South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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South Fork 9-28-19

Trout responding to BWO activity on one end on fly fly type spectrum and that of larger trout hitting streamers on the other end is sure to provide good fishing on this cool and stormy day!


Henry’s Lake 9-24-19

Again, we do not have much information on the lake except that fishing is beginning to pick up at a few spots. Cooler weather will bring fish towards shallow water, but we need a good unsettled downturn or two to do so.


Small Streams 9-24-19

Early AM tricos provide action on the Teton River. Later in the day BWOs take over. Look for terrestrial insect patterns to become less effective as colder weather takes over. The same will soon apply to the lower and upper Blackfoot River with respect to terrestrial insects if the stretch of predicted bad weather brings a killing frost.  Forget trying small streams until next spring.  They are now too cold and low to offer good fishing.


Henry’s Fork 9-24-19

With unsettled weather coming up, streamer fishing for migrating browns is becoming very attractive whether from Warm River to Ashton or Ashton Dam on downstream past St. Anthony.  Early or late in the day will be best regardless of weather.


Yellowstone Park 9-24-19

Thanks to colder than normal weather including some snow and killing frosts, hopper season is about to end on just about every park stream.   So if you pursue big fish, streamers or big nymphs will get best results. This applies to Lower Gibbon, Madison, Lewis, Bechler, Fall, Snake, Lamar, and upper Gardner Rivers. Other than that, good top water fishing is reduced to the Firehole River where BWO and white millers make for good daytime fishing especially during unsettled weather.

For still waters, action on Beulah Lake is slowing because of cooling water. Wait a few weeks before trying Trout Lake.  Some of the best lake fishing will be along Lewis Lake shoreline where wading to pitch streamer patterns (especially below the campground) can interest migrating browns and an occasional juvenile lake trout.  Weather and physical condition permitting, carrying a flotation device with all accoutrements down the DeLacey Creek Trail to Shoshone Lake will get you into juvenile lake trout foraging around sunken weed beds. Use a full sink line, black or olive leech patterns, and dress for the weather.


South Fork 9-24-19

South Fork 4

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped from just under 5000 cfs to 3940 cfs ( down to 4930 cfs at Heise, to 2070 cfs at Lorenzo) last night.  This drop opens up even more wading opportunities along the river.   With unsettled weather coming in a few days, there are more walk-in wade locations to enjoy fish responding to the current BWO activity.


Henry’s Fork 9-21-19

Goings on along the lower river are very similar to happenings on the South Fork. No significant mutant stones but plenty of BWOs, some mahogany duns and a recommendation to try streamer flies especially under the current weather conditions.


South Fork 9-21-19

As predicted; it is “blue wing olive weather” along the river. Flow has been steady for about five days now making for good fishing if you do not mind the cool weather.  It appears from the information we receive at the shop the lower river seems to offer the best in consistent fishing.


Main Stem Snake River 9-17-19

With less irrigation water in demand meaning reduced flow in the Snake River, it is time to have streamer patterns ready for migrating browns as well as big resident rainbows.  Drift boating is the best way to encounter these, but there are walk-in wade locations along the river. Get in touch because we can pinpoint these for you.