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Big Lost River

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Big Lost River (Page 15)

Big Lost River 8-10-09

Flow out of Mackay Dam is now around 450 cfs. That’s still a bit high for the best wading conditions, so try above the reservoir for better wading conditions with flows around half of that.  Good locations are plenty along the Trail Creek Road above Bartlett Point.  With terrestrial insects coming on this scenic part of the river is a great choice to visit.


Big Lost River 7-20-09

Flow out of Mackay Dam is up to about 700 cfs. Make sure you bring all your wading skills to walk in and wade the river below the dam.  Try medium sized wooly bugger types.


Big Lost River 7-16-09

With flows out of Mackay Dam at just under 700 cfs, wading here is not for the faint of heart.  Small & medium sized leech patterns presented on a sink-tip line will bring the most action until waters get down to a more suitable level for wading.