South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Fork 06-16-16

The Henry’s Fork still continues to fish well with Green Drakes, PMD’s, and Caddis. The mornings and evenings have seen a good PMD fall with rusty spinners. Green Drakes have been fishing the best in about mid day, and even fishing them blind has worked if you don’t see any of them coming off. If all else fails fishing a dry fly, the nymph fishing in the slots and behind rocks will produce a couple of fish. Lastly, the fishing right before dark with Caddis has been good.

Flies I would use:

Dry Flies: Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, CDC PMD Thorax Dun 18, Elk Hair Caddis Tan 14, Green Drake Wulff 10.

Nymphs: Bennett’s Rubber Leg Brown size 10, Psycho Prince size 16, Pheasant Tail size 16, Bead-Headed Crystal Pheasant Tail size 16 & 18.


South Fork 06-13-15

The South Fork has dropped even more to 13,900 cfs at Irwin and 14,200 cfs at Heise. The fishing is beginning to pick up since this drop in flows. The best fishing has been with nymphs under an indicator, and with a bright streamer of some sort. Also, small dry flies such as BWO’s are out and with a little overcast you could have a great day fishing them. Lastly, on the lower south fork, I would be on the look out for Yellow Sallies and Green Drakes to start coming off.

Flies I would take with me:

Nymphs: Bennett’s Brown Rubber Leg size 6 & 8, San Juan Worm size 10, Red Copper John size 14, Super Flash size 14.

Streamers: Gallop’s Yellow Dungeon, Kreelix Copper/Gold, Gallop’s White Peanut Envy, Sparkle Minnow, Flash Minnow.

Dry Flies: John’s CFO Yellow Sallie size 14, Thorax Blue Wing Olive size 16, Green Drake Wulff size 10


Henry’s Fork 06-13-16

Fishing Green Drakes on the Henry’s Fork has a been good. The best fishing with the Green Drakes has been from about 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m during a bright sunny day. Along with the drakes, there has been a good PMD spinner fall in the morning and in the evenings. On the lower Henry’s Fork, there has been a dead period between 2:00 p.m. to about 5:30ish during the hottest part of the day. Then, fishing has been good right at dark with caddis. Lastly, a friendly reminder that Harriman State Park, the Ranch, is open on Wednesday, June 15th.

Flies I would use:

Dry Flies: Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, CDC PMD Thorax Dun 18, Elk Hair Caddis Tan 14, Green Drake Wulff 10.

Nymphs: Bennett’s Rubber Leg Brown size 10, Psycho Prince size 16, Pheasant Tail size 16, Bead-Headed Crystal Pheasant Tail size 16 & 18.


South Fork 6-9-16

The South Fork is starting to drop from its high flow. It is now currently running at 16,500 cfs compared to yesterdays 17,500 cfs at Irwin. The flow is still high at this level, but it will allow for easier and a bit safe access fishing the river with less logs and gravel being moved around. The river still has a green tint in it, which could create some excellent streamer fishing on the banks. Also, the fishing will be good with nymphs. With the flows dropping this week on the South Fork, I would start to look for small dry fly action with Blue Wing Olives, Yellow Sallies, and possibly Green Drakes.

Flies I would take on the South Fork:

Nymphs: Bennett’s Brown Rubber-leg size 6 & 8, Squirmy Wormy Pink size 12 & 14, Olive Hares Ear size 16, Psycho Prince size 14

Streamers: Gallop’s White Peanut Envy, Kreelix copper/gold, Sparkle Minnow Sculpin, Gallop’s Dungeon Yellow


Henry’s Fork 6-9-16

The Henry’s Fork has Green Drakes on it from Warm River to Fun Farm bridge, and the fish are starting to eat them. Also, there is a good spinner fall in the mornings, and then later in the evenings the fishing has been good with Caddis. A few golden stones are still around and can be used to catch fish out in the middle of the river behind rocks. If there seems to be no action on the surface, I would head to deep troughs and try your luck with nymphs.

Dry Flies: Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, Green Drake Wulff size 10, Improved-X Caddis Tan or Olive size 16, Super Chernobyl Golden Yellow size 10

Nymphs: Red Copper John size 16, Bennett’s Brown Rubber-leg size 8 & 10, Psycho Prince size 16, Pheasant Tail nymph size 16 & 18


Today’s at Jimmy’s 6-8-16

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South Fork 06-06-16

The South Fork has been fishing well with nymphs throughout the whole river. Although the river has been raised to 16200 cfs and will continue to stay at this high level for a week. Because the river is high, lots of logs and other structure are floating through the river. I recommend floating the river up in Swan Valley for a much safer trip and the nymph fishing has been best there. Lastly, the streamer fishing has been best with a bright colored streamers along the banks.

