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Upcoming Events 11-12-19

Fly Tying Demos


It is time to announce the 2019 portion of our Saturday wintertime fly tying demos, the first off which takes place on Saturday, November 30th. The demos will continue on Saturdays through February 29th, 2020. Each demo runs from 10 AM to 12:30-1 PM. Look at our web site or Face Book for bios submitted by each tier to describe some of the fly patterns on which they will focus.

 Saturday, November 30th                          Ben Swaner

Saturday, December 7th                             Chris Williams

Saturday, December 14th                           Gary Barnes

Saturday, December 21st                           Buddy Shaw

Saturday, December 28th                          Shawn Bostic

We will present the 2020 section of the demos as soon as we confirm the tiers demonstrating on given Saturdays.


Main Stem Snake River 11-12-19

Flow throughout the river is at seasonal normal or slightly lower. There are numerous walk-in wade locations  from Menan downstream to American Falls reservoir. The same applies to float fishing.  We can help pinpoint the best locations for either way of fishing.  The river below American Falls Dam is at it seasonal low, around 450 cfs, and offers the same ways of fishing. Shorelines there get particularly crowded  during weekends. Up and down the river streamer fishing is the “name of the game.”


South Fork 11-12-19

It looks like the flow currently coming out of Palisades Dam, around 1000 cfs  ( 1400 cfs at Heise, 850 cfs at Lorenzo), will be that which will last throughout the winter.  This flow situation means many walk-in wade fishing locations and  some tough locations for boating.  Currently presenting streamer and rubber legs patterns are best ways to encounter larger trout, whereas BWO and midge life cycle patterns will get attention of trout in general.


Henry’s Fork 11-9-2019

The lower Henry’s Fork has been offering great but sporadic fishing during these beautiful “Indian Summer” days.  Sporadic meaning fish seem active  in certain areas, but not in others.   Active means responding to midge and BWO activity. Case in point is our yesterday’s experience where there was little activity on the river just below the Ora Bridge ( some discolored water coming from construction actions on the far side of the river but the Ashton side features crystal clear water). Whereas in the Vernon Bridge area fish were numerously responding to midge and BWO activity.  So consider scouting out the river to find active fish before committing to a certain location.


Today at Jimmy’s 11-9-2019



Our winter Saturday fly tying demos will begin on November 30th and extend each Saturday to February 29th, 2020. They will be offered with  the same format as in the past.  That is, beginning at 10 AM and extending to 12:30-1.00 PM with the guest tier presenting flies of  choice and willing to answer subject questions.  We are  lining up demonstrating tiers for each Saturday, and will soon post the demo schedule through the remainder of 2019 on our web site and on Face Book.

We look forward to the fun, information, and camaraderie the demos offer.


South Fork 11-5-19

Because of the nice weather predicted for the rest of the week and low flow, currently 1000 cfs out of Palisades Dam, think about taking advantage of these for an outing before bad weather sets in!


South Fork 11-2-19

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped to 990 cfs (1420 cfs at Heise) yesterday.  This action will make boating tougher, but makes walk-in wade fishing a more attractive alternative. Hopefully this will be the last flow reduction this year.