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Big Lost River

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Big Lost River 4/23/2011

With flows out of Mackay Dam increased a while back to just under 300 cfs, wading is a bit tougher. We still get reports of  good results with midge life cycle patterns. During afternoons  BWOs are emerging. Small beadhead nymphs of your choice and small leech patterns will work any time.  Water is quite cold and weather the same, so dress accordingly.


Big Lost River 3/30

Flows on the Big Lost have been bumped up to 214 cfs. Fishing has been good, but the bumped flows will cause the fish to move around a little. However good Blue Wing Olives and Midges have been producing fish on the surface and fishing has been good. Nymphing has been good while waiting for the dry flies action to happen. This river will stay open after the 31st of March this year, I would check flows before driving out to the big lost once flows reach 300 cfs wading will become difficult.


Big Lost River 11-13-10

There is great BWO and midge activity in the river below Mackay Dam.  Flows are low making wading easy,and fish are active.  So get out and enjoy this great little river before winter sets in for sure.


Big Lost River 11-05-10

Because of overhead cover from cottonwoods, BWO emergences go on even on sunny days. Midges emerge all day here. With flows out of Mackay Dam around 100 cfs, walk-in wade fishing is great.  So get out and enjoy this great little river before winter sets in.


Big Lost River 10-27-10

Flows out of Mackay Dam are at 100 cfs meaning good wading conditions. Midges and BWOs provide good surface action. Small bead head nymphs, your pattern choice, work  well for wet fly fishing.  Check road reports  if stormy weather is coming on.


Big Lost River 10-24-10

Flow out of Mackay Dam is at 100 cfs, so walk-in wade fishing is easy.  These low flows concentrate fish into deeper waters, so look for fish working at tops and bottoms of deep water to intercept emerging BWOs and midges.  Life cycle patterns for both are the way to go.


Big Lost River 10-15-10

River below Mackay Dam is very (155 cfs) low so fish are concentrated in deeper holes and runs.  Surface fishing is to BWO and midge hatches which seem to be plentiful.


Big Lost River 10-9-10

Flow out of Mackay Dam is down to 240 cfs meaning the river below is in top walk in-wade shape.  BWOs are emerging during afternoons, midges throughout the day, and fish will still take beetle and ant patterns. Other that that, small leech and bead head nymph patterns will work.


Big Lost River 9-28-10

Tricos emerge  during morning hours, BWOs in the afternoon, and midges go on all day. Add terrestrial insects, and the river offers good fishing even though flows are above normal at 300 cfs coming out of Mackay Dam.   October is perhaps the best month to fish the Big Lost River below Mackay Dam, so consider a trip here to enjoy great fishing and terrific scenery.


Big Lost River 9-21-10

Flow out of  Mackay Dam is about 300 cfs, tricos are active during AMs, BWOs are active during PMs, and terrestrial insects remain in good numbers.  So the river offers some good walk-in fishing  just below the dam, at the downstream campground and at IDF&G access areas. With the great fall weather predicted for the upcoming days, a visit to the river should be on your list of fishing locations to visit.