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South Fork, April 18, 2020

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Flow out of Palisades Dam was increased to 13500 cfs yesterday ( now 15500 cfs at Heise, 12200 cfs at Lorenzo).   These flows remain in the range of what is expected during summer, and all boat launch sites are open. Palisades Reservoir is now about 75% full to contain upcoming run-off.  The river has clear, cold water throughout making streamers and large nymph patterns (Bitch Creek, Montana nymph, etc) and rubber legs, best bets for successful fishing.  Try trailing a San Juan worm, squirmy wormy, or otter egg behind a big nymph or rubber legs.


Today at Jimmy’s April 14th, 2020


Jim Senoir

It is with heavy hearts for us to share that Jim Sr. passed away Sunday morning, April 12th. His passion for the shop, the outdoors, his family, and interacting with you all over the years brought joy even in his final days. ☀️

In the upcoming days we will share a life sketch to capture the amazing life Jim had.


Henry’s Fork April 14th, 2020

Flow out of Henry’s Lake was increased from about 20 cfs to 90 cfs yesterday. With Henry’s Lake still iced over, more fish will be in shallow water  and the new flow rate increases the possibility for a larger amount to be flushed into the Outlet.  Especially if more flow increases happen before ice-out on the lake, chances for good fishing in the Outlet improve until mid-summer.


South Fork, April 14th, 2020

Over the last few days flow out of Palisades Dam was upped to 12200 cfs over the last few days (now 14400 cfs at Heise, 10500 at Lorenzo).  Don’t let this increase, which brings the river to near summer flow rates, stop you from presenting streamer and nymph patterns including rubber legs especially with the river remaining so clear.


Still Waters, April 10th, 2020

Daniels Reservoir currently offers good fly fishing (midge pupa at the taking depth, small leech and nymph patterns), however anglers coming from the north must access it from Malad City until the Dairy Creek Road opens. Consider that with the current suspension of non-resident fishing licenses in effect until further notice, “social distancing” will be easier to realize at Daniels.  Fewer out of state anglers also means easier parking and launching.  If traveling through Malad City is not practical for those coming from the north or east, Hawkins Reservoir a few miles west of the I-15 Virginia exit offers a good alternative using the same strategies as suggested above.


Today at Jimmy’s April 10th, 2020

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has made a positive amendment to its April 4th, 2020 temporary suspension of non-resident fishing licenses, hunting tags and permits, etc.

If an arrangement for guiding services with a licensed outfitter has been made before this date but license for this arrangement, including fishing is yet to be purchased, such purchase will be allowed.  Proof of arrangement examples for taking to a license vendor include a service request letter signed by the client, outfitting service confirmation letter, a printed email exchange that arranges the outfitting service, or confirmation of service deposit payment, all made before April 4th, 2020.


South Fork April 10th, 2020


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Flow out of Palisades Dam has been steady at around 10,000 cfs for several days. However flow out of the dam will be increased to 12,500 cfs later today. This action is making reservoir room (Palisades Reservoir is currently at 85% of capacity) for upcoming run-off and to meet downstream irrigation demands.  The increase will likely put a “temporary dent” in fishing success, so allow a couple of days for fish to adjust and a return being active.


Today at Jimmy’s April 10th, 2020

So many of roads in our nearby National Forests lead to fishing locations that are superb “social distancing” candidates. Currently deep but diminishing snow remains on most.  It appears that many national forest roads, including such as the Bear and McCoy Creek roads, will not host opening operations until at least the middle of this month.  We will keep in touch with the nearby forest service offices to find when openings of such roads take place.  When openings are confirmed, we will place such information on this web site.


Henry’s Fork, April 10th, 2020

A good bit of news for the Henry’s Fork  immediately below Island Park Dam is that flow out of the dam has remained above 500 cfs all winter. Annual average flow out of the dam through the winter has been just below 400 cfs.   The higher flow gives more natural bank cover for the youngest of trout to use for shelter thus helping their life expectancy.  They are the future, so the more of them, the better.

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On the lower river successful fishing is holding steady, so visits whether through boating or wading are on the increase making “social distancing”  more difficult to achieve. Nevertheless solitude can be found especially early and late in the day. Consider using the presentation strategies offered in our recent fishing reports for this part of the river.