South Fork & Henry's Fork Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

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Still Waters 5-14-13

Water in Chesterfield, Daniels, Hawkins and Springfield reservoirs is clear. Being clear suggests that turnover is completed.  Early season fish will really key on chironomid pupa, leeches, and early hatches of callibaetis nymphs. Flies like mohair leeches (Olive, Black, Burgandy) in a size 6, Lt. Olive Crystals, Rickards stillwater nymph, and the brown/black crystal buggers would all be great flies to be fishing right now. For the indicator rig I would be throwing the bigger (size 10-12) chironomids of the flashier variety. We also have some really cool new 1/80 oz black jig flies that would be great to imitate everything from a leech to a snail. Fishing those darker colored leeches on a type 2 full sinking line or an intermediate line is a great way to cover water and find active fish. Once active fish are located, you can continue to fish the leech or drop and indicator rig and get after them that way. Since most of these lakes are lacking any significant amount of weed growth right now, look for shoals or sharp breaks in the lake bottom where fish can cruise searching for food. A fish finder really helps locating breaks in the lake bottom, but shallow breaks can be seen just by looking at the water for a color change. Consistent weather will provide the best fishing right now, this time of year we have a lot of fronts moving in and out of the area that can mess up the fishing for a day or two.

We have a lot of new lake flies in the shop this year, some of them are flies we have never carried. Come down to the shop or call us with any questions you might have on the stillwater fishing in the area!


Small Streams 5-14-13

Last Friday we fished the Blackfoot River about twenty miles below the dam.   On arriving we knew fishing success would be difficult as we geared up in a very dense caddisfly swarm.   They would fly into your eyes and ears and cover your clothing.  The river was in good wading condition, a bit discolored, and with a water temperature in the mid 50s deg. F.   We finished the day with only three fish landed. These responded to such as prince nymphs and small bead head peacock leeches.  One was a gorgeous twenty-inch cutt, so all was not lost.  Lesson learned: when such a swarm of aquatic insects is encountered, expect slow fishing.   Being in water “24-7”, fish will respond to such activity quickly and feed until filled up.  If an angler arrives near the beginning of such feeding action, good fishing results. If arriving later when fish stop feeding, as we did, expect reduced success.


Henry’s Fork 5-14

Fishing has continued to hold steady on the Henry’s Fork. Good hatches of Blue Wing Olives and March Browns on the upper river in Box Canyon. Warm River to Ashton and Vernon bridge down have had excellent hatches of Caddis and March Browns. The fish have been looking and eating dries. Nymphing and streamer fishing have also been very effective. If I were to nymph and I would be fishing 2 large and  heavy stonefly nymphs close to the bank. I am predicting we are still at least 10 days from seeing a Salmon Fly hatch. However I could be wrong and things might begin to happen earlier with this warm weather we have been experiencing. Regardless of the hatch the fishing has been really good and the Henry’s Fork is about to turn into it’s prime time for fishing.

They are still doing construction on the Fun Farm boat ramp, however you can still take a boat out at Fun Farm. With the flows up on the Fall River, we don’t recommend floating below Chester Dam until runoff on the Fall is over.


South Fork 5-14

Flows are going up on the South Fork! As of yesterday the flows were increased and will continue to increase until they reach 18,000 cfs on the 18th of May. Once this is sustained for a couple days the flows will drop to it’s normal summer flows around 13,000 cfs in time for Memorial Day weekend. Apparently we have enough snow pack in the mountains that they feel we can have a flush this year. The reservoir is only 43% full right now but the inflow into the lake is rising very quickly.

We don’t advise floating the river during the flush due to all the trees and debris that will be floating down the river. Time to focus on the Henry’s Fork for a week to 10 days.

Here is the press release from the Bureau of Reclamation:

Snake River Flows Increasing to Benefit Native Fish

BURLEY, Idaho — The Bureau of Reclamation will increase flows in the Snake River below Palisades Dam this week to about 18,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). Each day, starting May 13, the flow will increase about 15 percent until the maximum is reached on May 18. After the high flow is sustained for two days, it will be slowly decreased. The flow will return to the 30-year average of about 13,000 cfs during Memorial Day weekend.

“One objective of this operation is to approach 20,000 cfs at the gage near Heise, approximately 48 river miles downstream of Palisades,” said Roland Springer, Assistant Area Manager for Reclamation’s Upper Snake Field Office. “Providing high flows at the same time that nature would provide them benefits native fish.”

