movement presented right in front of a fish might produce a strike. Midges have not been hatching in great numbers, however on the warmer days i have heard a few reports of selective fish eating on the surface. I think its fairly well known by now but if you plan to float take chains so you can get out at the boat ramps. Most of the boat ramps are usable but chains will prevent you from getting stuck. be safe out there its still winter, be prepared and have fun.

Henry’s Fork 2/13

I keep hearing really good reports from the Henry’s Fork. Fishing has definitely picked up with the warm unsettled weather we’ve had this past few weeks. San Juan worms and Rubberlegs have been the ticket. Look for fish rising on Midges on the warmer sunny days. I have heard reports of ice chunks below Chester Dam, however that can change in a matter of a few warm days.

Today at Jimmy’s 2/13

We have a topic that is being discussed on our facebook page I wanted to let you all know about. Last week I posted a question asking our customers how they felt about Fish and Game opening the section from Ashton Dam to Vernon Bridge during the winter season. This is the only piece of water on the Henry’s Fork that is closed during the off season with the exception of Herriman State Park and the State has regulations from the Herriman Family about fishing access and seasons for that section.

We are interested in how  you all feel about this section being opened to fish. Do you oppose it, why? Are you in favor of having more river access to fish in the winter and off season on the Henry’s Fork, why?

Feel free to leave a comment here or go to our facebook page and join the conversation.

Today at Jimmy’s

In the back of the shop you will notice that we have remolded our old bookshelf. We updated our bookshelf making it much easier to find and browse our large selection of books.

We have many great Fly tying classes coming up. We still have a few spots left in our begining fly tying class starting Thursday evenings Feb. 16th. This class will run for 5 consecutive weeks and is $50. Materials are not included and there are 2 spots left in this session.

We also have a bunch of special topics classes coming up in February and March. Tube Flies, Streamers, Mayflies, Stoneflies and others. For a list of the classes click HERE. These are 1 night classes and materials are provided by the instructor. They are very informative and they start at 6:30pm and usually go until were done. We don’t hold back for these classes we want you to learn as much as you can. Classes are limited to 6 students so sign up today!

Henry’s For 2/2

Winter fishing is in full swing on the river. Mostly nymphs have been producing fish. I recommend 2 zebra midges under an indicator. I like to fish about 6 feet this time of year and use two contrasting flies. For example a red zebra midge in a size 14 and a black zebra midge in a size 18. On the right days you will find those midges hatching on surface. Look and watch very closely for small rises on the surface. Trout will not be working very hard to eat these flies and they barely break the surface of water. However they will eat a ton of midges. Look to the slow consistent moving water for these fish to be rising. Everything is open year around now except the Ranch and Ashton Dam to Vernon bridge. There are lots of spots you can snowshoe into and have a great day of fishing.

South Fork 2/2

its has been an interesting Winter on the South Fork. Flows have remained steady at 3,000 cfs and some of the boat ramps are still open. I would come prepared with chains for your tires just in case the boat ramp is icy and you need the extra grip. Spring Creek, Conant, Wolf and Byington should all be accessible with floating. Although I do recommend just wade fishing this time of year if you want to float you have that option.

Fishing has been fairly good for winter fishing. Most of the fish being caught have been under the surface on nymphs. San Juan worms and egg patterns have been effective as well. On warm days you can find some Midges hatching, however I haven’t heard of them hatching in big numbers. Streamer fishing is also an option but remember to slow down that presentation and fish deep slow water. We have a large selection of flies proven for winter fishing come on in and we can get you fixed up for some winter fishing.