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Henry’s Fork 6-27-2018

As the fishing and bug hatches are starting to improve on the South Fork, and the arrival of stoneflies on the Madison, we are finally starting to see a little relief in the pressure being put on the Henry’s Fork. The fishing has been good with some Green Drake and Flav hatches during the day, and some decent Caddis fishing with gray drake spinners in the evening. These fish have been seeing a lot of pressure, so keep in mind that the most obvious bugs aren’t always going to work. If you couple the pressure with the mass of bugs hatching, you can at times get a pretty frustrating concoction.  Take some time to study the water and the way fish are feeding before selecting a fly. You are going to see multiple sizes and colors of mayfly and Caddis, but I have been able to find fish on a size 16 Caddis trailed by a sz. 16-14 Flav Spinner or the PMD Emerger (pictured) during the day. In the evening there have still been some pretty good action on Gray Drake spinners trailed by other small spinners and emergers with fish really starting to feed well around 6-7 pm (MST). Other bugs that have worked well that we have in the shop would include the JS CFO spinner sz. 14-16 in pink and yellow, Last Chance Flav and PMD cripples, Green Drake Thorax Duns, and McClellan’s Grey Drake Spinner. It’s getting to be time that you start using a few ant and beetle patterns for real tricky fish. Sometimes when I am having a hard time catching the bigger fish, I will tie on an ant or beetle, and you will see those fish come 5 feet out of their feeding lane just to take a poorly presented terrestrial pattern, which I do often. The most persistent angler will be the highest rewarded, so put in a good effort, and bring plenty of bugs. Big fish are feeding on little dries, and this can be one of the funnest times to be on the Fork. (((((BRING BUG SPRAY))))) Maybe even some mosquito patterns!)



South Fork 6-26-18

Fall Cr. Falls (640x480)

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been temporarily raised to 16000 cfs, but USBuRec says it will be back down to the 13000 cfs level by the weekend. This is good news because all kinds of bugs are beginning to show. These include big and golden stoneflies, sallies, PMDs, green drakes, and caddis. Fish are not keying on these yet because recent high flows have washed so many annelids and nymphs into the river.  So for now stick with the strategy we recommended in recent South Fork fishing reports. Things could change by this weekend, though, with reduced flow and increased density of aquatic insect emergences.



Still Waters 6-23-18

Mike Miller  at Sheridan

Irrigation reservoirs hosting trout to the south are shaping up. Daniels, Hawkins, Chesterfield, and Daniels report good fishing with speckled dun and damselfly nymphs working best.  Warmer weather coming next week could bring on some dry fly fishing for adults of these.  Look out for wind and storms on al of these.


Henry’s Fork 6-23-18


Widespread rain, wind, and variable flows out of Island Park Reservoir and unseasonably cool weather slowed the green drake emergence along the Harriman State Park reach of the river.  With seasonably warm weather predicted to move in by Monday, look for this event to get into full swing. A few golden stone adults remain in Box Canyon and the Coffee Pot area, and PM caddis activity seems good up and down the river.  The grey drake emergence on the crowded lower river has been good. Look for crowding to ease on the lower river as flows in the nearby South Fork approach normal for the season and the stonefly emergence begins.


Small Streams 6-23-18

Bear Creek reduced

Many of our small streams not draining high country are finally shaping up for good fishing.   Consider trying such as Bear Creek, McCoy Creek, the Salt River tribs ( Jackknife, Tincup, Stump, & Crow Creeks), Beaver Creek, Birch Creek and Warm River. Give such as Big Elk, Bitch, and Robinson  Creeks a bit more time to clear and drop. By 4th of  July weekend the choice of small streams worth fishing will have numerous candidates. Remember that South Fork tribs Palisades, Rainey, Pine, and Burns Creek and the Blackfoot River and its tributaries above the reservoir do not open to fishing until July 1st.


South Fork 6-23-18

From Cpgd (640x480)

Since Wednesday flow out of Palisades Dam has been decreased from 18400 to 15400 cfs.  The reservoir above remains at 97% of capacity and normal late June flow is around 13400 cfs out of the dam.  So it’s going in the right direction to begin aquatic insect hatches. Look for the big stoneflies to begin hatching sometime next week. Right now yellow sallies are showing up with hatches peeking at mid-day, but best fishing for now remains presenting big rubberlegs, San Juan worms and streamers deep from drop-offs.


Henry’s Fork 6-19-18


Green Drake hatch is going on in a good manner at the Harriman State Park reach of the river. Looks like the weather is going to improve soon to a more comfortable condition, so consider getting out to enjoy this great event before it diminishes.


South Fork 6-19-18

Flow out of Palisades Dam was raised yesterday to 22500 cfs (now 23200 cfs at Heise, 17900 cfs at Lorenzo, back up to 22900 cfs at Menan ).  Flow out of Palisades Dam was around 17000 cfs just a few days ago.  The present flow sure makes fishing a bit tough! Try any pattern that resembles a drifting earth or aquatic worm or a scoured out and drifting stonefly nymph, and present it deep.  Be careful as the current flow level makes for a very dangerous river.


Small Steams 6-19-18

Birch Crk

Bear Creek and McCoy Creek Roads are open, but with muddy spots thanks to our recent rains. Jensen Creek Road remains closed. The Ashton-Flagg Road is open with soft spots at higher elevation points. The Fish Creek Road is open to Teardrop Lake.  Most of our smaller streams are in reasonable fishing conditions but with high water. That means presenting such as San Juan worms, woolly buggers, and any pattern meant to imitate earth or aquatic worms deep works. Exceptions to these conditions include Birch Creek and Warm River.  Get in touch with us for info on fishing these.