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Yellowstone Park 5-31-12

All Madison River drainange streams are in good shape.  This includes such as Duck Creek, Maple Creek, and Grayling Creek.  The Firehole River is a destination and is producing well.  Several mayfly species and caddis are emerging and providing action. Fall River Basin streams appear to be in good shape, but a lot of snow remains on the Madison and Pitchstone plateaus.  When weather really starts warming expect all these to start showing run-off.

Still Waters 5-31-12

Almost everywhere improved fishing is going on. If you do not enjoy sitting over a midge pupa under an indicator, try your favorite damselfly nymph at a slow troll. If you enjoy sitting over a midge pupa under an indicator, just for variety try replacing it with your favorite damselfly nymph.

Small Streams 5-31-12

Some snow was added to mountains during our recent cool weather spell. And a considerable amount remains from winte at highest elevations. Streams that drain high country may appear to be in great shape, but as weather warms expect many to show signs of runoff. This really applies to such as the Fall River and Teton River drainages.  Flow in the lower Blackfoot River is up because of irrigation needs. Expect an up and down flow through the growing season.

South Fork 5/30

Just a quick update flows were dropped to 10,000 cfs today. I don’t think that will effect the fishing too much. My guess is the flows were reduced because irrigation demand has declined from the recent rain. We don’t know when flows will be moved again. Flows could have also been reduced to trap more water in the reservoir as well.

South Fork 5/29

Things have really started to turn on in the river. Fish are moving very well to nymphs and streamers. The river looks really good and is staying steady at 11,000cfs. Look for caddis hatches towards the afternoon and its still not to late to have some Blue Wing Olives hatching. So the next big thing to happen will be the salmon fly hatch. The earliest we should see these bugs is the last week of June. However things have been starting a little earlier this year with the water flows. We will keep this report updated with all the news on the stoneflies and their emergence. But for right now fish stonefly nymphs and bead heads. Caddis pupa, pheasant tails and San Juan worms seem to be working very well. The whole river system is fishing well. We had a lot of great reports from the Canyon this weekend as well as the upper.

Remember the boat ramp at Lorenzo is not very good so be carfeul launching and taking out at this ramp. For any up to the minute reports feel free to call the shop or stop by.

Henry’s Fork 5/29

Fishing the Salmon Flies took a major slowdown after the cold rainy weather we had this past weekend. That doesn’t mean that the fishing is poor. In fact the fishing is still really starting to pick up and we keep hearing that this is some of the best Salmon Fly fishing we had in years. The big bugs have hatched through the entire system now. You can fish Salmon flies from Chester dam all the way up to Box Canyon. If I were fishing this week I would be fishing a Salmon fly as my dry and I would put on a golden stone nymph below it. While looking for some Pale Morning Duns and caddis hatches. We should start seeing Goldens hatch soon as well as PMD’s and more Caddis so make sure you have some in your fly box. If your getting refusals on your big Salmon Fly try something different like a Chernobyl and or a Stimulator.


Yellowstone National Park 5-26-12

It’s a cold, stormy opening here. Snow and rain mix happening along the Firehole River, a favorite early season destination. Look for caddis and a number of different mayflies emerging in big enough numbers to provide action.  Streams are mostly in good shape because of the warm spring and a bit below average winter snowfall. I’d wait for warmer weather before trying streamers for those big Lewis River channel browns or getting out on Yellowstone Lake trying for lake trout to be converted with a beer batter to delicious table fare.

Still Waters 5-26-12

Damselfly nymphs retrieved slowly in shallow waters around submerged vegetation are producing in Chesterfield, Treasureton, and Twenty-Four Mile reservoirs.  Don’t be surprised if you catch bass in Treasureton. IDF&G surveys indicate a healthy bass population there. Midge pupa under an indicator are the best bet in shallow areas of Daniels Reservoir.  Same seems to apply to Springfield Reservoir.

Henry’s Lake 5-26-12

No reports on fishing have come in to date, but IDF&G was predicting a slower opening day this year because with ice going off the lake so early, fish have had a  longer time to disperse away from shorelines. That makes it sound like best fishing could be out in the lake. After reports start coming in, let’s see if that is the case.