Flies for the South Fork:

Nymphs: Pats Brown Rubber Leg size 6, Red Copper John size 14, Psycho Prince size 14

Streamers: Gallop’s Dungeon Yellow, Kreelix Minnow Copper/Gold, Gallop’s White Peanut Envy


Henry’s Fork 06-06-2016

The fishing has been good on the Henry’s Fork. The Salmon flies are finished, but the Golden-stone fishing has been good from Stone Bridge down to Fun Farm bridge. Also in that section, I would start to look for Green Drake and Flavs from mid-day on. There has been a good pmd spinner fall in the morning and then with good Caddis fishing right before dark. Finally, if all else seems to fail for dry fly fishing, you could put on nymphs and fish the slots and rocks out in the middle of the river.

Flies that I would use on the those sections are:

Dry  Flies:

Super Chernobyl Golden Yellow size 8 & 10, Olive Hares Ear Parachute Adams size 12, D&D Cripple Green Drake size 10, Rusty Biot Spinner size 16 & 18, Improved X Caddis Tan & Olive size 14 &16


Pats Tan/Brown Rubber Leg size 8, Red Copper John size 16, Psycho Prince size 18, Crystal Golden Stone size 10


Franklin County Lakes & Invasive Species Update

A big story this spring in Franklin County has been the threat to close access to lakes because of the concern of invasive mussels. The situation seems to be constantly evolving, but here is the most current information as we have heard it. The whole situation is very confusing, so interpret this information as you wish, hopefully things are clarified here shortly.

All Franklin County Reservoirs: No ballast compartment boats allowed (wake board boats)

Twin Lakes : $5 launching fee, all watercraft using Twin Lakes must have been recently inspected by an inspection station operated by and for the ISDA and have in its possession written certification. You have to stop at Twin Lakes e to show this.

Glendale Reservoir: The barricades will be open tomorrow May 15 at 7:00 a.m. A verification checkpoint will be staffed 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm The cost for verification per watercraft will be $10.00 for Franklin county residents and $20.00 for out of county. The license plate of the tow vehicle and driver license will prove residency. No cash accepted just debit/credit cards and local checks.
The verification staff will be asking for proof of a ISDA inspection form/passbook for any watercraft that has left the county AND a 2016 invasive sticker attached to vessel or Idaho boat registration. The ISDA form must then be displayed on the dashboard of tow vehicle. County residents need to visit the ISDA station within 5 days of launching or have an ISDA trailer/boat orange tag.

ISDA stations are open all daylight hours. One is located at Highway 91 in Franklin City. Others at state line roads throughout Idaho.”

These are the two main lakes we have heard information about. You can safely assume that all lakes owned by the Twin Lakes Canal company will have these regulations in place.As of this writing, nothing has been posted or made known to us about Treasureton Reservoir.

Speaking of Treasureton…… For those who fish Treasureton, this is a big year for the lake. For several years the Fish and Game has been monitoring the situation at the lake with illegally introduced Largemouth Bass. There is talk of poisoning the reservoir this fall and starting over. We have been talking to biologist Dave Teuscher about this and have mixed feelings. Here is a message from Dave regarding the situation;

“We have been considering a treatment since bass were illegally introduced about 10 years ago. As you know, we have many bass fisheries in Franklin County and Treasureton Reservoir is managed as a trophy trout water. I am preparing a data summary for the reservoir that shows the changes that have occurred in the fishery and what actions IDFG has completed to limit bass expansion (e.g., no harvest or size limit on bass and moving bass from Treasureton to other bass fisheries).

We plan to have that summary done in the next week or so. Please check back with me for a copy.

Prior to making a final decision, we will hold a meeting in Preston to discuss options. I will also be trying to meet with the irrigation company to get their input. The irrigation company has been excellent to work with and very supportive of the fishery.”

We will be sure to update conditions as they progress, as well as when this meeting will take place. Dropping an email to the Idaho Fish and Game would be a great way to voice your opinion as well.



Henry’s Lake 5-16-16

The opener is just 12 days away and we have received quite a few calls from folks wondering how the fishing will be this year. From what we have heard from the fish and game as well as current water levels, there is no reason not to be optimistic. Last fall, people were finally starting to catch some of the nicer fish the lake is known for with some consistency. The ice came off the lake early this year, so focus on water deeper than you typically would on the opener. Fish should be hanging in that 6-15ft range and should be hungry. Leeches dominate early season fishing so be sure to have a large assortment of leeches in different sizes and colors to make sure your prepared. I would make sure you have some california leeches sz 6, purple showgirls size 4, black mohair leeches in sz 8, and brown and black crystal buggers in sz 8. Call us at the shop with any questions you may have!

here is a little blurb from the fish and game about the spring gillnetting up at the lake “Henrys Lake spring netting is complete. Although the fish per net was below objective, there are sufficient numbers to provide good catch rates. Relative weight or how fat the fish are is improved. Lake conditions look favorable and it should be a good year to catch that fish of a lifetime. Many thanks to University of Idaho graduate students and BYU/Idaho biology students for participating this year.”