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Small Streams 10-14-17


robinson creek3

Last night’s storm will make it difficult to reach some back country waters in the region until soon-to-come warmer weather melts the resulting snow accumulation. Then muddy conditions could prevail for a while on unpaved roads.  Some of the unpaved back country roads giving access to best small waters are used frequently this time of year by ranchers and farmers, so can be maintained because of demand.  For the next few days check with county road maintenance offices to determine driving conditions before attempting to reach waters “off the beaten path.”  Doing so might be a good idea for such as fishing visits planned for upper Warm River, Bitch and Robinson Creeks in Fremont County, Blackfoot River in Bingham and Caribou Counties, and Bear, Big Elk,  and McCoy Creeks in Bonneville County.


South Fork 10-14-17




Last night’s storm dumped 5-6 inches of wet, heavy snow in the Idaho Falls and surrounding area. This certainly will not hurt fishing, but getting there in some places could be a problem for two-wheel drive vehicles. Roads such as the South Fork road above Heise and the river road above the Swan Valley Bridge will lose snow cover quickly as sunshine and warmer temperatures return later today, but these roads could be muddy in places.  Boat launch locations should be OK to use. Flow out of Palisades Dam was reduced to about 3700 cfs last Monday (10/9) making the river even more attractive for walk-in wading, especially now when BWO and mahogany dun activity centered around riffles has been so good. Streamer fishing is picking up all along the river, and visits are slowing down. All this makes the present a good time for a visit as long as roads are passable.  We at the shop watch South Fork fishing conditions closely. Thus we can help you select a location for a visit as well as suggest a fishing strategy at any time.


Henry’s Fork 10-10-17

Bear Gulch

What we offered in the South Fork report apples to most of the Henry’s Fork as well. BWO and mahogany dun activities are resulting in great dry fly fishing just about everywhere along the river.  Flows are at or near historic normals everywhere above Chester. Below Chester  down to St. Anthony flows are slightly higher than normal because of higher than normal Fall River flows as has been the case all season.  Streamer fishing brings the best responses from large trout in Box Canyon and The Tubs, but is effective on most of the lower river.


South Fork 10-10-17

Just above Heise Br. (640x480)

Flow out of Palisades Dam was dropped 500 cfs to about 3600 cfs yesterday. Flow at Heise is about 800 cfs higher, but considerably lower (about 2100 cfs) at Lorenzo because of water being diverted into the Dry Bed and other canals. If you prefer dry fly fishing, prospecting riffles for BWOs and mahogany duns brings the best results.  Use life cycle patterns.  If you prefer to present wet flies, streamer patterns will bring most interest from larger fish. With a week of variable weather coming up there will be plenty of time for success either way.


Yellowstone Park 10-7-17

Lewis R. channel.jpg

If you are looking for some of the best streamer fishing available for brown trout this time of year, locations on the Lewis River provide some of the most outstanding in this area. The river between Shoshone and Lewis Lakes offers the best in the park if not the Greater Yellowstone region, at least with respect to numbers of fish.  The trick is to arrive there as early in the day as possible making an overnight stay at the Shoshone Lake outlet campground the best way to do so.  Requiring a 4.5 mile walk as well as having appropriate gear is not suitable for some fly-fishers, but there are easier to approach locations on the river that can offer good fishing, but again the key is to arrive early in the day.  Lewis Lake outlet and the lake itself just above the outlet are good alternative locations requiring only a short walk.  There are fewer fish in the river flowing through the roadside meadow below Lewis Falls, but they run larger than in other locations. In all these locations unsettled or stormy weather typically results in the best fishing.  But because elevation is close to 8000 feet, there is an increased chance for winter driving conditions during this weather. So having a vehicle appropriately equipped is advisable.


Henry’s Fork 10-7-17


Observing the number of fly-fishers in the Last Chance area is a clue that BWO and mahogany dun activity is producing good fishing. With a week of uncertain weather coming up, the river here and in Harriman State Park below will be great locations for dry fly fishing. Do not overlook presenting soft hackle patterns to rising fish in these waters (dead drift down to rising fish, then rise to just below surface with rod tip action).  Size (16-18 for BWO, 12-14 for mahoganies) is more important than color (olive for BWO, rusty brown for mahoganies).   A turn and a half of grouse hackle completes these appropriate patterns.


Henry’s Fork 9-30-17

From below Ashton Dam

Everything describing current fishing success on today’s South Fork fishing report applies to the lower Henry’s Fork from Warm River on downstream and around Last Chance (dry fly fishing at Last Chance). Add to this improved streamer fishing in Box Canyon and “The Tubs” above Mack’s Inn (where Henry’s Lake and Big Springs Outlets combine) and you have the best of current fishing in the river.



Henry’s Lake 9-30-17

Henry’s remains fairly slow fishing unfortunately. The water clarity remains very poor with the algae conditions. This issue should go away any day now with the cooler temps, but as of this posting, it is still present. Once the algae is gone, the fishing should be excellent. Fish have moved in to the Howard Creek, Pintail Point, and Hatchery areas and should be willing once the lake clears up. We will be sure to update everyone as soon as the algae is gone.


South Fork 9-30-17

Just above Heise Br. (640x480)

Flow out of Palisades Dam has been constant ( around 4100 cfs increasing to about 5000 cfs at Heise) for several days, and weather is as good as it gets for BWO activity. The results are continued good riffle fishing with a great selection of such to explore from Palisades Dam to the Henry’s Fork confluence. Unsettled weather also means good streamer fishing almost anywhere along the river. For now stick to somber colors (olives, brown/rust, black) for those streamers.


Still Waters 9-30-17

Mike Miller at Sheridan

Looks like the fall season is finally bringing on good still water fishing. Daniels Reservoir is fishing as good as it has all year. The upper end and outside edge of shoreline mud plumes when wind is blowing seem best locations.  Seems like almost any technique from using  a midge pupa under a strike indicator (must find taking depth), fly rod jigs, damsel fly nymph, and leech patterns attract fish.  The same applies to Hawkins Reservoir where the fish may run a bit smaller but are just as eager especially for speckled dun life cycle patterns. Have not heard reports for Sand Creek Ponds  to date, but fishing success has surely improved there.