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Big Lost River

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Big Lost River 2-18-10

With flow out of Mackay Dam at a bit over 100 cfs, and low snow pack in the Big Lost River Valley, the Big Lost River should be on your list of streams to try during the winter season. This season ends March 31st, so there is time to plan a trip when the days warm up.   Folks going to the river around Mackay report that trout are taking golden stone nymph patterns,  midge pupa and adult patterns.   So consider patterns for these as well as small bead head nymphs.  Few BWOs are showing, but as the days lengthen and warm their life cycle patterns will be more effective.


Big Lost River 10-19-2009

Flow out of Mackay Dam is now less than 100 cfs. This means fish will be concentrated in deepest holes. During PMs they will come out for BWOs or midges, but this low flow makes them quite wary.


Big Lost River 10-15-2009

With flow out of Mackay Dam at 150 cfs, the river below is in great wading shape.  Midges and BWOS bring surface action, small bead head nymphs and soft hackled patterns bring action below.


Big Lost River 10-10-2009

With flows out of Mackay Dam just below 200 cfs and BWOs and midges active, this is one of the places to be fishing.   Look for these good conditions to hold into November.


Big Lost River 10-6-2009

With flows out of Mackay Dam at a bit over 200 cfs, the river below is very wadable. Tricos are past their peak, but BWOs and midges make for great top water fishing.  Small bead head nymphs always work.  Choose your favorite.  There is good public access just below the dam and at the campground downstream.


Big Lost River 9-21-09

Flow out of Mackay Dam is between 300 & 350 cfs. That’s quite a bit higher than normal, but the river still can be waded with caution.  Midges, BWO and terrestrial patterns are the best for top water action.  Small bead head nymphs will bring the best action below.  Look for the lower flows, cooler temps, and shorter days of October to bring improved fishing.