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Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork 11-6-12

News here is that Ashton Dam construction is complete. Only clean-up and wrap-up actions remain.  Ashton Reservoir is being refilled with completion by the end of this year.  It looks like the fishery below the dam may not be impacted from construction activities.  Credit goes to Pacificorp for conducting construction in a manner that kept the fishery quality unharmed as much as possible.


Still Water 11-3-12

Springfield Reservoir was recently stocked with rainbows for holdover purposes. These fish range 15″ to 19″ and are easily caught. They seem to take anything that resembles a food form, so try your favorite nymph, midge pupa, or wooly bugger type pattern.  Don’t expect a great fight from these fish, but those that survive the winter will be worthy opponents, mentally and physically, come springtime.


Henry’s Fork 11-3-12

Now is the time on the lower river to present streamers for migrating browns and rainbows stalking up for the winter.  With daylight savings ending, late afternoon fishing becomes more convenient for being on the river when large fish are more active.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-3-12

We are happy to announce the beginning of our winter fly tying demo schedule for 2012-2013.  Go to the fly tying demo tab on our web site to see demonstrating tiers scheduled from the first demo on Saturday,  November 17th to each Saturday through January 5th.   As we get acceptances we will announce demonstrating tiers on following Saturdays.


South Fork 11-1

Flows were dropped again this morning to 2,000 cfs. Fishing has been good with Blue Wing Olives and Streamers. There is still a lot of moss on the river. So nymphing deep is pretty ineffective unless you like cleaning moss off your flies. Nymphing can be accomplished by hanging a dropper from a Chernobyl ant or a Grasshopper. The Blue Wing Olive have been hatching in great numbers and fish are rising to them in the afternoons.


Henry’s Lake 10-30-12

Most folks fishing here report good success, so no big changes. Take a look at our previous reports for more details. One thing for sure is that as we move toward the winter season, it’s a good idea to check road and weather conditions before traveling to the lake.


Yellowstone Park 10-30-12

Last day of the fishing season here is November 4th.  A few days remain to enjoy browns migrating in the Madison, Lewis, Snake, and Gardner river systems.  Big streamers and bugger types work well them.  It’s a good idea to check the Park web site to observe road and weather conditions before traveling into the interior here.


Still Waters 10-30-12

We have stories of good fishing success at Chesterfield Reservoir, but some fish caught are recent planters for next year.  Others range to over twenty inches.  Streamers, fly rod jigs,  wooly bugger types, midge pupa patterns under indicators; all seem to work.  Hawkins Reservoir continues to produce some nice fish for those presenting streamers and wooly bugger types.


Henry’s Fork 10-30-12

Browns are active throughout the lower river, and streamers are the best way to encounter them especially under low light conditions.  For a change of pace try, BWO life cycle patterns especially during overcast conditions.