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Henry’s Fork 11-21-17



With respect to BWO and midge activity, conditions on the lower river are much the same as those on the South Fork. Upcoming weather and fewer daylight hours means more overhead cover.  So with mild but unsettled weather coming up, now is a good time to give the lower river a try. Presenting small flies will be the name of the game for top water fishing.  Presenting soft hackle patterns just under the surface during BWO activity can be particularly rewarding, and presenting streamers will be the best way to encounter larger fish anywhere on the river.  BWO and midge hatches will slow on the river in Island Park, although presenting streamers remains effective in such as Box Canyon and The Tubs area.  Winter conditions prevail on the river in Island Park, so venturing to the river there means taking precautions for such as well as being aware of any upcoming hazardous travel conditions.


South Fork 11-21-17

Rolly at Dam_Small

Flow out of Palisades Dam was raised to 3130 cfs last Thursday ( upping flow at Heise to almost 3600 cfs).  With Palisades Reservoir about 95% full and at least normal snowfall expected this winter in the Snake River drainage, look for flows below Palisades Dam to be higher this winter than in recent years. A forecast for mild weather for this week should result in good BWO activity. Midge activity remains consistently good, and presenting streamer patterns under low light conditions is a sure way to find action from migrating browns and the rainbows following them this time of year.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-18-17

We begin our winter slate of Saturday fly tying demos on Saturday, November 25th. So far we have scheduled tiers up to and including Saturday, January 6th. Take a look at who is schedule below.


10:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M., Saturdays from November 25th, 2017 though March, 2018
Each year Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler features this winter-time institution.   These Saturday fly tying demonstrations are free to the public.  Attending the demos is a great way to learn tying techniques, new and old, and to stay current on the use of materials and tools. The tiers we feature are among the best.  Each has great experience in tying and use of the flies they demonstrate.  Each is ready to share their tying and presentation knowledge and skills with you.

Bring your fly tying questions to the shop any time.  We have fly tiers on our staff with enough experience to answer any question you may have on materials, equipment, technique, and presentation.  On moving through the given dates, we will post a bio for the upcoming tier.

Saturday, November 25th, 2017                  Rob Knox

For Jimmy's wb Ste

Rob (That’s Rob in middle of the above photo enjoying appetizers, ambience, and believable/unbelievable stories during a recent Blackfoot River outing) became interested in fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 15 while visiting his uncle in Maine.  The first flies he attempted to tie were for Atlantic Salmon. Since he lived in southern California, most of his fly fishing was restricted to warm water species such as bass and panfish.  But in 1973 when he attended the College of the Siskiyous in northern California to play football, he alternated between trout fishing and football practice. Returning to southern California for a career in law enforcement, Rob was able to fly fish local lakes for largemouth bass and travel the Baja peninsula to fly fish for exotic saltwater species as well.

After retirement in 2015, Rob and his wife Bari moved to Ammon, Idaho.  He is active in the Snake River Cutthroats fly fishing club, and enjoys fishing the world class waters of southeastern Idaho for not only trout, but smallmouth bass.  This will be Rob’s first tying demo at Jimmy’s. As with all new tiers we will see new ideas and material uses at the vise.

Upcoming Demos

Saturday, November 25th, 2017             Rob Knox

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017              Arn Berglund

Saturday, December 9th, 2017               Clark “Cheech” Pierce

Saturday, December 16th, 2017             Matt Klingler

Saturday, December 23rd, 2016            Mike Silver

Saturday, December 30th, 2016            Matt Nielson

Saturday, January 6th, 2018                  Marty Howard

As we develop our tying demo schedule, we will post participants at later Saturdays into March, 2018.


Closeout Sale Fall/Winter 2017

We have a ton of marked down Simms Boots (G4 boa, G3, Rivertek Boa, Freestone) and a few G3 Stockingfoot and Bootfoots on closeout here at the shop. The discounts are significant! This is a great time to pick up some quality gear as Simms products do not go on sale very often. Call us (208-524-7160) or stop in at the shop before they are all gone!


South Fork and Main

As Flows on the south fork drop to around 2,500 cfs out of Palisades dam, we are starting to see what the wade options are going to look like during the first part of the fall and winter months. Talk is that the river flows will be re-evaluated after the 1st of December, in which case will most likely be increased. This can mean some good news for the boat fisherman, as float will take less time to complete, and you will be able to cover more water. For the wade fisherman these changes will have more effect than in winters past where we are use to seeing the flow around 1,200.

As for the current conditions, the South Fork streamer fishing has been pretty good on cloudy days, and even on some random sunny days as well.. Color is the name of the game her, so bring your sparkle, white, yellow, tans, and olives. Some days the darker colors really do well, but overall this river seems to respond best to brighter, and flashier patterns.

Dry fly fishing is good, but as per usual, the cloudy days reign supreme. Fish size 18-20 BWO patterns, and 18-20 midge  patterns. Back eddies are a great option for finding fish feeding on the surface.

Try fishing nymphs from the boat set at 5-6 feet for floating. I generally run much deeper when standing on a riffle, and in most cases would recommend the same. Use a small rubberlegs, a san juan work, or a big caddis pattern, trailed by a small beadhead mayfly nymph in the size 14-18 range. If in doubt, a red Zebra midge will usually get the job done as a trailer fly.

As for fishing on the main (Idaho Falls to American Falls), the streamer is the main game here, as browns are in their pre spawn, and are on the streamer bite pretty well. Patterns I usually do best on are Tan or natural peanut envys, and sex dungeons, but like anywhere changing pattern and color can sometimes make the difference.

American Falls is running at 2,100 cfs, and the wade fishing is much tougher than usual. The water had changed colors the last time I was there a couple days ago, leaving the visibility at roughly 2′ tops. I would recommend that anybody planning on wading there to bring a wading staff so they can poke around before they step. Flies that are fishing well is pretty much any beadhead nymph in a size 12-18, and dead drifted streamer patterns. If your into dry fly fishing, you can fish blue winged olives and find success.



Today at Jimmy’s 10-31-17



We will begin our fly tying demo season on Saturday, November 25th.   Barring holidays, we will schedule a tier each Saturday into March.  As in the past, each demo will begin 10:00 AM at the shop and extend into the early afternoon.  Expect details not only on how to tie a demonstrated pattern, but information on how it should be presented. The beginning of the tier schedule will be posted soon on our web site.






Yellowstone Park 10-31-17

The Yellowstone Park fishing season ends at the end of the day Sunday, November 5th.  Want enjoy those migrating brown and rainbow trout, or those BWO sipping Firehole browns and ‘bows? Better hurry! Looks like the right kind of weather (stormy) will be present


South Fork 10-28-17

At Heise Br. (640x480)

The river has been stable with respect to flow for weeks.  This contributes significantly to the current great fishing. Now that browns are migrating presenting streamers becomes the best way to encounter these fish. So comments on presenting streamers while fishing the Henry’s Fork in our latest report apply to the South Fork as well.  The same applies to BWO activity, but in doing so, concentrate on riffles of which the South Fork offers more than any other local stream.