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Big Lost River

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Big Lost River (Page 17)

Big Lost River 7-20-09

Flow out of Mackay Dam is up to about 700 cfs. Make sure you bring all your wading skills to walk in and wade the river below the dam.  Try medium sized wooly bugger types.


Big Lost River 7-16-09

With flows out of Mackay Dam at just under 700 cfs, wading here is not for the faint of heart.  Small & medium sized leech patterns presented on a sink-tip line will bring the most action until waters get down to a more suitable level for wading.


Big Lost 4-2-09

The winter season for the Big Lost is now over. It Ended on Tues. March 31, 2009. Fishing is closed on the Big Lost and will reopen for general fishing season in May.


Big Lost River 03-08-2009

There are good hatches of midges daily on the Big lost and on warmer afternoons the blue wing olives show up. Before and after the hatch try a tungsten zebra midge in size 16-18. A small #8 golden stone is also a good choice if there is nothing going on the surface.

Some good dry midge patterns to try are light gray pulsating midge emergers, Harrop’s CDC Spent Midge (gray) and small red marco midges. For blue wing patterns make sure you have both emergers and duns.  Last week we had good luck also on a Harrop blue wing olive nymph suspended under a #16 parachute adams.

The midges started around 11 am with a few Blue wing olives in the early afternoon. We’ll see more and more blue wings as the March weather warms things up.