South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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Still Waters 11-24-18

Springfield Reservoir is fishing well if you offer midge pupa under an indicator. First find the taking depth. Also small leech patterns work when presented on an intermediate line.  The reservoir was stocked last month with hatchery catchables ranging  from 14 to 18 inches.   Each would longer if their tails had not been eroded from concrete living and crowding, but they make for fun in the late days of this fishing season.


South Fork 11-20-18

The flow out of Palisades Dam is 938 cfs. That’s around the maintenance flow through the winter.  The current flow at Heise is  better for the fish at 1390 cfs.  There are plenty of walk-in wade locations, but there are places with some icing. Get in touch with us to learn some of the best locations for wading.


Henry’s Lake 11/9/18

Henry’s Lake is frozen as of today 11/9/18. The ice is not thick enough to ice fish and most likely wont be for a few more days depending on air temps and wind. There is always a chance a big wind storm may open the lake back up, but its probably best to plan to hit stillwaters to the south for the year.


Henry’s Lake 11/6/18

Water temp on the lake is now in the mid 30’s. If the forecast holds, all its going to take is a couple of calm nights to freeze over. Planning a trip up there is going to be a real gamble at this point. If you do get up to the lake and it is still open, fish your flies VERY slowly in all the areas mentioned in prior reports. For now though, its time to tie flies and get ready for the opener. If you didn’t fish Henry’s this year because of reports of slow fishing you really missed out, there were a lot of really big hybrids landed and many folks caught their personal bests. Here’s to hoping for a good winter with plenty of snow and a good 2019 season on Henry’s!


Henry’s Lake 11-1-18

Fishing at Henry’s is winding down for the season. If the forecast hold true, you could see people ice fishing the lake very soon. There is always a chance we get another warm spell, but its not looking likely.  Its been an up and down fall on the lake and as the weather continues to get colder, the good fishing is going to be tougher and tougher to come by.  For the next week or so I’d concentrate on fishing during the warmest part of the day and fishing areas with some warmer water pumping in like Staley Springs, Wild Rose, the Hatchery, Hope Creek, etc… The State park continues to fish well for numbers of cutthroats, although hardly any bigger hybrids have been landed in this area. Continue to fish the standard henry’s fare (darker leech patterns size 4-8) and experiment with your retrieve speed. When the water temps reach the low forties and mid to upper thirties, it doesn’t seem to be as critical to be near the bottom. This is one time of year where you could just take up an intermediate line and fish it effectively from 3-12ft of water. We will try to have updated water conditions as it gets closer to icing up, so be sure to check with us before you make the drive.


Henry’s Fork 10–27-18


Seems like what is going on for fishing the South Fork applies to the lower Henry’s Fork. Afternoon BWO activity, caddis later in the afternoon, and mostly presenting streamers to migrating browns.  BWO activity rules the roost at the Last Chance-Harriman stretch, while streamer fishing in Box Canyon and The Tubs is the order of the day.  If you plan on fishing the upper river, watch the weather.


Still Waters 10-27-18

Paul Res (2)

Now that we are cooling off some of our still waters are coming round with more action. Chesterfield Reservoir is one of these with large fish being encountered through presenting  midge pupa patterns under an indicator. All that needs to be done is to is find the taking depth.  Leech patterns presented in shallower water are also working.  16000 hatchery raised ‘bows have been added there. Use same technique for Daniels Reservoir, especially its north end.  Action at Sand Creek Pond #4 is also picking up through using the same patterns and streamers. Springfield Reservoir has been stocked with 1000 hatchery catchables which will be active after adjusting to new environment.