South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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March 2015

Upcoming Events 3-31-15

The 2015 Eastern Idaho Fly Tying and Fly-Fishing Expo (EIFTE) is set for April 17th and 18th at the Idaho Falls Shilo Inn. The EIFTE is one of the largest fly-fishing shows of its kind. It features programs for women taught by women, programs for youth, and workshops for the experienced and entry level fly-fisher and fly tier. Several product vendors will be present, destination programs will be presented, and a fly tying theater will be in session both days. Over 120 demonstrating fly tiers will showcase their skills during tying sessions both days. Admission is free to the floor where demonstrating tiers, merchandise tables, daytime raffles, and vendors will operate and to the destination programs. Charles Jardine is the featured guest. More details on the EIFTE are available on the web site.


Henry’s Fork 3-31-15

If you intend to fish the river from the Vernon Bridge down to Chester Dam backwaters, be sure to include rubber leg patterns in your fly box and bring a sink tip line to present them.  Drifting these patterns through riffles and runs in this reach has resulted in some great fishing recently.


South Fork 3-31-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased by 500 cfs early today.    Flow coming into the reservoir from Grey’s, Salt, and Snake Rivers increased because of our recent warm weather, so flow out of the dam was adjusted upward to maintain reservoir fill rate.

This flow increase should not impact fishing.  Temperature of water coming out of Palisades Dam is still in the high 30s in degrees F., but downstream at Lorenzo is in the mid 40s in same degrees.  That means more active fish in the lower river which is good news for fishing.


Still Waters 3-28-15

Some of our still waters are beginning to shape up to the point of good fishing. Daniels Reservoir seems to be among the best. Try midge pupa patterns drifted a foot or two from the bottom and under an indicator. Try the same at Hawkins Reservoir which is also producing.  The Dairy Creek Road, passable but rutted, leaves the pavement at Hawkins Dam to provide quickest access to Daniels Reservoir. Chesterfield remains slow with discolored water. Twenty-Four Mile Reservoir is beginning to produce, and the road is passable with care.  We have very few good reports to date for Springfield Reservoir where water is low and somewhat discolored.


Lost Drift Boat

On Tuesday, 3/17 Chad Hill lost a white, 12 ft Don Hill drift boat  with 2 Sawyer oars inside.  It fell off his trailer somewhere on US Highway 20 between Teton and Highway 33. Please keep your eyes open for this. If you have any info on this boat, contact Chad at 208-351-7036.


Still Waters

The only information we have is on Springfield Reservoir which is ice free.  Last weekend water was about two feet low, discolored, and fishing slow. To the south Treasureton and Hawkins Reservoirs are ice free, but we have little information on fishing them. Most waters at higher elevations remain ice covered.


South Fork 3-10-15

With the great weather pattern we are in getting out on the river is a pleasure. Presenting midge life cycle patterns and streamers during low light conditions is the name of the game for the most part. Other than these, trying an occasional rubber leg or golden stonefly nymph might be effective. Flow out of Palisades Dam has been consistent at around 2200 cfs for weeks and around 2800 cfs at Heise. Water temperature has been in the high 30’s in degrees F. that long. So water conditions are stable but cold.


Henry’s Fork 3-10-15

BWOs are beginning to emerge along the lower river where flows are currently around normal. Afternoons are the best time to enjoy fish responding to them, and with the nice weather we are having, even though cloudy weather would bring out more, getting onto the river makes for a good time.  Drifting some big stonefly nymphs deep can also be effective. If you stay into the evening hours, consider presenting streamer patterns around overhead cover. It is also easier to get up during these daylight savings times when sun-up is a bit before 8AM. Before strong sunlight gets on the water is another good time to pitch streamers in hope of  encountering a big ‘bow or brown.  Don’t fall in, though. That  water temperature in the low 40’s to high 30’s in degrees F. will make you head for that spare dry clothing in a hurry!