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Today at Jimmy’s 7-31-12

Sage is always at the top of the list when it comes to fly rod innovation and the new CIRCA rod we just received today is no exception. The new CIRCA is designed as a slow action rod for people who really like to feel the rod they are fishing. Although not for every situation, this rod will be an incredible dry fly rod and one worth adding to your collection. We have two CIRCA rods in the shop, an 8’9 3wt and a 8’9 4wt. We would love to show you all these rods and even take them out to cast. Come by the shop and check them out.



CIRCA rods are a technologically advanced collection of slow action rods that will appeal to the angler with a slower, more deliberate casting tempo, while realising a fast recovery, accuracy and overall high performance.

Using Konnetic ™ technology, the CIRCA collection has more carbon fibres packed into a smaller diameter blank, resulting in a radically narrow taper throughout the length of the rod. This results in a consistently slow, yet responsive action from butt to tip.

The casts are methodically smooth and graceful, yet crisp and purposeful. Sensitivity gives the angler precision for the control needed for delicate presentations and is said to be the ideal rod for ‘matching the hatch’ style fisheries and conditions.

CIRCA features include:

  • Green Tea shaft with Olive Slate colour trim wraps
  • Vera wood insert with black aluminium reel seat and winding check
  • Custom Sage snub nose half-wells grip
  • Black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold silkscreen
  • Desert Gold coloured tube with black caps.

The collection will be available in six different four-piece models.

  • 7’9″ 2 weight
  • 7’9″ 3 weight
  • 8’9″ 3 weight
  • 7’9″ 4 weight
  • 8’9″ 4 weight
  • 8’9″ 5 weight

Henry’s Fork 7-31-12

Only the upper river is a Henry’s Fork destination now.  Terrestrial patterns will be your best bet, and so will visits early in the day and late in the day. Don’t forget that hair mouse!  Because flow out of Henry’s Lake is ramping down, big fish in the Outlet reach will move downstream. Might be worth trying big streamers in The Tubs, especially early and late in the day. When we begin to cool off in September, return to the lower river which will improve for fishing as we move through the fall season.

Small Streams 7-31-12

The current hot dry weather will impact these waters especially those with little overhead cover.  Some your best fishing will be around good dense overhead cover such as willows on smaller streams such as Bear, Big Elk, Birch, Beaver, Palisades and with an overhead canopy of trees with or without willows or brush like Bitch, Robinson and Tincup creeks and Warm River.  On such as the Teton River in the basin and the  upper Blackfoot River with only occasional overhead cover fish early and late in the day.

South Fork 7-31-12

The flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to 12,500 cfs early today.  This action is could slow things for a day.  The hatches and patterns are pretty much the same as listed in earlier reports. It will be interesting to see if today’s drop is an indication of future drops or if the level will stay constant as the Bureau of Reclamation said last week. We’ll report what news we get.

Reports and our experiences on the south fork have been all the chart from good to slow. The folks who are fishing  different techniques through out the day have been the most successful. In this bright hot weather you may have to rely nymphs fished deep if the fish are not taking dries during the day. Streamers against the bank early in the morning and evening caught fish for us this weekend. There has also a good caddis hatch at night that has been getting the fish to the surface.

Yellowstone Park 7-31-12

Beginning August 1 the Park closes The Madison River within the Park, the Gibbon River below Gibbon Falls and the Firehole River below Kepler Cascades to fishing.  Water temps on each are approaching 80 deg. F.  Look for these streams to be re-opened to fishing when water temps cool to more hospitable levels for trout.  High water temperatures on other streams could result in more fishing limitations within the Park.

Consider that the higher one goes in elevation the less likely water temperatures will reach dangerously high levels for trout.  Within the Park the waters at highest elevation are in the Yellowstone River drainage above the Upper and Lower falls, the Lewis River drainage above the canyon, the Fall River drainage from Beula Lake and above, and Bechler River in the upper canyon.  All of these are over 7000 feet in elevation. Including these with the Gibbon River drainage above Gibbon Falls and the Firehole River above Kepler Cascades makes for plenty of water for concentrating fishing efforts with less impact on trout survival.

Still Water 7-30-12

As Bruce stated in our last fishing report, irrigation demands have left a lot of lakes down south with very little water. Surface temps on all these lakes are over 70 degrees and have been for a long time. I personally would not recommend fishing any of the lakes down south right now, unless you plan on keeping what you catch. With the water being so warm for so long, even a fish you revive is probably not going to make it. The Sand Creek Ponds surface temps are hovering right around 70 degrees and the fishing seems to have slowed down there as well. This will surely change once things start to cool down in the area, but for now it may be best to hit the river or head north for your stillwater fix. We are just starting to hear of some gulper activity up on Hebgen, so heading up there may be a good bet. Another good bet this time of year is chasing some bass. The heat doesn’t bother bass like it does trout. If you have never fly fished for bass before you should try it out, it can be addicting! We have a lot of good bass water in the area. There are a few guys in the shop who get after bass and would be glad to show you some things to get you going.

Henry’s Lake 7-30-12

Henrys is fishing good right now. Most of the action seems to be around Duck and Targhee creek in water from 5-12ft. Use any of your favorite leech patterns, but carry some smaller flies like the mity mouse and Henry’s Lake PT, scuds are always a good bet as well. There seems to be a real lack of big fish up there this year. There a lot of fish being caught, but not many of the big guys that have made Henry’s so famous. Most attribute this to an over stocking of the lake which can be quickly corrected, others are blaming ice fishing. Only time will tell, but the lake is fishing well regardless.

Today at Jimmy’s 7-30-12

Alright today I want to tell you guys about a new fly tying material we now have in the shop. They are called hopplze and are a cool metallic stick on eye to add on to your favorite hopper pattern. We have these in four different colors and three different sizes, this is a cool product that can spice up those old hopper patterns. Come check them out!


Henry’s Fork 7-28-12

It’s time to use terrestrial patterns on the upper river.  Caddis swarms and AM diminishing spinner falls still happen, but those ant, beetle, horsefly, and hopper patterns seem most effective. Want to fish Box Canyon?  During daytime you will share it with innertubers and rafters.  So fish there very early in the day or fish from dinner time to twilight.  Bead head nymphs and terrestrial patterns presented tight to the bank still work.  On overcast days any kind of big stonefly nymph will attract interest.

Small Streams 7-28-12

Those with good overhead cover are at their fishing best right now.  Almost every one will have an evening caddis swarm, and you can bet that during daytime terrestrial patterns will be effective on all of them.  A few, like Beaver, Birch and Medicine Lodge creeks will have tricos for some good morning fishing . And best of all most will not be crowded. Come in to chat with us about choosing a small stream that is sure to offer you a great time.