South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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Henry’s Lake 11-5-13

Bad weather usually means better fishing on Henry’s Lake. Cold temperatures and wind with strong possibility of snow will be the norm, so bundle up.  When we have a night with no wind accompanied by very low air temperatures, the lake could ice over just about any time this month.  For now best fishing seems to be with intermediate lines to present small leech patterns and small fly rod jigs just about anywhere on the lake.


Henry’s Fork 11-5-13

Top water action (BWOs and midges) has slowed a bit on the lower river. When skies cloud up, the best way for action is to present streamers.  Early and late in the day will be the best times to give them a try cloudy skies or not.  Flows throughout the lower river are somewhat lower than normal, so there are plenty of good locations for wading.  Some of the best streamer fishing on the upper river can be enjoyed in Box Canyon where flow out of Island Park Dam is just under 100 cfs. Thankfully Buffalo River adds another 200 cfs.  If you enjoy presenting streamer patterns other great locations are “The Tubs” area above Macks Inn and below Coffee Pot Rapids. It is getting close to winter in Island Park, so dress accordingly!


South Fork 11-5-13

Flow out of Palisades Dam is 1250 cfs.  At Heise flow is up to 1700 cfs.  It is time for presenting streamers anywhere on the river as browns are migrating to spawning areas. Wading conditions are at their best. During overcast days like today expect good BWO activity just about anywhere on the river.  It is cold out there, and water temps are getting into the low 40s and high 30s in degrees F.  So dress accordingly.


Big Lost River 11-5-13

Flow out of Mackay Dam is only 54 cfs. This amount will concentrate fish into deeper holes and result in little bank side habitat for young trout.  Small bead head nymphs, BWO and midge life cycle patterns will bring action. Be ready for stormy weather if you try the river here!


Still Water 11-5-13

Springfield Reservoir has been stocked with the usual amount of catchable rainbows.  After equilibrating to their new conditions these fish, ranging from 16″-19″, are gullible for a while and during that time can be caught on many fly types. We have heard of success on midge pupa patterns under indicators, slow trolled Randy Randolph BLMs size #14, small wooly buggers, and damselfly nymph patterns.


Main Stem Snake River 11-5-13

With a stormy week coming up a visit to this river should be on your  places to fish. Flow throughout is somewhat lower than normal.  Pitching streamers is the name of the game, and there are plenty of walk-in wade locations to try. We can help pin point the best and recommend patterns that produce and tackle to use, so stop in the shop for more information.


South Fork 10-26-13

Flow in the river has been stable for about a week, and fishing has been good.  After this weekend we are headed for a few days of not so nice weather, and that should make for better BWO activity. The same applies to success with streamers. Stormy weather with low light conditions is when browns tend to migrate during daytime hours, but early mornings and evenings will remain the best times to present streamers.   A few mahogany duns remain, so consider giving patterns for their life cycle a try.  Some hoppers also remain in sheltered grassy areas and banks.  Walk-in wade fishing is particularly good now, and the choice of places to try is best of the year by far. Come to the shop for a visit to discuss which location may be a best choice.


Main Stem Snake River 10-22-13

Flows throughout the river are somewhat below normal for the time of year. And the browns are in a migrating mode.  We have reports of good action through presenting streamers up and down the river.  That applies to both fishing from a boat and wading.  Consider that during these bright, clear days fishing is best from around sundown to twilight or in the AM before sun gets on the river.


Southwest Montana 10-22-13

The bulk of browns and rainbows have migrated into the Park via the Madison River. Enough remain to consider making a visit to the river in between the lake and the Park.  The river between Quake and Hebgen Lakes will also hold migrating browns, but their numbers could be matched by the number of anglers trying to catch them.  A smaller run featuring some very large individuals will peak in the South Fork of the Madison in November.  By then weather will make fishing not so pleasant for many anglers, so a visit there is worth considering.