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Fly Tying

Fly Tying Classes

Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler strives to teach and share correct and useful information with our customers about Fly Fishing and Fly Tying. In the spirit of helping people progress in the sport of fishing, we offer Fly Tying classes. Our instructors are experienced fisherman and fly tiers who have spent many hours perfecting and improving their personal skills on the water or behind the tying vise. They are patient and more than willing to help you learn and perfect your skills. We believe in being personal with our classes so we limit the class size to 4 people. This allows our instructors to give every student enough personal attention while at the same time offering the student a group price for the class.  A student must be at least 12 years old. See below how our 2020 entry level class is organized and its content.   If a personal schedule has no room for this class, the Snake River Cutthroats ( local FFI and TU affiliated club) also offer an entry level class. See a description below.

Available Classes:

All Seasons Angler 2020 Beginning Fly Tying (Choose either first or second session):

  • First Session: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, beginning January 7th to February 4th, 2020
  • Second Session: Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, beginning February 18th to March 17th, 2020

Class is one night a week for 5 Consecutive Weeks

Course Fee: $50

Instructor: John Harder

Class Description

Fly tying is a great activity that is sure to help your fly-fishing success.  This class is your chance to learn fly tying basics.  We schedule this class for five consecutive evenings at the shop. The cost of the class is $50.  Attendees must bring their own fly tying vise, scissors, bobbin, whip finisher, hair stacker, and 6/0 Uni-Thread (tying thread) in colors black, olive and tan.  A complete kit (tools (see below) and materials) is available at the shop for $84.95 or materials only for $45.00. Contact us to sign up or for more information: 1-208-524-7160 or [email protected]

                                      Class Content

                                                              Kit Materials

Black Wooly Bugger:                                                Black Rubber Legs:
Hook: MFC 7027 Size 6                                                 Hook: MFC 7027 Size 6
Thread: Black 6/0 Uni-Thread                                    Thread: Black 6/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: Black Marabou                                                       Tail: Black Medium Rubber Legs
Body: Black Chenille                                                      Body: Black #2 Chenille
Hackle: Black Saddle Hackle                                        Legs: Black Medium Rubber Legs
Weight: 0.020″ Lead Wire                                            Weight: 0.020″ Lead Wire

Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph:                      Beadhead Hare’s Ear Nymph:
Hook: MFC 7076 Size 12                                                Hook:  MFC 7076 Size 12
Thread: Olive 6/0 Uni-Thread                                      Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers                            Tail: Brown Hackle Fibers
Rib: Small Copper Wire                                                  Rib: Small Mylar Tinsel
Abdomen: Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers                  Abdomen: Hare’s Ear Dubbing
Thorax: Peacock Herl                                                      Wing Case: Wide Pearl Mylar
Wing Case & Legs: Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers   Thorax: Hare’s Ear Dubbing

Head: 1/8″ Gold Bead                                                      Head: 1/8″ Gold Bead

Elk Wing Caddis:                                                        Iris Caddis:
Hook: MFC 7004 Size 14                                               Hook: MFC 7004 Size 14
Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni-Thread                                       Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Tan Dry Fly Dubbing                                          Shuck: Golden Yellow Antron
Rib: Gold Wire                                                                 Body: Hare’s Ear Dubbing
Hackle: Dark Ginger                                                       Wing: White Antron
Wing: Cow Elk Body Hair                                              Head: Brown Emerger Dubbing

PMD Parachute:                                                        BWO  Sparkle Dun:
Hook: MFC 7004 Size 14                                              Hook: MFC 7000 Size 14
Thread: Tan 6/0 Uni-Thread                                      Thread: Olive 6/0 Uni-Thread
Wing: Dun Antron                                                         Body: BWO Dry Fly Dubbing
Hackle: Lt. Dun                                                              Wing: Comparadun Deer/White Antron
Body: PMD Dry Fly Dubbing:                                      Shuck: Copper Brown Antron
Tail:  Lt. Dun Hackle Fibers

Rusty Spinner:                                                         Foam Ant & Beetle
Hook: MFC 7000 Size 14                                              MFC 7004 Size 14
Thread: Olive 6/0 Uni-Thread                                    Thread: Black 6/0 Uni-Thread
Wing: White Poly-Pro Yarn                                          Back: 2-mm Black Foam
Tail: Lt. Dun Hackle fibers                                           Body: Peacock Black Ice Dubbing
Body: Rusty Spinner Dry Fly Dubbing                       Legs: Small Black Rubber Leg

                                                                        Kit Tool List



Hackle Pliers

Hair Stacker

Bodkin Half Hitch Tool

Bobbin Threader

Whipfinish Tool

Head Cement

Fly Tying for Beginner book by Randall Kaufman


Snake River Cutthroats Entry Level  Fly Tying Class

These will begin on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 and run for 6 consecutive Tuesdays. Classes are 2 hours each, 7-9 PM at Idaho Falls High School. Basic tying techniques are taught with emphasis on patterns that are regionally effective. Required materials are supplied for $30. Detailed class notes covering each fly and tying technique discussed, general information on materials and tools, and on trout food-forms are included.

Basic fly tying techniques are taught using proven local fly patterns such as Adams, Renegade, Sofa Pillow, Woolly Bugger, etc and covers tying wet flies, dry flies, and streamers. This class began in the mid 1970s, and some of the original instructors are still teaching. Consequently, there is over 50 years of fly tying teaching experience available for the student to learn from. Usually there is 1 instructor for every 2 students. Instructors have up to 20 years in fly tying teaching experience. Joining a fly tying class allows the beginning fly tier a chance to learn the art of fly tying quickly and easily.  Youth 10 years and older are invited. Attendees must bring fly tying vise, thread bobbin, scissors, bodkin, hackle pliers, hair stacker, half-hitch tool and other useful tools, all of which are available in local fly-fishing retail shops.  For further information and sign-up contact Buck Goodrich; 208-357-7328 or Jeff Armstrong; 208-522-7005.

Special Topic Fly Tying Classes

 With enough demand we can offer classes in most fly tying subjects. Such includes effective steelhead patterns, regionally proven streamer patterns, patterns for specific waters, spring creek patterns, and others.  So get in touch or visit with us to relate your interest in a specific tying sector.

2020 Special Topics Classes with John Stenersen

DSCN1076 (640x480)

John will be teaching the following classes for intermediate level fly tiers this winter at Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler.

Looking for someone to help you “get over a fly tying hump,”or you want to learn the flies that John fishes, then these classes are for you. Each class offers two to four patterns with required materials,  except thread, supplied.   Each class, limited to  five students, has  a cost of $25.00.  Students must bring a fly tying vise,  tying thread (black in 6/0 and heavier for large flies)  standard tools,  and a bobbin.  These items are available at Jimmy’s.  Classes will run 6:00  PM to 8 PM Thusdays at the shop.

January 16th: Large Dries

a. Adult  Salmon Fly

b. Chernobyl Ant

c. Grasshopper

d. Crane Fly

January 30th: Small Dries 

a. CFO Spinner

b. Extended Body Drake

c. CFO Ant

d. Adult Damsel

February 13th: Deadly Nymph Patterns for Streams and Still Waters

a. Super Flash

b. Stonefly

c. Damselfly

February 20th: Profile Streamer Patterns

a.  Two unnamed patterns, each for a different fishing situation