South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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Still Waters 10-27-12

Bank fishing has been so good at Chesterfield Reservoir that a boat is not needed. Fish up through trophy sizes seem to respond equally well to midge pupa under and indicator, streamers, or nymphs. Which works best depends on which stories you wish to believe.  Fishing success is also holding up well on Hawkins Reservoir where streamers and wooly bugger types are bringing action.


Big Lost River 10-27-12

Weather may bring an end to the comfortable fly fishing season here, but a trip to enjoy some top water fishing may be in order with flows out of Mackay Dam around the 100 cfs mark.  Brookies and bows are responding well to BWO and midge activity.  Small bead head nymphs are making for action, too.


Small Streams 10-27-12

Recent storms have shut down access to many in the back country. So the season on many is over until next spring.  Here are a few exceptions.  All are near well-maintained highways, but be sure to check road conditions before you venture to them.  Warm River in the Three Rivers area and Buffalo River around the campground will offer responses to good BWO activity. Birch Creek in the family area will do the same, and all these waters hold fish that will respond to small nymph pattern with & without bead heads.


Main Stem Snake River 10-27-12

Spotty fishing along the river so far, but we have a story from a lady fly-fisher from California. Fishing the river here in town she landed two brown trout around twenty-four inches using rubber leg nymphs!  She also had a few smaller browns.  She brought in pictures to back up her story.  Are high gas prices putting a crimp to your travels to find good fishing?  It may be under your nose here within the city limits.


Henry’s Fork 10-27-12

Migrating brown trout are bringing action on the lower river.  The recent stormy weather seems made to order for fishing here.  On these stormy days BWOs are bringing action there and on the upper river. Now is also the time to pitch streamers in Box Canyon and the Tubs above Mack’s Inn, weather permitting.


Yellowstone Park 10-27-12

The Park has closed several roads because of recent snows.  If you are planning a trip to the Park’s interior, it is a good idea to check its web site for road closures and weather forecasts.  Such as the Madison River along the West Entrance Highway and around Baker’s Hole remain accessible, as does Duck and Grayling  creeks and the Gallatin River. On the south side of the Park the Snake River, featuring a late season brown trout run, is accessible.  For all these streamer fishing is the name of the game.


South Fork 10-25

Flows have stayed steady on the South Fork at 3,300 cfs. The Blue Wing Olives have finally started to hatch on the river. Earlier this week Jimmy had a epic day fishing dry BWO’s to rising fish. The hatch came on a cloudy rainy day. Look for the weather to bring those fish to the surface when there is a hatch. Streamers are also very good this time of year especially with the weather changing and becoming colder and colder. Stop by the shop or call if you have any questions.


Yellowstone Park 10-23-12

Once again weather becomes important in your plans to fish Park waters.  Little of the Park is under six thousand feet in elevation, thus a nice day at four thousand feet in elevation doesn’t mean the same at six or seven thousand feet.  So go prepared with warm clothing including a shell to protect from precipitation and rest assured that will be no more wet wading this year!  Streamer fishing for migrating browns and rainbows and foraging cutthroat will get you into the biggest fish, but BWOs emerging from the Firehole River will make a visit for the top water enthusiast worth considering.


Mainstem Snake River 10-23-12

What makes the Snake River so attractive this time of year is the short drive to reach it at almost any location. So many of these are located off well-maintained roads, driving a relatively easy effort. With browns migrating and streamer patterns being most effective for encountering them all that remains is finding a location along their migration routes. Come in and talk to us about where to find these.