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Small Streams, November 10th, 2020

Any stream with a reservoir is seeing flows cut back to begin storage for the next agricultural season. For example, the flow out of Blackfoot River Reservoir is reduced to 73 cfs, out of Henry’s Lake reduced to 3 cfs, out of Mackay Reservoir reduced to 57 cfs.  Of course the problem with fishing many small waters now is getting there. Maintenance on many back country roads has or will soon cease, and there will be times when highways will offer difficult passage.  All this means less information coming into the shop with respect to fishing, so look for our fishing reports being reduced accordingly.


South Fork, November 7th, 2020

Water flow in the river has been stable (about 1300 cfs at Irwin) for almost two weeks. BWOs remain active, and rubber legs and streamer patterns will produce especially under low light conditions. But winter is coming, and next week looks like ice in the guides and reels and chilled fingers expected. Is it time to clean up the gear and store it for next year? Not quite. There will be some “half decent” weather as we move through November with decreasing BWO activity and more reliance on nymph and streamer patterns for fishing success.  So enjoy the remnant of our season, and what ever you do: don’t go for a dunking!


Still Waters, Halloween Day, 2020

IDF&G stocking records indicate 42000 to 60000 rainbow releases in American Falls and Blackfoot River Reservoir respectively. Crystal Springs and McTucker pond have been stocked with hundreds of the same with supporting stockings coming up very soon. Ice fishing season is coming up.  It’s already here on Henry’s Lake.


South Fork, Halloween Day, 2020

S. Fork sweeper_3

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped to 1340 cfs (now 1740 cfs at Heise,  660 cfs at Lorenzo) on Thursday making walk-in fishing locations more numerous. We can help with information on which are the best. Get in touch if you are considering a visit one one. Try fishing nymph patterns (with and without a bead) off drop offs, rubberlegs in a bit deeper water. End the day, as cover increases, offering streamer patterns at the top of pools and runs, and in side channels with moderate currents.  BWOs remain present, but hatches are decreased in number during these bright fall days.