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Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork 5-18-19

Fall River flow is very high and discolored because of recent warm weather.  This means forget about fishing the Henry’s Fork below Chester Dam until Fall River subsides.  On the Henry’s Fork from Warm River to Chester backwaters presenting streamer patterns seems to give best results when compared to presenting big nymph patterns. This could be temporary because big stonefly nymphs are beginning to migrate toward banks and trout will soon take notice big time.


South Fork 5-14-19

Not much change here. Palisades Reservoir is about half full. Flow out of Palisades Dam is staying constant (for now) at around 11900 cfs  Flow is 13000 cfs at Heise, and less on the river below Heise (6700 cfs at Lorenzo) because of irrigation and stock watering demands.  Some BWOs emerging, but best fishing results currently come from using rubber leg, San Juan worm and streamer patterns.


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Henry’s Fork 5-14-19

A great technique to try if you are float-fishing is to concentrate presentations on the bank out of the sunlight. Drift by and present streamer, rubberleg and such as super-x patterns in towards the bank.  This technique has been working well on the river from the Warm River confluence to the Fun Farm bridge.

Now is also the time when big stonefly nymphs begin migrating toward banks, so fish will begin concentrating there, especially during low light conditions.  So here is another reason for paying attention to fishing bank side waters whether wading or float-fishing.  It is only a matter of several days before the big stoneflies begin flying to return to the river to lays eggs and become the reason for some superb top water fishing!


Henry’s Lake 5-11-19

Ice has been off the lake for about a week, and the flow out of the lake has been at least double of normal for about a month.  This suggests that a good fishing season is coming up for the river through the Nature Conservancy’s Flat Ranch Preserve.


South Fork 5-11-2019

Flow out of Palisades has been stable for several days at 11800 cfs  (12600 cfs at Heise). That’s just about the normal for this time of year.  River is not yet very clear.  Might be from tributary run-off. Rubber Legs, San Juan Worm, and streamer patterns still working best.  BWOs are out, and some fish are on them.


Henry’s Fork 5-7-19

Today’s weather makes for near ideal BWO activity on the lower river. Cool, cloudy with threat of storms and minimal (so far) wind are on-going.  These low light conditions are also great for presenting streamers.  So today offers something for fly-fishing enthusiasts near opposite ends of the line type (floating-sink tip) spectrum. You may have a great time fishing this PM on the river between Warm River and Chester if you can break away!


Still Waters 5-7-19

Both Hawkins and Daniels Reservoirs are offering good results because of chironomid activity and responding trout.  Find the taking depth and you will be in for good fishing.  When there are several rises around same time, that tips off that you should begin by placing that midge pupa pattern just under a strike indicator.