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Big Lost River

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Big Lost River 10-1-15

Flow out of Mackay Dam is at 200 cfs, an amount that makes wading practical. Flows out of the dam will likely go lower as storage takes over in the reservoir. Tricos are diminishing, but BWOs are coming on, and there always is plenty of midges for fish to key on.


Big Lost River 8-19-15

Flow out of Mackay Dam had been pretty constant at around 340 cfs ( very near its mean flow for this time of year) for the last several days. This AM, however, it was upped to about 430 cfs. That’s a pretty good jump for this small river, so wade carefully. Any day now tricos will be the major emergence, so be ready to try the river during the AM hours.


Big Lost River 5-2-15

The days of easy wading in the Big Lost River below Mackay Dam are over for a while. Early yesterday flow out of the dam was raised from just under 100 cfs to 573 cfs.  Now the best way to fish here is to float through. We’ll keep up on when the river returns to a flow safer for wading.


Big Lost River 4-25-15

Flow out of Mackay Dam remains at just under 100 cfs.  Could increase any day now when irrigation demands kick in and put an end to great midge and BWO activity with fish responding.