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Fishing Reports

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Still Waters 8-25-18

Sand Creek Ponds 2

A fish salvage order is applied to Treasureton Reservoir. Looks like the future of all fish present is limited to a matter of days. Our warm dry weather lasting several weeks results in slow fishing, especially in the smaller, shallower lakes and ponds.  Exceptions include Daniels and Chesterfield Reservoirs in early AM hours where fishing at depth (ie midge pupa patterns under an indicator) can be effective.  Try bloodworm patterns around Island Park Reservoir springs.  Try fishing for warm water species at such as Condie, Johnson, Winder, and Glendale Reservoirs.  Or wait until October!


Small Streams 8-25-18


Conant Creek

Grass hopper patterns are essential for fishing area small streams this time of year.  There are exceptions such as patterns for the Big Elk Creek PM flav event, for speckled dun life cycle events on beaver ponds, for AM trico events, for PM caddis events, and for gray drake emergences on such as the Teton River. Hopper patterns, presented around overhead cover and water of good depth can be effective during these events.  Compared to mayflies and caddisflies, trout get more “bang for the buck”when rising to hoppers.  Its all about conservation of energy: how many rises does it take to gain the equivalent food value in mayflies or caddis flies compared to one rise to a drifting hopper?  The same applies to big stoneflies in season. So regardless of any other insect being available for trout, keep hopper patterns in that fly box for several weeks to come.


Henry’s Fork 8-18-18


Anywhere on the river cloudy skies and high relative humidity will improve your mid-day fishing success.  Patterns for spinner falls, caddis (life cycle patterns during evening hours) streamers, and terrestrial insects can be most effective during these times of day and under these atmospheric conditions. On the upper river the arrival of honey ants will boost trout’s desire to come to the surface any time.


Yellowstone Park 8-18-18

Mtn Ash

On all waters cloudy skies  with high relative humidity make for the best mid-day fishing this time of year. On meadow streams a repeating theme applies: given bright atmosphere conditions mid-day fishing is not as successful as early in the day or evening fishing.  Patterns for spinner falls and terrestrial insects can be most effective during these times of day, and as we advance through fall months streamer patterns become important in attracting larger trout.


Small Streams 8-18-18



Bitch Creek

The best small stream destinations this time of year are those with either lakes at their upper reaches ( Palisades Creek, Medicine Lodge Creek, Cascade Creek, Modoc Creek, etc. ) or a good inflow from springs (Big Elk Creek, Warm River, Bear Creek, Birch Creek, Bitch Creek, Teton River, and Diamond Creek).  In all of these some of the best water to target is where riffles drop into holes or runs. This is the case because trout sitting in this interface have first crack at any edible life form drifting in, can make a quick escape to deep water, and can make more efficient contact with dissolve oxygen from moving rather than still water.  Currently terrestrial insect and caddis life cycle patterns are likely the best to use in these waters.


South Fork 8-18-18



Jon Hegsted

Most fly fishing aspects are holding steady. Flow out of Palisades Dam has not changed significantly in several days. Riffle fishing remains great with pink alberts providing  much action.  River flow must drop to expose more substrate before significant mutant or midnight golden stones emerge in numbers that will attract fish. During mid-day boat traffic can be thick, so consider an evening float in such as Huskey’s to Spring Creek, or Spring Creek to Conant, etc.


South Fork 8-14-18

Lower South Fork

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been constant at 11100 cfs for several days.   Pink alberts are making a strong showing in riffles. Fishing success there requires changing flies frequently as the fish are ” closed lipped” about which life cycle form they are keying on at a given time.  Best terrestrial insect pattern fishing seems to be on the lower river.  Look for “midnight golden stones” to emerge in numbers important for trout attention only after flow out of the dam is reduced enough to expose a lot more substrate.


Henry’s Fork 8-7-18


Bear Gulch

Presenting terrestrial insect patterns is fruitful in the AM or PM whether you fish the upper or lower river.   Other than that, the upper river (Last Chance-Harriman, Coffee Pot-Tubs (watch out for recreational boaters) has AM and PM spinner falls.  Be also on the lookout for recreational boaters in Box Canyon where nymphing and presenting caddis life cycle patters  in the evening brings good results. Cardiac Canyon is nearly deserted by anglers, so consider taking those terrestrial insect patterns to such as the Hatchery Ford and Bear Gulch accesses.