These water releases will not affect Reclamation’s ability to meet its water delivery obligations. American Falls Reservoir will store the water that is passed through Palisades Reservoir to be used farther downstream.

The river will be fast and cold during the high flow period. Please use caution and be aware when recreating near the river.


South Fork 5-7

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the flows on the South Fork have been increased to 9,000 cfs. Still the same game of nymphing egg patterns, bead head nymphs and stonefly patterns. Concentrate on the slower water and the riffles. There will not be many fish on the bank until the water temp increases.


South Fork 5-6

The flows were raised the last few days to 8,600 cfs. This has been effecting the fishing a little, but give it 12-18 hours since the last increase in flows and the fish seem to settle down and start eating again. Rollin guided this weekend and they caught a good number of fish on egg patterns and stonefly nymphs. The gauge at the Irwin site reports the water temp is at 40 degrees. So as things warm up the fish will become increasingly more aggressive towards streamers. I would still fish a streamer right now though I would however continue to concentrate on the slow water and deep pools in the water. Ripping a piece of meat off of the bank right now will most likely not prove to be that effective given how cold the water is.

I don’t know when the water is going to stop rising…probably in the fall, right? Seriously though the water flow is going to keep increasing for the next few months and watching the flows can really help improve your catching rate on the river.

Lorenzo boat ramp is still all screwed up and the word from the BLM is the new ramp will not be in order until this fall. Please use common sense when launching and taking out at Lorenzo. It is only big enough for one boat at a time…So use caution.



Henry’s Fork 5-6

Well the Caddis are hatching! Very good fishing this past weekend on the lower river from Warm River confluence to the Fun Farm. The caddis hatch is bringing all sizes of fish to the surface. The nymphing is also very good right now while you are waiting for the hatch to come off. The water below the Fall River confluence is a little off color but don’t let the discourage you from going. The fishing is still good and the water clarity is not that bad. This is going to change as things continue to warm up and we will keep you posted when that happens. The streamer fishing is also picking up, I had a good report of fish chasing streamers from Warm River to Ashton on Saturday. The flows on the river are normal for this time of year so make sure you get out there and get some fishing in. Be sure to swing by the shop or call us for any information or up to the minute reports.


Henry’s Fork 4-30

Lots of action on the Henry’s Fork right now! The Mothers Day Caddis have been hatching in huge numbers from Warm River to Ashton. Along with March Brown Mayflies and BWO’s. Below Ashton we have seen some Skwala’s, March Browns, and BWO’s with only a few caddis. Traditionally the caddis do not hatch in the huge numbers we see from Warm River to Ashton. The fish will still key on them below Ashton and you would be foolish to leave those flies at home. If you don’t feel like dry fly fishing you can always fish nymphs with an indicator. Caddis pupa, stonefly nymphs, and pheasant tails, or any other mayfly nymph will be effective.

This is my favorite time of the year to fish the Henry’s Fork. I love the caddis hatch and there are not very many people on the water compared to June. The fish are hungry and willing to eat. They haven’t seen very many flies and this time of year offers the oppertunity to catch some monster brown trout on the lower river. Take advantage of these warm windless spring days and go fishing!


South Fork 4-30

Flows on the South Fork have leveled off at 6,500 cfs for the last 2 days. We don’t know when flows will be increase but for now things have settled down enough to expect some decent fishing. With the rise in water flows the water temperature has decreased which means nymphing is going to be the best option for hooking fish. The rainbows are also spawning so egg patterns will be effective as well as the standard stonefly nymph and bead head. Don’t forget the San Juan worm that always seems to be a trout favorite in the spring. Fishing streamers will also produce fish however presentations need to be slow and concentrated in the deep pools and slowing moving water.

With the cold spring we have been experiencing the snow pack has not begun to melt at all. This is a good thing because we are now at 100% of our average snow pack for the year. I am still hoping for more rain and snow in the mountains this spring. This will slow down the need for irrigation demand and hopefully allow us to add some more snow in the mountains. This will help us in August with cold water and hopefully more PMD hatches. All in all the season is shaping up to be good with great water conditions. I have been told we will be having a flush on the river. Similar to past years I expect that to be during Memorial Day weekend, however I have not heard an official word from the Bureau of Reclamation to confirm my assumption. We will update this report with any information we hear as soon as we know.