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Still Water 8-2-10

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Still Water 8-2-10

Fishing on Chesterfield yesterday definitely showed signs of change. The surface temp is pushing 74 degrees and the weed growth and algae bloom are well on their way to being a  a late summer normal characteristic.

Right now is the slow time for all of the SE Idaho reservoirs. Water draw down for irrigation and high daily temps make conditions tough for fish and fisher folk also.

Damsels are still hatching , but have slowed appreciably.

Suggestions would include : Fishing deeper, cooler  water with an intermediate  or # 2  sinking line. Don’t forget about all of your favorite leech patterns along with scuds, midges  and snails.

When you catch fish, please be sure they are revived and upright before you release them.

Don’t fret! Stay tuned, cause the fishing will definitely improve in early September, depending on weather and temperature conditions.

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