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Big Lost River

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Big Lost River (Page 10)

Big Lost River 6-4-2011

With flows out of Mackay Dam at 400 cfs, wading is quite tough.  Look for backwaters where ‘bows will pile up. Then with  care present BWO or midge life cycle patterns.


Big Lost 5/31

Flows have been increased 348 cfs. Wading is pretty difficult at these levels. If you do fish look for Caddis, Blue Wing Olives and Midges.


Big Lost River 5-28-11

Flows out of Mackay Dam are about 270 cfs.  That makes wading possible. Midge and BWO life cycle patterns make for good PM fishing.  Again, don’t overlook small beadhead, small leech and peacock woolly worm patterns.


Big Lost River 5-21-2010

Flow out of Mackay Dam is 214 cfs, and that is good news for walk-in wade fishing.  Look for fish to stack up in slower water.  By afternoon BWOs and caddisflies will make for action there. But small bead head nymphs and peacock woolly worms will work just about anytime.


Big Lost River 5-18-2011

Flow out of Mackay Dam was reduced to 270 cfs yesterday. That’s down to wading levels if one is careful.  Wait a few days for fish to equilibrate with this flow, and some good fishing can result in the river below the dam.  Because the Big Lost is the only really fishable river in the area right now, we will keep on top of its flows to give moving water enthusiasts somewhere to try with good conditions.


Big Lost River 5-7-2011

Flow out of Mackay Dam is a bit above 400 cfs making for tough wading. Best fishing is from Dam to just below Mackay. Look for calmer side channels here where fish will bunch up during high flows and take BWOs during PM hours.


Big Lost River 4/30/11

Flow out of Mackay Dam has been steady at 280 cfs for at least ten days.  That means a stable river. Wading is a bit tough in places, but the midge and afternoon BWO activity is worth trying.