South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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November 2014

Saturday, December 6th Knot Tying Workshop with Gregg Messel

After his Saturday, December 6th tying demo at Jimmy’s, Gregg Messel is offering a hands-on knot tying workshop at Jimmy’s. It will begin about 2 PM and last a few hours. Attendance is “First Come, First Served,” up to the first fifteen entries. Gregg will supply old fly lines on which to practice knots, but if you have one of such experience, bring it. There is no fee for this workshop, but Gregg suggests considering a contribution to the Snake River Cutthroats.


Stillwater/Henry’s Lake 11-11-14

With the recent cold weather snap we are having, the open water fishing on Henry’s Lake is probably done for the year. The lake will most likely be frozen over within a week or so if these conditions continue. If by some chance the weather warms up and the lake stays open, look for fish to be extremely scattered and suspended in deeper water. However, if you are into ice fishing, you have until January 1st to enjoy the great ice fishing opportunity Henry’s presents.

Stillwaters to the South should continue to fish okay, but this extreme cold weather is really going to slow things down. Be sure to cover a lot of water when fishing this time of year! Springfield reservoir is one exception here, fishing seems to be excellent down there as long as you can stand the cold. Fishing small chironomid pupa (size 14-20) under an indicator typically produces best.  Springfield was stocked recently so there should be plenty of 17″+ fish down there willing to take a fly.

Conditions are constantly changing this time of year, so be sure to give us a call or stop in for up to the minute information!



South Fork 11-8-14

Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to 938 cfs from around 2400 cfs on November 4th.  Flow at Heise is now 1290 cfs. This is great for wading, but makes boating a bit tougher. Fish will be concentrated. So it is time to get out and pitch your favorite streamer pattern or enjoy the BWO’s emerging and trout responding, especially in some of the predicted upcoming stormy weather.