South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake 8-28-12

Same thing fishing-wise.  Go to the creek mouths (Targhee and Hope-Duck seem best to date), try mity mites, small( #10-12) bead head peacock leeches and crystal buggers.  Expect crowds if you get into good fishing.


Yellowstone Park 8-28-12

Terrestrials and tricos are bringing action on many Park streams. One of the best trico emergences anywhere is in the lower Bechler Meadows around the Boundary Creek confluence.  You will need to start walking in at first light or camp nearby to enjoy it until around noon. When the emergence is is over, take out the terrestrial patterns and go into the meadow above to see if your fly fishing abilities are up to par.


South Fork 8-28-12

The flow out of Palisades Dam has been just about stable for a long time now. The river is high for the time of year impacting riffle fishing. Other factors such as the warm summer (water coming out of Palisades Reservoir is around 64 deg. F. now) and the fact that hatches have off years too are involved. Nevertheless, you can find good fishing on the river by being an early bird.  It means getting on the river at sunrise, about 6:30 PM, but bringing those chernobyl types and favorite hopper patterns to slam the banks will bring action.  Early before sun gets on the water is also a good time to try streamers, so your favorite versions should in your fly box.

On the personal side, Wes Newman’s ashes were placed in the river this weekend.  He passed away July 24, 2011.  For those who remember, Wes was a South Fork advocate  the likes of which we will never see again with respect to knowledge, fishing ability, generosity, and personality.  His “foam stone” and “super-X” remain among the most effective patterns created for this and any other river.




Small Streams 8-28-12

A lot of folks will be celebrating Labor Day weekend, so you can bet that the most popular fishing spots like the South Fork and upper Henry’s Fork will see crowds.  That makes for a  great time to try some of our small streams.   Here’s some thoughts on finding a small stream with less chance of being crowded this weekend.  If a campground, developed or primitive,  is nearby expect anglers.  Expect fishing boat traffic and some recreational boats on Fall and Teton rivers.  Salt River tribs coming out of Idaho are good candidates for more solitude. There are no developed campgrounds on Crow, Jackknife, and Stump creeks. The same is true for Bear, Bitch, Conant,  Diamond, Fall, Medicine Lodge, Robinson, Partridge, Pine, and Willow creeks, especially parts approachable only by walking.  The Blackfoot River Wildlife Management Area hosts seven miles of river, most of which is classic meadow stream which requires walking, so might be considered. Warm River in the canyon below the springs is accessible from the old railroad grade and holds some nice browns and ‘bows and brookies.  So there are some candidates for some solitude on the upcoming weekend. Get in touch with us for more information on any of these. For sure with school starting in so many places right after Labor Day, next week will see fewer folks fishing  just about anywhere.


Henry’s Fork 8-28-12

Kokanee are moving out of Island Park Reservoir into the river and tributaries above.  Big rainbows will follow them and offer good streamer fishing. For now try below Coffee Pot Rapids, but as we go through September, try “The Tubs” beginning at the Henry’s Lake Outlet and Big Springs Outlet confluence.  After Labor Day weekend number of recreational floaters will decrease here.  Early morning trico activity continues to bring good fishing on the Harriman State Park reach of the upper river.


Yellowstone Park 8-25-12

Thundershowers are predicted for this weekend.  If they happen, look for fishing on most streams to pick up.  Only “fly in the ointment” would be a shower with a direct hit on stream side formations with a tendency to erode and slough into the stream. This happens on the Lamar and Snake rivers frequently during big showers.  Go with tricos for early morning action, and switch to terrestrial patterns around mid day for most streams.


Small Streams 8-25-12

We found that fish in the Grey’s River were quite cautious until a few PMDs came out late last Thursday afternoon. They loosened up a bit then, and we landed a few gorgeous Snake River Fine Spotted cutts.  If you have never visited this classic freestone stream, consider doing so.  It is  just a few miles east of Alpine, Wyoming.  The countryside, even with the prevailing haze, is as beautiful as it comes.  Above the Murphy Creek Bridge fishing is legal with flies and lures only. You can buy a license ($14 for a non-resident single day) in Alpine, and stop for a “stick-to-your-ribs” breakfast.  Take a good camera, terrestrial and PMD life cycle patterns.


Still Water 8-25-12

Mackay Reservoir offers the best still water fishing in the area.  Fish the river and creek channels coming into the upper end.  Midge pupa patterns and damselfly nymph patterns, both under an indicator are good ways to meet action from big rainbows and kokanee.   This is a  high country reservoir where air is cooling down, so barring big draw-down water should remain cool for good fishing barring a big draw-down.