South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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April 2015

Basic Two-Handed Casting Class


Mike McCune2whitney Gould

We are excited to host a two-handed rod class with instructors Mike McCune and Whitney Gould. Both are well known in the two-handed world and will be in Idaho Falls in mid May to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for this style of casting.

The class is directed at the beginning to intermediate level caster. It will cover a variety of casts, line tapers, and familiarize you with a lot of the two-handed rod terminology. Mike and Whitney will teach you which cast is best based on wind direction, casting room, and which side of the river you are fishing from.

We recommend bringing your own tackle, however tackle will be available for anyone not having a two-handed outfit. We’ll be in the water (shallow wading), so hip or chest waders are needed.

There are two dates to choose from: Saturday, May 9th and Sunday, May 10th.  Both classes start at 9 AM and continue into the afternoon with a break for lunch. Class location, TBD, is on the Snake River near Idaho Falls. Class size is limited to 6 casters to ensure as much individual instruction as possible from Mike and Whitney.

Class fee is $200.00 per student and includes lunch.  Please call the shop (208-524-7160) to reserve a space, for more information, or if you have any questions.



Big Lost River 4-25-15

Flow out of Mackay Dam remains at just under 100 cfs.  Could increase any day now when irrigation demands kick in and put an end to great midge and BWO activity with fish responding.


Henry’s Fork 4-25-15

Big caddisfly hatch is going on from Vernon Bridge down to Chester backwaters, and fish are responding to it.  Fall River, with flow  higher than normal, is putting muddy water into the Henry’s Fork at Chester Dam messing up fishing in the river below.


Small Streams 4-25-15

Flow out of Blackfoot River Reservoir was increased Wednesday from under 100 cfs to around 230 cfs as irrigation demands kick in.  That’s a big change for this small river, so look for fishing success here to fall off until things stabilize, even though a big caddisfly hatch is going on.


South Fork 4-25-15

Flow  out of Palisades Dam is now just over 12000 cfs but rate of increase has really slowed last several days. Reason for increasing flow is irrigation demands in Magic Valley where growing season is way ahead for the time of year.  Nymphing riffles is productive as water temperature is in low 40s, degrees F. throughout.  Rainbows are spawning.


South Fork 4-14-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased each of the last three days making the South Fork water graph look like a step function.  Now at 6530 cfs out of the dam, flow at Heise is a bit higher, and water temperature there is now in the low 40s in degrees Fahrenheit.


South Fork 4-11-15

Another 500 cfs boost in flow out of Palisades Dam came about early on April 9th to 4500 cfs. This translates to about 4800 cfs at Heise. Water there remains around 40 deg. F.


South Fork 4-7-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased another 500 cfs early this morning to just under 4000 cfs. This increases the flow at Heise to just under 4300 cfs. Water temperature remains in the high 30s in degrees F. from the dam to Heise.  In sum, these increases may make the river friendlier to drift boats, but leaves plenty of candidate locations for good walk-in-wade fishing.


South Fork 4-4-15

Flow out of Palisades Dam was bumped up again yesterday early AM to about 3500 cfs. Water temp. still in high 30s in deg. F, there, but increases at Lorenzo to lo 40s same degrees.