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Fishing Reports

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South Fork 6-19-18

Flow out of Palisades Dam was raised yesterday to 22500 cfs (now 23200 cfs at Heise, 17900 cfs at Lorenzo, back up to 22900 cfs at Menan ).  Flow out of Palisades Dam was around 17000 cfs just a few days ago.  The present flow sure makes fishing a bit tough! Try any pattern that resembles a drifting earth or aquatic worm or a scoured out and drifting stonefly nymph, and present it deep.  Be careful as the current flow level makes for a very dangerous river.


Small Steams 6-19-18

Birch Crk

Bear Creek and McCoy Creek Roads are open, but with muddy spots thanks to our recent rains. Jensen Creek Road remains closed. The Ashton-Flagg Road is open with soft spots at higher elevation points. The Fish Creek Road is open to Teardrop Lake.  Most of our smaller streams are in reasonable fishing conditions but with high water. That means presenting such as San Juan worms, woolly buggers, and any pattern meant to imitate earth or aquatic worms deep works. Exceptions to these conditions include Birch Creek and Warm River.  Get in touch with us for info on fishing these.


South Fork 6-12-18

matt nielson

In the last few days flow out of Palisades Reservoir has dropped from 22300 cfs to 18400 cfs.  We have past the run-off peak in this part of the Snake River drainage. Now if we can maintain a similar drop in flow, we should have close to normal flows in the South Fork before the end of the month.  That would mean a return of the normal stonefly, caddisfly and mayfly emergences. For now look for drop-off for presenting nymph and streamer patterns. Do not overlook presenting weighted rubber leg patterns around this feature.


Yellowstone Park 6-9-18



Run-off waters are receding, but have a way to go yet on many streams.  The Firehole is fishing quite well with PMD and caddis life cycle patterns producing.  One of the best patterns to use here is a partridge and olive or partridge and orange soft hackle, size 12-16.   These are great emerger patterns for caddisflies and mayflies. Be sure to have some in that fly box! White miller emerger patterns will also work well. Also be aware of new closures to protect thermal features along the river.  Shoshone and Lewis Lakes are in good fishing shape, but be aware that trails are in soggy conditions with some snow remaining.  Best fishing on both will be from boats and when streamer and leech patterns are presented. Duck Creek is fishing well or nice rainbows. The meadow is wet and mosquitoes are out in good numbers as is the case in just about anywhere in the park.


South Fork 6-5-18

At Heise Br. (640x480)

Eventually the river will be at this level!

For the current really high water situation (21900 cfs out of Palisades Dam today!), don’t expect great fishing. But side channels, gravel bars and drop offs, where you an find them in a safe and cautious manner, nymph patterns we suggest include red or black zebra midge, copper john, both in size 12-16, rubberlegs in sizes 4-10, and San Juan worms and squirmy worms  in sizes 10-12. For effective streamer patterns try sex dungeons, sparkle minnows and peanut envys in as large a size as you can find.

We will suggest dry fly patterns when the river drops to a level when such patterns will be effective.


Henry’s Fork 6-5-18


The overall springtime hatch is ongoing and moving up the river. With good weather predicted for several days ahead, it is time to put together fly box contents for this time of year. The big stoneflies are pretty much out of the lower river except for the goldens. So for those adult goldens here and the upper river, patterns we suggest are Rollin golden and CFO golden olive in size 8-10. For the big stoneflies now in the Box and Coffeepot, try CFO Big Hair and improved or traditional sofa pillow in sizes 4-6.  For the afternoon caddis hatch anywhere on the river, the Henry’s Fork caddis, X-caddis, and Lawson’s EZ caddis, all in size 14-18 are good bets.  For isoperla stoneflies patterns anywhere on the river try CFO-X and yellow stimulator, both in size 12-16.

Any day now the drakes, followed by flavs, will begin working their way emerging up the river. For green drakes, try the D&D cripple, Harrop’s spinner, and Williams flex wing, all in size 10. For the gray drakes, try McLellan’s gray in size 10.  For  flavs consider the biot spinner, CDC emerger and cripple, all in size 14.  Be sure to include the partridge and olive soft hackle which is as good an emerger pattern for both mayflies and caddisflies as any created. Nymph patterns, you ask? Bead head prince and pheasant tail in size 12-16 and rubber legs in size 6-10.


South Fork 6-2-18

With flow out of Palisades Dam over 20000 cfs the river below is dangerous. For now, expressing caution when approaching the river is important.  Palisades Reservoir is about 85% full, and water managers are trying to keep up with the high inflow and yet minimize flooding threats from the river below.  Flow into Jackson Lake has dropped significantly. Nevertheless there is potential for the river below Palisades Dam to remain very high through much of this month.


Henry’s Fork 6-2-18


Big stoneflies are flying in Box Canyon and fish and anglers are responding whether wading or boating.  In a few days these big bugs will be doing the same around Coffeepot where fishing conditions will be less crowded. Hatch on the lower river is diminishing, but golden stone are coming on. Give currently filled up or filling up fish several days, and they will be looking for those big bugs again.  For now, afternoon caddis activity is taking over for best dry fly fishing.


Henry’s Lake 5-29-18

FullSizeRender (2)

The lake was slow fishing during opening weekend, but some large fish were caught. Leech patterns worked best. Because ice-out happened several days ago the lake has apparently warmed enough for many fish to move to deeper water.