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Henry’s Fork, September 5th, 2020

The cooler weather predicted for next week should cool the lower river off enough to bring on the tiny BWOs and hopefully not hurt the terrestrial bugs. Pitching streamers on this part of the river during low light conditions will become increasingly effective as we move through the fall season. Noe might be the time to start building a supply of streamers and woolly bugger types for those resident brown trout.


South Fork, September 5th, 2020

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped to 8230 cfs Thursday ( 9160 cfs at Heise, 4160 cfs at Lorenzo).  Looks like we may have some more BWO weather right after Labor Day. Forecasts say cool and cloudy, so “just what the doctor ordered” if you are waiting for the Fall season.  That season won’t start officially until about 9/20, but Ma Nature likes to tease us a bit when it comes to weather.


South Fork, September 1st, 2020

Our rainy day yesterday brought BWOs out on the South Fork.  Their numbers were only temporary because we are back to summer weather. But that temporary presence means they are waiting for more permanent cool weather to begin emerging big time.  So if you fish the South Fork, it is time to stock up on BWO life cycle patterns.


Henry’s Fork, August 29th, 2020

Pretty much the same conditions as our report of four days ago.  With respect to the lower river, terrestrial insect patterns work during evenings and early AMs. We are closer to cooling off and the resulting tiny BWO emergence. For the upper river’s Last Chance-Harriman section, tricos in the early AM and hopper and ant patterns after they quit.  For presenting those patterns; long, drag-free floats over good holding water near banks and overhangs will bring results.  Don’t shy away from a stout (3X) tippet when doing so.  You will need it when tying into a really good fish that wants to get down in the abundant weeds.


Small Streams, August 29th, 2020


Bitch Creek

Again, not much change since our last report. Streamside terrestrial insect population is at its peak nearly everywhere. Here’s a tip if you enjoy presenting hopper patterns. If a grain cutting operation is ongoing and nearby to a stream, hoppers will be on the move away from it. This means more of them end up on the water. Fish being in the water “24/7,” are aware of this and take notice. Enough said; bring hopper patterns if such activity is ongoing. Better yet, bring these patterns anywhere you try the water.

Here are a few streams to consider avoiding because of low water and hot weather (less cover and higher water temps): Blackfoot River above the reservoir, Salt river tribs coming out of Idaho, lower sections of sinks streams ( Beaver, Medicine Lodge, Camas, Little Lost). Some of the best to try these days: Teton River in the basin and below the canyon ( rattlesnakes still active in the canyon), Warm River, all Palisades Reservoir tribs, Birch Creek (in family area above Lone Pine), Bitch Creek, and Palisades Creek.


South Fork, August 29th, 2020

SF With Baldy 2 (640x480)

No big change since our last report. Flows remain about the same throughout except for a 700 cfs drop out of Palisades Dam drop on Wednesday.  Mutant stones greet early AM fly-fishers.  Fish are responding best to hoppers and other terrestrial insects on the river below Heise.    Riffle fishing varies day by day, but PM caddis activity seems reliable almost every day. If you are considering a float trip downstream from Twin Bridges, be advised that someone in your group knows that part of river.  The river in that section can be tricky with blind side channels and dangerous snags and sweepers. It is a good example of a “living river.”

We are starting with good conditions for the upcoming fall fishing season: clear  water, suitable flows, and cooling weather.  A lot of folks are looking forward to the BWO and mahogany dun activities which the fall season features and also the increasingly later effectiveness of presenting streamer patterns to amorous brown trout.


Small Streams, August 24th, 2020

Fishing is slowing down on some streams because of the extended hot, dry weather. That’s the case on upper Blackfoot River where low flow has warmed water to the point of making it somewhat lethal to play a fish for a long time.  Below the reservoir conditions are very different with around 600 cfs coming down the river to satisfy irrigation demands and making wet fly fishing the best way to go. Our weather should begin cooling next month, and irrigation demands will diminish, so better days are ahead.


Henry’s Fork, August 24th, 2020

Pretty much the same as last week. For the lower river fish early and late in the day and concentrate on terrestrial insect and caddis life cycle patterns.  A lot of folks are fishing on the upper river where early AM tricos and daytime terrestrial insects (including ants), a few speckled duns, tiny PMDs, and later caddis and spinner falls bring action in the Last Chance-Harriman section.  Two fly nymph rigs work well in Box Canyon.