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Big Lost River

Jimmy's All Seasons Angler / Big Lost River (Page 6)

Big Lost River 9-8-12

The river below Mackay Dam is in great wading shape now. Trico spinners and egg droppers are still providing AM action.  Later it is on to terrestrial patterns and traditional attractors followed by caddis life cycle patterns.


Big Lost River 8-21-12

Early in the day trico hatches (females) and spinner fall (males) is making for good fishing. Wading conditions in the river below the dam are good, too.  Switch to terrestrial patterns as the tricos ease off later in the morning.


Big Lost River 8-18-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam is about 350 cfs making for good wading conditions in the river below.  Tricos are out in good numbers there.  With terrestrial insects abundant and fish taking them and a good late afternoon caddis emergence a trip to fish below the dam is worth considering.


Big Lost River 8-14-12

Flow out of Mackay Dam is about 380 cfs, just where it should be this time of season.   Tricos are beginning to make for good AM fishing in the river below. Try terrestrial patterns during daytime and try your luck during evening caddis swarms.


Big Lost River 8-11-12

With flow out of Mackay Dam now below 400 cfs, safer wading is here.  Tricos are beginning to emerge, so mornings would be a good time for a visit.  Caddis take over in the late afternoon andvening, and daytime is when terrestrial and traditional patterns work well.