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Fishing Reports

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South Fork 10-28-17

At Heise Br. (640x480)

The river has been stable with respect to flow for weeks.  This contributes significantly to the current great fishing. Now that browns are migrating presenting streamers becomes the best way to encounter these fish. So comments on presenting streamers while fishing the Henry’s Fork in our latest report apply to the South Fork as well.  The same applies to BWO activity, but in doing so, concentrate on riffles of which the South Fork offers more than any other local stream.


Henry’s Fork 10-28-17


Brown trout are moving on the lower river.  So anywhere from Warm River on down, presenting streamers is the name of the game for encountering them.  Patterns featuring shades of yellow, chartreuse, or orange seem to be particularly attractive to browns in a migrating mode. There are no brown trout in Box Canyon and “the Tubs”, but presenting streamers to big resident rainbows  works as well as doing the same for browns on the lower river.    Pitching streamers is not your game? The Henry’s Fork obliges by offering BWO activity in most locations on the lower river and many on the river above.  Afternoons having overcast skies (even with rain or snow) and minimal wind ( if that is possible!) as predicted for later next week are the best time of day and conditions for the densest BWO activity and responses from trout.


South Fork 10-24-17

03-12-09 South Fork 010

Flow out of Palisades Reservoir has been nearly constant for most of the month, that is between 3500 and 4000 cfs.  Constant flow is a main reason for continued good fishing. An example is that riffle fishing this fall has been at its best for the entire season. Great BWO activity with some from mahogany duns with resulting great responses from the trout population in riffles has been the norm for several weeks. As we move into November streamer fishing will move from currently good to excellent.  However, look for further reductions in flow out of the reservoir in the upcoming weeks as water storage for next year’s irrigation continues.


Yellowstone Park 10-24-17



Brown and rainbow trout runs are the big attractions now. The run of Hebgen Lake browns and rainbows up the Madison River and mainly into the Gibbon River and the runs from Shoshone and Lewis Lakes into the channel section of the Lewis River have the most participants. The best locations for each of these events require specific activities for angling success. We at the shop can provide information that results in the best chances for enjoying these great angling events. Other brown trout runs in the park worth the effort to enjoy include Yellowstone River fish ascending the Gardner River and Snake River fish doing the same in the Snake River near the south entrance. All these runs are best enjoyed through presenting streamer patterns.


Today at Jimmy’s 10-21-17

DSCN1076 (640x480)

Earlier this week a new event, “Tie One On” came onto the Idaho Falls fly tying/fly-fishing scene. It’s first session took place during the evening (7-8 PM) of Tuesday, October 17th, at Tap and Fill, 1494 Milligan Road. “Tie One On” originated from ideas gathered by the Snake River Cutthroats and other fly fishing concerns to provide a forum for bringing fly tiers together to swap tying ideas, swap fishing information, and establish friendships.   The well-attended first session featured fly designer John Stenersen, of Clackacraft Boats, demonstrating streamer tying techniques using traditional and newly introduced materials.  The next session, slated for Tuesday, November 21st, same time and location, will feature Mike Glissmeyer of Idaho Angling Outfitters tying specialty streamer patterns for drift boat fishing.  “Tie One On” will be held at Tap and Fill, 7-8 PM, the third Tuesday of every month for the foreseeable future.  All interested fly fishers and fly tiers as well as the interested angling public, are welcome to attend.


Small Streams 10-21-17

Blackfoot River above graves creek

The best possible happening for resident trout in the lower Blackfoot River is that 200 cfs rather than 100 cfs is coming out of the reservoir. The result is that  trout have many deeper runs and pockets into which they can live with good overhead cover.  In recent years the scanty flows, sometimes less than 100 cfs,  reduced good living space to the deepest holes with resulting crowding. A few hoppers remain on stream-side banks, and patterns for them can interest fish. But the best fishing results from offering bead head nymphs, small streamers, and woolly bugger types.  BWO hatches continue to provide good afternoon fishing on Teton River in the Basin. The best news is that except for some duck hunters, most recreational boaters have left the river meaning fewer interruptions.


South Fork 10-16-17

03-12-09 South Fork 010

Not much has changed since our last report. Flow out of Palisades Dam remains nearly constant.  BWOs and mahogany duns continue to provide good riffle fishing, and their life cycle patterns are the best producers. Streamer fishing during low light conditions is very good.  There are many locations along the river for good walk-in wade fishing.  Get in touch with us because we can help you find some of the best.  It looks like the next several days will feature the fine autumn weather we have been missing for much of the season and back country roads will be in good shape. So get out and enjoy what the South Fork has to offer before real winter sets in.


Still Waters 10-14-17


Daniels and Hawkins Reservoirs currently offer some of the best still water fishing in the area. Midge pupa patterns presented at the taking depth and under an indicator and small leech patterns seem to be the best choices for action. With our current windy conditions fishing the edge of mud lines formed by wave action at Daniels will be productive when woolly bugger types are offered.  Next week IDF&G has scheduled Springfield Reservoir to be stocked with 1000  16″ rainbow trout.  Give these fish a number of days to get accustomed, and they will provide fast fishing but make it a bit tougher to encounter larger hold-over rainbows.


Henry’s Fork 10-14-17


BWOs and mahogany dun continue to provide good dry fly fishing up and down the river. Streamer fishing is best in Box Canyon, ” The Tubs” , and the entire lower river.  Considering the recent storm moving through the region, contact the Ashton District Office: 208-652-7442 to  determine if unpaved roads such as into the Hatchery Ford, Lower Coffee Pot and Tubs area (Below Big Springs and Henry’s Lake Outlet confluence) are open.


Yellowstone Park 10-14-17

Lewis R. channel.jpg

If you are looking at a trip to the interior of the park, it might be best to check its web site to see if roads to your planned location are open considering the storm that just passed through the area. Same recommendation with respect to trails to back country waters.  Right now would be a great time for a trip into Lewis River Channel to experience some of the best brown trout fishing anywhere in the region.  Presenting streamers is the name of the game. The only caveat is are trails to the river passable. Crowds certainly will be down considering the weather, so fish would be less disturbed.