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Big Lost River

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Big Lost River (Page 10)

Big Lost River 6-29-2011

With flow out of Mackay Dam at 1360cfs, the Big Lost is not so lost these days.  Wait for flows to drop to the few hundred cfs levels for good fishing and easy wading in the river below.


Big Lost River 6-11-2011

Flow out of Mackay Dam are being stepped down. Right now it is at 280 cfs. That’s a flow that most folks can wade effectively, so we have a river in the area that can be fished without danger from high flows.  Try BWO and midge life cycle , bead head nymphs, peacock woolly worm, and leech patterns.  Afternoons will be best.


Big Lost River 6-4-2011

With flows out of Mackay Dam at 400 cfs, wading is quite tough.  Look for backwaters where ‘bows will pile up. Then with  care present BWO or midge life cycle patterns.


Big Lost 5/31

Flows have been increased 348 cfs. Wading is pretty difficult at these levels. If you do fish look for Caddis, Blue Wing Olives and Midges.