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Big Lost River

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Big Lost River 9-09-09

With flows out of Mackay Dam dropping to just under 400 cfs, cautious wading will get you into action from trico spinner falls, BWOs, midges, and terrestrials.  And the river will offer even better fishing as we move through autumn.   We will keep you current on this improvement.


Big Lost River 9-02-09

Through cautious wading it is fishable below Mackay Dam. Trico spinner falls,  BWOS, terrestrial patterns, and midges can bring top water action.  Otherwise, small bead head nymphs and small leech patterns work.


Big Lost River 8-31-09

With 350 cfs coming out of Mackay Dam, the river is wadeable with caution.  Trico and midge activity is present, and terrestrial patterns will produce.   As we go through September look for flow out of the dam to decrease and for BWOs to become important.


Big Lost River 8-20-09

Flows out of Mackay Dam are dropping, now near the 400 cfs mark. So we are heading in the right direction for safer wading and better surface action.   Tricos are  making an appearance, so with dropping flows, they will become more  important in trout diets.


Big Lost River 8-14-09

With flows out of Mackay Dam around 450 cfs, wading is still a bit tough.   Your best bet for action on the river is above the reservoir.  Terrestrial and attractor patterns will be your best bets to find it.


Big Lost River 8-10-09

Flow out of Mackay Dam is now around 450 cfs. That’s still a bit high for the best wading conditions, so try above the reservoir for better wading conditions with flows around half of that.  Good locations are plenty along the Trail Creek Road above Bartlett Point.  With terrestrial insects coming on this scenic part of the river is a great choice to visit.