Big Lost River 5-3-14

Flow out of Mackay Dam is about 80 cfs. This means wading in the river below is easy. Midge and some BWO emergences still attract fish here, but flows are sure to increase when irrigation demands kick in. We will report here when this increase takes place.

Big Lost River 3/15/14

With flow less than 100 cfs below Mackay Dam, fish are concentrated and taking midge life cycle patterns with gusto.  Any day BWOs will begin emerging in significant numbers giving feeding trout afternoon variety. Pick low light conditions for best fishing.   With such low flows expect fish to be wary making a stealthy approach necessary.

Big Lost River 9-17-13

With flow out of Mackay Dam down to 170 cfs, wading the river below is easy. Just remember that a lot of private land borders the river here. You are legal by walking within the high water mark, so respect the private land and enjoy tricos in the morning and BWOs later in the day. Look for the river below the dam to drop further as the water storage season begins.

Big Lost River 7-2–13

With flow out of Mackay Dam still close to 500 cfs, wading is limited.  The flow is sure to drop, and make for easier wading to meet flav and terrestrial insect and later trico activity.  Floating the river to fish is possible, and caddis, PMD, flav life cycle patterns will work. Likely some golden stoneflies remain. We will post decreases in flow here as soon as such happens.